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Below is a complete The Bold and the Beautiful episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Bold and the Beautiful episodes are listed along with the The Bold and the Beautiful episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Bold and the Beautiful episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Ep. #4239” to “Ep. #4234.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Bold and the Beautiful episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Apr 22 1987 - Storm turns Alex down on her invitation to go to Paris. Storm admits that he still lives at home and has a family to take care of. Storm explains how he is practically the father of his family, ...more

Apr 09 1987 - Katie is depressed because she hasn't heard from Rocco. Donna goes to Griffey's Hamburger Bar where Rocco works. He is happy to see her and asks her out again, but she tells him that she isn't ...more

Mar 25 1987 - Bill is busy telling Margo that Ridge will stay away from Caroline following his warning, as Ridge and Caroline drive over to inform Bill of their wedding plans. Caroline reminds Ridge that she ...more

May 11 1987 - Bill manages to find out where Caroline is and he pays her a visit. Caroline doesn't want to hear his explanations when he begins apologising for his actions. Bill notices the diamond ring on ...more

Apr 28 1987 - Eric is working on some designs when Stephanie walks in. Stephanie tells Eric that she and Ridge believe that Kristen knows where Caroline is. Eric tells her that he tried talking to Bill but ...more

Apr 29 1987 - Caroline isn't happy that Ridge has found her and she asks him to leave. Ridge tells her that they need to talk and he has Kristen leave. Ridge apologises for hurting Caroline and promises never ...more

Apr 24 1987 - Eric goes to Bill as he is concerned about Ridge. Eric tells Bill that Ridge is miserable without Caroline and that Bill needs to support their relationship in order for Caroline to return home. ...more

Apr 14 1987 - Donna chats with Rocco. He invites her to attend a party with him and Donna is all for it. They are about to leave as Katie walks in and wonders why the two of them are together. Katie asks ...more

Apr 16 1987 - Kristen guesses that the wedding will now be postponed and thinks about returning to New York. Eric asks whether Kristen would consider moving back home, but Kristen is sure that Stephanie won't ...more

May 06 1987 - Margo is angry with Ridge when he snaps at her infront of some employees. Margo suggests that he is just in a foul mood because of Caroline, which Margo is obviously jealous of. The tension ...more

Apr 13 1987 - The Forrester home is decorated for the wedding. Eric, Stephanie, Thorne and Kristen gather together. Eric finds Ridge getting ready and wonders if he is having second thoughts when he notices ...more

May 19 1987 - Storm yells at Donna for leaving Katie at home alone. Brooke asks Storm to go easy on Donna as she does have her own life and isn't a babysitter. Donna heads off to the library and meets with ...more

Apr 21 1987 - Storm gets a call from Alex and they meet for a bite to eat. They talk about the days when they attended college together. Alex jokes about how they nicknamed him Storm due to his volitile ...more

May 01 1987 - Brooke finds that Storm is in a foul mood. He reminds Brooke that it has been seven years to the day that their father walked out on them. Beth comes home and they have dinner together as Storm ...more

Apr 17 1987 - Katie thinks about asking Rocco over for dinner. Katie plucks up the courage to ask him and goes to Griffey's to do so. Brooke tells Beth how she went to the hospital and saw Ridge, Thorne and ...more

Apr 23 1987 - Eric is concerned on where Ridge is as he hasn't heard from him. Eric manages to locate Ridge and tries to reach out to his son. Ridge tells Eric how he cheated on Caroline and now she has moved ...more

May 07 1987 - Thorne returns from visiting Caroline and Ridge shares with him his idea for winning Caroline back. Ridge shows him a huge diamond ring and feels it will bring Caroline back to him. Ridge asks ...more

Apr 15 1987 - Kristen is concerned on why Caroline collapsed. Kristen suggests to Bill that Caroline may have been exhausted from all the preparation and excitement before the wedding. Eric asks Margo if ...more

Apr 30 1987 - Kristen goes home and informs Eric and Stephanie that Ridge is with Caroline. They all agree that things seem positive and that there still may be a wedding. Ridge calls and shatters that ...more

Apr 01 1987 - Brooke tells Beth about Dave's proposal. Beth asks Brooke on what she really wants, but Brooke is unsure. Beth wonders if Brooke should really just concentrate on her studies. Dave later comes ...more

Apr 10 1987 - Beth speaks with Donna about Rocco dating Katie. Donna admits to Beth that she had Rocco ask Katie out to help with her confidence issues. Donna later heads over to Griffey's to see Rocco and he ...more

May 15 1987 - Margo and Eric prepare for giving Kristen a tour of the building and introducing her to the business. Stephanie becomes jealous when she sees them together and accuses Eric of having an affair ...more

May 05 1987 - Beth informs Storm of Helen's explanation of why Stephen left them. Storm thinks the idea is absurd and Stephen had no right to walk out on a wife and four children. Eric is excited about his ...more

Mar 23 1987 - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California. Fashion house Forrester Creations unveils it's winter/ fall collection. The models strut the catwalk and the paparazzi go wild. Eric Forrester, the head ...more

May 08 1987 - Donna goes to Griffey's with Mark and they sit making out as Rocco watches with insane jealously. Mark asks Donna if she would like to officially date him and she seems happy with the idea. ...more

May 14 1987 - Ridge relaxes by the Forrester pool and is surprised when he sees Alex arrive. She strips to her bathing suit and flirts with Ridge. She says that he is free game until he is married. Ridge ...more

Apr 08 1987 - Brooke looks over the newspaper article again about Ridge and Caroline's engagement. Brooke recalls how Beth had once said that she attended college with Eric, although she never knew him. Beth ...more

May 18 1987 - Donna asks Beth if she can go to a party at the beach but Beth won't allow it as she has to stay home and take care of Katie. Donna calls Rocco over, leaves him with Katie, then heads off to the ...more

Apr 02 1987 - Eric asks Stephanie to try to get along with Kristen for the sake of the wedding. He hopes that they can all attend together. Caroline goes looking for Ridge at Forrester Creations as they had ...more

Mar 24 1987 - Bills vents his anger about Ridge to Margo. Bill informs her of his threat for Ridge to stay away from Caroline. Margo feels that it will only cause Caroline to want Ridge more. Eric arrives ...more

Mar 31 1987 - Rocco takes Katie out and they share an evening together. Katie is surprised that her acne doesn't bother him. Katie is on cloud nine as she returns home. Stephanie walks in on Margo and Eric ...more

May 13 1987 - Brooke and Storm look over some household bills and realise that Beth is struggling with payments. They suggest helping out more and put the idea across to Donna and Katie about getting summer ...more

May 12 1987 - Storm asks Brooke if she and Dave have set a date for their wedding. Brooke later gets a call from Dave and he suggests they marry in the Autumn. Storm questions Brooke on if she really wants to ...more

May 04 1987 - Beth is shocked when Helen tells her that the reason Stephen walked out on her was because he couldn't compete against Eric in her heart, the man that she has always truly loved. Eric decides ...more

Mar 27 1987 - Eric and Stephanie meet with Bill to arrange plans for Ridge and Caroline's wedding ceremony. Stephanie notices that Bill isn't pleased with the plans. Stephanie suggests having the ceremony at ...more

Apr 06 1987 - Caroline is thrilled when Bill tells her that he has decided to give Ridge a chance and adds that he supports their wedding. Bill leaves to meet with Stephanie as Caroline meets with Kristen who ...more

Mar 30 1987 - Donna spends her day studying in the library. Another student named Rocco Carner joins her and begins to flirt. He asks her out on a date, but she asks him if he would take out her sister Katie ...more

Apr 20 1987 - Bill begs Caroline not to go, but she packs her things. Caroline tells him that she is a grown woman and that he needs to stop treating her as his little girl. Caroline insists that she needs to ...more

Apr 03 1987 - Ridge is worried about who caught him in bed with Alex and why they would take photographs. He suspects that Bill is behind it and believes the whole thing was a set up. Ridge tells Alex that he ...more

Apr 27 1987 - Kristen is annoyed when she comes down to breakfast and gets grilled for information by Ridge and Stephanie. Kristen tells them that she hasn't heard from Caroline. Kristen later calls Caroline ...more

Mar 26 1987 - Eric and Margo work on some designs and he informs her of Ridge's plans to marry Caroline. Margo guesses that Bill must be furious. Brooke meets with Dave and he puts across his idea of how to ...more

Apr 07 1987 - Thorne notices that Ridge is on edge. Ridge only lets on that he had a close call and was a bit nervous, but the problem as passed. Ridge asks Thorne to be his best man at the wedding and Thorne ...more

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