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Below is a complete The Care Bears episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Care Bears episodes are listed along with the The Care Bears episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Care Bears episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Under The Big Top” and “Perils Of The Pyramid.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Care Bears episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Care Bears: The Last Laugh

Under The Big Top Sep 24 1985 - A blond-haired girl named Wendy first meets Professor Coldheart who builds up the magic shop and asks him what he is doing and he initially turns to be nice for her so after their talk, she ...more

The Space Bubbles Sep 13 1985 - Proud Heart Cat is so upset that her garden is about to be ruined. She and the other Care Bear Family members see that an unlucky girl is so worried that she was going late for school.

Order On The Court Sep 20 1985 - Professor Coldheart uses a magic mirror to turn the Care Bears into selfish, uncaring Bears.

Desert Gold Sep 16 1985 - Bedtime Bear manages to pull the cloudy blanket off of the telescope's lens, so the Care Bears can see the view more easily. Hearing the boys brag about making a car, a couple of girls with ...more

Cheer Of The Jungle Sep 19 1985 - The Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins are having a great time in the Forest of Feelings. The fun is spoiled when Professor Coldheart and Frostbite plan to freeze this place, but trying not to ...more

The Pirate Treasure Sep 26 1985 - A well-meaning Maestro from the dark part of the galaxy, steals the stars for light to read music by.

Camp Sep 18 1985 - Patty, who's dressed up as a ballerina with fairy wings on her back, is so excited to perform in the show, but she can't do it without her dad who should be sitting on the seat. While the Care ...more

The Wrath Of Shreeky Sep 23 1985 - Melanie learns to balance her day dreaming reality with her grasp on reality.

Lotsa Heart's Wish Sep 10 1985 - The boys are not very pleased when they hear their mother announce them that they will have a sister. So, they plan to wreck the place until the Care Bear Family arrives.

The Turnabout Sep 12 1985 - There is a boy with eyeglasses who is teased by the bullies, but supported by a girl named Mary. As the Care Bears descend, they decide to be on his side.

The Thing That Came To Stay Sep 09 1985 - During summertime, the children are preparing for the camp along with their coach and the Care Bears join in. They have been told to sleep in the tents, but they never understand. He tells a ...more

Coconut Crazy Sep 17 1985 - Cheer Bear learns that perseverance plays a big role in raising the spirits of a Grumpy Bear.

The Pirate Treasure Sep 26 1985 - Two of the kids named Elaine and Joey are so depressed because there is no water. They feel so alone in the cavern and have been first met by Share Bear who has a lighting helmet on her head.

Birthday Sep 25 1985 -

The Girl Who Called Wolf Nov 23 1985 - This is the story of Jill, a girl who thinks it's fun to tell lies as practical jokes, but when her lies get two friends in danger, the Care Bears have to help her understand the consequences, ...more

Dry Spell Nov 09 1985 - Two of the kids named Elaine and Joey are so depressed because there is no water. They feel so alone in the cavern and have been first met by Share Bear who has a lighting helmet on her head.

The Forest of Misfortune Oct 12 1985 - The Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins are having a great time in the Forest of Feelings. The fun is spoiled when Professor Coldheart and Frostbite plan to freeze this place, but trying not to ...more

Wedding Bells Nov 16 1985 - Cold Heart asks Auntie Freeze to marry him, then tricks the Care Bears into letting him use Care a Lot for the wedding, convincing them that he had found love. With the help of Frostbite, Cold ...more

The Cloud Worm Nov 23 1985 - Love-a-Lot Bear plans with the other Care Bears to "spread out and search Care-a-Lot" when they all hear a mysterious noise. In their search, she discovers a giant worm that eats ...more

Drab City Nov 09 1985 - When some of the Care Bears and some of the Care Bear Cousins see the city that's turnig colorless, they try to care for the people who feel the same thing and refuse to say what is good. ...more

The Old Man and the Lighthouse Nov 16 1985 - Three children who are curious about the strange man who runs a nearby lighthouse get lost at sea. The Care Bears help save them, as well as teach them not to judge people because they are a ...more

The Show Must Go On Oct 09 1985 - Bright Heart Raccoon meets a robot that not only has a great heart, he makes great popsicles as well!

Lucky Charm Oct 03 1985 -

The Care Bears Carneys Oct 04 1985 - Hugs and Tugs are out playing when they stumble upon a giant who befriends them.

The Magic Lamp Oct 07 1985 - No Heart unleashes a terrible demon to try and destroy the Care Bears as the drive a herd of helpless little stars to Big Star Point.

Grumpy And Clumsy Sep 30 1985 - Grumpy ends up having to defend Care-A-Lot without the help of the other care bears! Lucky for him he has a magic clover that grants wishes. Too bad that he's not a very good wisher.

Oct 01 1985 - Beastly tricks his way in the annual Care Bear obstacle race in hopes of being crowned King of Care-A-Lot for a day.

Land Without Fear Oct 15 1985 - The evil Sour Sam is out to ruin Thanksgiving with his Crabby Apple Pies and only the Care Bears can stop him.

The Dry Spell Oct 14 1985 - When the Care Bears forget Birthday Bear's birthday, they become trapped in a maze by Noheart.

Lost At Sea Sep 27 1985 - Care-A-Lot's birthday bash is put on hold when Beastly captures Hugs and Tugs and the Care Bears must rescue them from No Heart's castle.

Magic Mirror Oct 11 1985 - The Care Bears discover a startling secret! In their baby picture photo album, there are two bears in there that the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins know absolutely nothing about. They ...more

The Mystery Of The Phantom Oct 16 1985 - Grams recounts how a group of Care Bears overcome their fears to fix up an old theatre haunted by a mysterious phantom.

The Night The Stars Went Out Oct 17 1985 - The Care Bears have their annual basketball game.

Day Dreams Oct 10 1985 - Brave Heart and a boy try to stop Dr. Fright, No Heart's evil accomplice who plans to trap the Care Bears in a deserted carnival.

The All Powerful Mr. Beastly Oct 02 1985 - Proud Heart gets a present unknowingly from No Heart which floods the Care Bear cousins out of house and home.

The Sleeping Giant Oct 08 1985 - The Care Bears go camping and find themselves in big trouble when they run into a swamp monster.

Runaway Oct 30 1985 - Grams tells the story of ancient Rome where Champ tries to turn Brave Heart back into the champion chariot racer he once was.

The Fountain Of Youth Nov 08 1985 - Champ Bear, with help from Braveheart Lion, goes on a quest to find a fountain whose water makes everyone younger--but Beastly and Shrieky will stop at nothing to find it too.

The Care-A-Lot Games Oct 29 1985 - In Gram's exciting caring tale, Viking Grumpy persists in overcoming his clumsiness when he tries to become someone he's not.

The Camp Out Nov 05 1985 -

Runaway Oct 30 1985 -

The Care Bears Exercise Show Nov 04 1985 -

Soap Box Derby Nov 06 1985 -

Care-A-Lot's Birthday Oct 18 1985 - The Care Bears help a young girl try to stop Shreeky's plan to turn the forest of Feelings into a gnarled wasteland.

Care Bears Battle The Freeze Machine Oct 25 1985 - Treat Heart and Cheer learn to appreciate each other and work together when they are confronted by an evil two headed monster.

Oct 23 1985 - Hugs and Tugs try to help Brave Heart and Shreeky from getting a map, which will lead them to a valley of gold.

No Business Like Show Business Oct 28 1985 - When Beastly ruins No-Heart's experiment to create a creature that would stop the Care Bears, Beastly creates a cloud monster. Shreeky uses the monster to eat the clouds of Care-A-Lot. Meanwhlie ...more

Songfellow Strum And His Magic Train Nov 01 1985 - Treat Heart sets out to make a video about how to make friends but ends up losing her friends by constantly laughing at them.

The Care Bears Town Parade Oct 24 1985 - Cheer Bear and a young girl named Carole learn the importance of asking for help when they take on a job that is too big for them.