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Below is a complete The Brothers Garcia episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Brothers Garcia episodes are listed along with the The Brothers Garcia episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Brothers Garcia episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Drive Me Crazy” and “Brother's Keeper.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Brothers Garcia episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Jul 23 2000
When Ray has to sell the tickets he bought for the boys to see the ""Astro Nut"" wrestle, the boys find a creative way to earn the money themselves. The boys have a wrestling ...more
Love Me Tender Jul 30 2000
Carlos and George fall for the same girl and they wage a war against each other to win her affection. And Lorena experiences her first crush. Lorena loses her shoe, and Mario Wopple, the boy she ...more
The Right Stuff Aug 06 2000
Larry submits his dads name for a Space Shuttle mission. When Ray makes it to the final selections he doesn't know how to tell his son he doesn't want to go in to space with out breaking his ...more
No Hablo Espagnol Aug 13 2000
When Carlos fails his Spanish test, his dad makes him watch a soap with Lorena. However, he was originally going to stay at his weird uncle's house, but Ray changed his mind. He then at dinner ...more
Bad Hair Day Aug 20 2000
When Larry decides he is too old to have his hair cut by his mom, Ray and the boys take him for his first ""grown up"" hair cut to a nutty haircuter. Also, Sonia decides she
Aug 27 2000
The boys learn a lesson in peer pressure when they stumble their way in to a hunting trip. Larry also learns to overcome his fears with a little help from his brothers. And the girls stay in by ...more
A Day in the Life Sep 03 2000
Larry is asked to a film documentary on his family for school. The family gets a rude awakening in what they look like to the outside world but realize the only thing that matters is what they ...more
Love is Very...Confusing Apr 21 2001
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Band on the Run Apr 28 2001
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Lotto Bucks May 05 2001
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Big Winner May 12 2001
Lorena enters a contest and wins a trip to Hollywood to meet her favorite novella star. Carlos sees the girl of his dreams and drags George and Larry all over Hollywood looking for her. Then, ...more
Meal Ticket May 19 2001
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You Go Girl Jun 02 2001
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But Football Is a Religion Jun 09 2001
Ray and the boys are thrilled their team is in the playoffs, but face a tough decision when the game is at the same time Sonia is being honored at church. Lorena smuggles a hamster into the ...more
Over Extended Family Jun 16 2001
In an effort to earn money for a new drum set, Carlos secretly sells meal tickets to his friends to eat Sonia's Mexican home cooking, but in the end, gets caught. And George and Larry take in a ...more
Cold Turkey Jun 23 2001
When Tia Gaby comes to visit, she gives the kids advice about their careers. She told Lorena about her friend who didn't talk for a year to become a better actress, Larry about her friend who ...more
Larry's Curse Jun 30 2001
When Larry breaks a statue his abuela gave the family, which she said would bring bad luck, weird things begin happening. Carlos loses his touch, Sonia screws up on a famous model's hair, ...more
The Student Buddy Jul 07 2001
Larry is named a student buddy to a hearing impaired student named Tami. One day, Tami's hearing aid goes off, and everyone starts howling like dogs, Larry staring it. Even though Larry ...more
The Sub Jul 14 2001
Ray becomes a substitute teacher in Carlos and George's art class, and gives the class an assignment for every prank they pull. This gives Carlos a hard time, and so he tries harder. Sonia is ...more
The Crib Jul 21 2001
It is the last week of school for the Brothers Garcia, and Carlos wants to act like a man, including trying to shave, eating his father's salsa and asking for his own room. Sonia and Ray give ...more
School Daze Mar 03 2002
The Brothers Garcia learn what it's like to grow up.
Tamale Follies Mar 10 2002
Ray invites the dean from his university to come and have dinner, and he is allergic to almost everything. Sonia comes up with tastless tamales, but the boys eat them all. So they turn to Abuela ...more
Brother's Keeper Mar 17 2002
A bully bugs Larry because he has made friends with the bullies girlfriend.George and Lorena are selling Homework in Spanish Class.
West Side Stories Mar 24 2002
In this episode, the kids are forced to visit there cousin in the other side of San Antonio. Lorena works at a coffee shop all day with hopes of a boy calling. Larry helps his cousin paint with ...more
Maybe, Baby Mar 31 2002
After the kids find infant supplies, they think their mom is pregnant. Lorena has an audition to sing the theme song for one of her favorite novelas.