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TV episodes Full List of The Big Comfy Couch Episodes

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Below is a complete The Big Comfy Couch episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Big Comfy Couch episodes are listed along with the The Big Comfy Couch episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Big Comfy Couch episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items, including “Time for Molly,” “Pinch to Grow an Inch” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Big Comfy Couch episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Upsey Downsey Day Loonette gives Molly a special heart balloon, but after a short amount of play, the balloon flies away. At Granny Garbanzo's garden, Loonette, Granny, and Major Bedhead have fun playing circus ...more

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Gesundheit Loonette starts out with a bad case of nosus kaboomis, a monster sneeze. She decides to vacuum the room, prompting Molly to retrieve the dust bunnies trapped in the vacuum cleaner. Outside, ...more

Funny Faces Loonette shows her feelings with her face and compliments Molly's good looks. When they see that Granny Garbanzo has received a movie from her relatives, they watch and discover good feelings

Snug as a Bug Loonette gives Molly a nature lesson/puppet show, demonstrating how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. At Granny Garbanzo's garden, Loonette learns the right way to handle pesky insects.

Knit One Twirl Too When Molly catches a cold while skiing, Loonette decides to knit her some new mittens. But when the yarn becomes a tangled mess, Loonette abandons the task and retreats to Granny Garbanzo's ...more

Something's Fishy Around Here Loonette and Molly make-believe they are fishing on a boat, complete with lifejackets. With so much inactivity out on the pretend lake, Molly has to learn patience.

Flippy Floppy Fun When Molly flops over on her back, Loonette criticizes her for being lazy. But Loonette gets into a floppy mood, first by imitating a toy, and then by reading a story about a Poppy growing all ...more

Pinch to Grow an Inch Mar 08 1993 - Molly's birthday is approaching. She and Loonette hold a birthday party with games and costumes. They also have fun with big things compared to little things, particularly with a story about a ...more

Red Light, Green Light It's time for a few stop-and-go games, plus a pretend ride in Loonette's pretend car.

Ping Pong Polka An energetic Loonette promises to read Molly a story, but she gets too distracted with all the bouncy things in the couch (and a few that don't bounce). When a ping pong ball bounces away, ...more

All Aboard For Bed Mar 15 1993 - The show opens with a flashback: Loonette and Molly can't sleep. They venture around their house during the dark before Loonette reads her about a Sleep Train's magical adventure. The next day, ...more

Scrub-a-Dub There's a big mess over at the couch. Unbeknownst to her, Loonette has brought an entire roll of toilet paper from her shoe to the couch. The pile-up is enormous. But that's not nearly as ...more

Pie in the Sky Mar 01 1993 - Loonette and Molly spend the day discovering light and heavy things. After reading a story about a balloon, Loonette finds a balloon of her own, which she thinks can lift her off the ground. ...more

Make It Snappy Loonette is in haste. Neither Molly nor Major Bedhead cares to do anything except at a slow pace. Will Auntie Macassar's gift change things?

Hoopla After searching for her ball, Loonette goes over to Granny Garbanzo's garden to help make cabbage rolls. A hoop, sent from Auntie Macassar, comes with the song ""Go With The ...more

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I Feel Good Loonette and Molly want to know more about their bodies. They learn that feeling good and looking good can often compliment each other. At Granny Garbanzo's garden, Loonette and Granny help ...more

Feast of Fools It's time for the annual Feast of Fools dinner party. Granny tells Loonette that the feast reminds clowns of the days when there wasn't much food to go around. When there is plenty of food, it's ...more

Wrong Side of the Couch Loonette is in a growly mood from waking up on the wrong side of the couch (i.e., behind the couch). It takes a great deal of effort and brains for her to lose that grumpy feeling.

Boomerang Loonette is full of tricks today. She fools Molly with a boomerang during a game of ""catch."" Outside, she plays a trick on Major Bedhead. But Granny Garbanzo will not let

Juggling the Jitters Loonette wants to stage a Jumbo Juggling Jamboree, but when she realizes she can't juggle, she gets overcome with ""the jitters.""

This Little Piggy Loonette becomes greedy when she discovers all the coins she has in her piggy bank. She is especially overcome by her ""lucky loonie."" When she takes this loonie outside, ...more

Babs in Toyland Auntie Macassar sends Loonette a doll named Babs. Immediately, Loonette lavishes attention on her (""She's so cute!""), leaving Molly feel left out. It takes a while, but ...more

Wobbly Nothing seems to go right for Loonette. There is nothing in the couch, except for a duck that she thinks is broken. Is it just one of those days? Maybe she needs a comforting word from a guest ...more

Jump Start Loonette is in a jumping mood. She and Molly jump over to the garden at the start of a rainstorm. They soon discover Major Bedhead is scared of lightning. In an effort to cheer him up, Loonette ...more

1-2-3 Dizzy Dizzy Me Loonette helps Molly to count, in part with a pretend ride in a pretend plane. Trouble is, Molly becomes dizzy. Loonette is in need of a cure, and Auntie Macassar's postcard may recommend one.

Rude-I-Culous First Molly and then Loonette have what they think is a riot with rude faces and noises. It takes a musical lecture from Granny to tell Loonette that there is a time and a place to be rude.

All Over and Under Loonette gets an interesting perspective of her couch and Granny Garbanzo's garden. When Major Bedhead crawls along, he helps Loonette tame Snicklefritz, who is intent on playing leapclown. ...more

Horsing Around It's National Horseplay Day, an uproarious good time for every clown–but not for Snicklefritz. Who can get him to start laughing?

Pants on Fire Loonette tells a few fibs to Molly and then Major Bedhead. Neither believe Loonette because she is squirming like a worm–a dead giveaway, for sure.

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Hiccups First Loonette, then Molly, can't get rid of their hiccups. They set out to Granny Garbanzo's garden, where everyone suggests crazy cures–even Auntie Macassar, who drops in for a ladies'

Why? Molly keeps asking ""Why?"" (thought bubble with a question mark), leaving Loonette a tense little clown. Yet both discover that this tensing and relaxing is good for them.

All Fall Down Loonette and Molly have fun with falling down safely. The unforgotten rule is: Don't keep your hands in your pockerts.

Monkey See Monkey Do After teaching Molly about echoes, Loonette decides to copy everyone. This spills out into Granny Garbanzo's garden. When Granny objects to Loonette's mocking, she dresses up to mock Loonette!

Clownus Interruptus Molly wants to get Loonette's attention by playing a rock music cassette at an ear-splitting level. Loonette tries to tell her to wait her turn. But the tables turn on Loonette when she cuts off ...more

Sticks and Stones Loonette stars to call Molly ""Clumsy Clown"" because she doesn't do well at Pick-Up Sticks. When Loonette ventures outside, she and Major Bedhead make up nicknames for ...more

Travelling Papers Loonette feels the need to travel. She and Molly set their zigzag compass to go to Clowntown, but Granny Garbanzo and Major Bedhead keep them at bay. While both Loonette and Molly are too young ...more

Full of Life What happens when Loonette decides to take everything out of the couch? She learns about empty and full the hard way. And in Granny Garbanzo's garden, after befriending a caterpillar, Loonette ...more

Give Yer Head a Shake Loonette has to teach Molly that there are certain times when the word ""no"" is used. Snicklefritz learns this the hard way after his wild ways cause Major Bedhead to hurt ...more

It's About Time Granny Garbanzo is holding a sleepover in her garden. Before Loonette can go over, she has to fix an alarm clock and give Molly a time-out. It turns out Granny has to give Snicklefritz a ...more

Backwards! It's National Backwards Day, and every clown is performing something backward. In the process, Loonette learns how someone can accurately scracth an itch on one's back.

Where Do Clowns Come From? It's Molly's mirthday, and Loonette wants to give her a companion. Before she succeeds, Loonette tells Molly the story of how they met. But that raises a dilemma: Where do clowns come from? ...more

Hit Parade Not much is soft and cozy today. Molly hits a pillow viciously to try and soften it, but she gets carried away. A session of tae-clown-doe doesn't help, so Loonette must tell her in song to use ...more

Enough Already! Loonette is intent on moving the couch to show Molly that they have no dust bunnies, but the couch is too big and heavy to move by herself. She tries to get help from Granny Garbanzo, but she ...more

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Spare Some Change Loonette is upset that her name isn't in a book of names. So she decides to change her name to Sarsaparilla, and also to change the look of the couch and herself. It proves absolutely unfabulous ...more

Forty Winks It's nap time for Molly, but she doesn't want to take a nap. Can Loonette find a way to get Molly to snooze, or will everyone fall asleep on her?

Swing-a-Ling Loonette is in a swinging mood, practicing her golf, her tennis, and her baseball. She takes Molly to a swing at Granny Garbanzo's garden, where a couple of close calls prompt Major Bedhead to ...more

Stuck in the Muck Loonette and Molly have fun making up rhymes and pictures. After a bath, Loonette reads a rhyming tale about a sheep who got stuck while climbing a mountain.

Comfy and Joy It's the Longest Night of the Year, a big holiday in Clowntown, and that means Loonette and Molly get to stay up all night with the others. Everyone exchanges gifts at Granny Garbanzo's cart, ...more

Gimme Gimme Never Gets Loonette is in a grabby mood en route to a treasure hunt inside the couch. Molly finds a gem in the couch, and Loonette takes it from her. Moly gets really sad and Loonette can't figure out why. ...more

Picky Eaters Molly refuses to eat her food, so it's up to Loonette to make Molly eat her food.