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Below is a complete The Centurions episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Centurions episodes are listed along with the The Centurions episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Centurions episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “Man Or Machine (4),” “Breakout” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Centurions episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Sky Is On Fire Apr 07 1986 - The Centurions visit Oceania Research Station to observe the testing of a new device, a powerful cryogenic ray. Unfortunately, the centre has already been infiltrated by Hacker and Amber. ...more

Battle Beneath The Sea Apr 08 1986 - Doc Terror attacks a solar power station in Australia, but is soon defeated by the Centurions. Frustrated by the Centurions constant meddling, Doc Terror hatches a plot to take control of Sealab ...more

An Alien Affair Apr 09 1986 - A comet is sending out artificial signals, and the Centurions are sent to check it out. When it turns out to be hollow, they beam inside. Within, it seem barren... at least at first. But then, ...more

Found: One Lost World Apr 10 1986 - In pursuit of Doc Terror, Ace and Jake manage to force the criminal genius to crash land in the vast African jungle. There, Terror and Hacker stumble across an underground remnant of prehistoric ...more

Sand Doom Apr 11 1986 - A desert pipe-line convoy goes missing, and the Centurions are sent to track it down. Max is suspicious of General Amid, and checks out his office. He is soon attacked by Hacker, but escapes. ...more

Whalesong Sep 22 1986 - The new England-France Channel Bridge is attacked by a group of whales under the influence of synthesised whale sounds produced by Doc Terror's new recruit Madame Arpeggio. After preventing the ...more

Tornado Of Terror Sep 23 1986 - A weather control machine, the Weather Master, is under guard by the Centurions but is stolen by Doc Terror, with the help of Professor Storm, who can control tornados. An old friend of Max's, ...more

Denver Is Down Sep 24 1986 - In Colorado, mercenaries hired by Doc Terror stage a diversion to keep the Centurions busy by attempting to steal a shipment of plutonium. As they battle each other, Terror implements his plan ...more

Micro Menace Sep 25 1986 - An asteroid containing a powerful ore known as Superium is being transported to Earth. The ship carrying it is attacked by Doc Terror. The Centurions save both the ship and the asteroid, but ...more

Attack Of The Plant-Borg Sep 26 1986 - A shower of meteors heads towards the Earth. The Centurions are sent to try and stop them, however, one of them crashes into the desert. Doc Terror scans it and discovers an invulnerable plant ...more

Battle Beneath The Ice Sep 29 1986 - A meteorite with alien life on its surface falls into the Arctic Ocean. Doc Terror wants it, and sends Mako to retrieve it. Sealab is also interested in the meteorite, and comes into conflict ...more

Operation Starfall Sep 30 1986 - Ace is on the Moon, inspecting the security systems of a mass-driver ore transporter, that ships mined ore from the Moon to the Earth. It soon comes under attack by Terror's Strafers under the ...more

Let The Games Begin Oct 01 1986 - Randy Chang, the young champion of the Holo-Games, is kidnapped by Doc Terror, who plans to use his strategic knowledge to defeat the Centurions. Terror disguises himself as the ...more

Firebird Oct 02 1986 - The Centurions visit Mexico at the behest of Max's old friend Rebecca. The location of the legendary Firebird, an ancient spaceship, was discovered at a Mayan temple, and she wants extra ...more

Cold Calculations Oct 03 1986 - A truck containing some of the Earth's dwindling supply of silver is guarded by the Centurions on its way to Geneva. It soon comes under attack from a group of jet skiers. The Centurions stop ...more

Return Of Captain Steele Oct 06 1986 - Doc Terror is searching for the Doomstar, a powerful weapon from the late 20th Century, which was lost when the space shuttle carrying it crashed somewhere in the Pacific. He finds it on Moku ...more

Three Strikes And You're Dead Oct 07 1986 - Blaster McGraw, a baseball star with the Washington Lasers, and an old college friend of Ace's, is kidnapped just before the final game of the World Series. A gambling boss known as the Wheel is ...more

Double Agent Oct 08 1986 - Ace is asked to pilot a new superjet, the XM-2000, for an air show in Paris. No sooner do the Centurions arrive than Doc Terror and Hacker stage an attack. The cyborgs are defeated, and the ...more

Child's Play Oct 09 1986 - Jake Rockwell is sent to give a lecture at Sally Ride HS in Los Angeles. One of the students there happens to be a boy named Jimmy, who has ESP and is picked on by the local jocks. After Jake's ...more

Terror On Ice Oct 10 1986 - The Centurions defend an Arctic base against Doc Terror's forces, but inadvertently uncover a frozen dinosaur which Jake discovers while out on his own after the battle. The dinosaur attacks the ...more

That Old Black Magic Oct 13 1986 - Hacker is spotted near Manhattan, and the Centurions are sent to investigate. He takes a woman, Cassandra Cross, hostage, but she manages to subdue him with her magical powers. After reviewing ...more

Max Ray...Traitor Oct 14 1986 - The World Council sends the Centurions to protect an anti-matter power plant in Seattle from the international terrorist, Gremlin. But Gremlin has already infiltrated the plant and detonates a ...more

Crack The World Oct 15 1986 - Sealab's field vessel Sealiner 2 is buried undersea when one of its engines explodes. Sealab's current commander, Dr. Regulas, refuses the head of Sealab security Mei Lee's request for the ...more

The Incredible Shrinking Centurions Oct 16 1986 - After Max catches Doc Terror's aquatic cyborg Mako, he is stunned to be arrested by the authorities instead of his adversary due to the Intertech computer registering Max as a criminal. After ...more

Live At Five Oct 17 1986 - The Centurions become the subject of a series of special news reports by Jenny Rivers, who is an old classmate of Ace's. But neither Jenny nor the Centurions know that it's a setup; her boss is ...more

The Mummy's Curse Oct 20 1986 - In Egypt an archaeological dig at the Pyramid of the Lost Pharaoh, headed by Professor Egon Sloan, is attacked by super-powerful jackals. The professor contacts Skyvault and requests the help of ...more

Counterclock Crisis Oct 21 1986 - Max takes Ace and Jake to the Lake Eyrie reclamation plant, which he helped to design. Doc Terror decides to attack the plant to cause the Northeast farmlands to wither away. The Centurions ...more

Zombie Master Oct 22 1986 - The World President's yacht comes under attack from Doc Terror's Strafers. With Jake on vacation, Ace and Max alone drive off Terror's forces. Meanwhile, Jake discovers that all is not well in a ...more

Malfunction Oct 23 1986 - Doc Terror switches a cyborg for the head of security, Captain Newman, at a secret installation, in order to steal the X-150, a smart missile that never loses track of a target. While ...more

Broken Beams Oct 24 1986 - As the Centurions defend a thermal energy plant from yet another assault by Doc Terror, the berillium crystal on board Skyvault that is a key part of the beaming chamber is fractured. Requiring ...more

The Chameleon's Sting Oct 27 1986 - A mad geneticist, Dr. Yates, attempts to create a lizard army, but is thwarted by the Centurions. However, during their struggle he accidentally injects himself with lizard serum and becomes a ...more

Film At Eleven Oct 28 1986 - Ace's reporter friend Jenny returns, this time working on an expose about Doc Terror. In order to get close to her subject, she disguises herself as a man and joins one of Terror's training ...more

Hacker Must Be Destroyed Oct 29 1986 - After Terror's borgs launch a raid to steal an energy enhancing device in Japan, Hacker is captured by the Centurions and put on trial for all his crimes. Hacker refuses to divulge any of ...more

Showdown At Skystalk Oct 30 1986 - Ace and Crystal are invited to the Pleasure-Star, an exclusive space station resort connected to the Earth via an orbital elevator, Skystalk, for a vacation. Meanwhile, the station's owner, ...more

The Warrior Oct 31 1986 - In the Amazon, Dr. Jose Rivera, the South American representative of the World Council of Scientists, is held for ransom by Colonel Guerrero. Jake is sent to deliver the ransom, but is captured ...more

Return Of Cassandra Nov 03 1986 - While conducting a training exercise, the Centurions come under attack from Doc Terror's forces. Ace is rescued by his old acquaintance, Cassandra Cross, the witch. The Centurions decide to ...more

Night On Terror Mountain Nov 04 1986 - Doc Terror attacks the Navigation Control Centre for the East European sector in Transylvania, wanting to cause air traffic chaos. The Centurions successfully defend the installation, and manage ...more

Merlin Nov 05 1986 - Crystal and the Centurions meet Professor Hartman at a medieval festival. He claims to have discovered the location of Merlin's tomb on an ancient map. They soon come under attack by Doc ...more

The Monsters From Below Nov 06 1986 - Dr. Nathan Romalus is hired to create a new type of lifeform that can take on the appearance of anyone. After hearing of Terror's plan to replace the World Council of Scientists, he has second ...more

The Road Devils Nov 07 1986 - Jake, whilst testing out a new land hopper in Australia developed by Skyvault scientists, gets caught up in a dispute between a heavily armed bike gang called the Road Devils, and a small convoy ...more

Zone Dancer Nov 10 1986 - In Chicago, a traditional private eye by the name of Gabriel Knight is asked for help by Crystal Kane, to find out who framed her for Zone Dancing-illegal tapping into corporate computers by ...more

Firecracker Nov 11 1986 - The countries of Quisto and Montenegro are close to all out war due to a recent attack on Quisto, apparently by Montenegro forces. The Centurions become involved due to the prospect of war ...more

Traitors Three Nov 12 1986 - The Mesa Verde space testing station comes under attack by Terror's borgs. The Centurions arrive and battle his forces, but a nearby dam is destroyed, and a clifftop school pleads for help. ...more

You Only Love Twice Nov 13 1986 - A man claiming to be the deceased General Harding accesses security files on Crystal Kane's former fiance, Colonel Chuck Bates who disappeared in a rocket explosion five years ago, and transmits ...more

Sungrazer Nov 14 1986 - As Doc Terror's borg Mutron attempts to steal an experimental virus, the canister is accidentally damaged when the Centurions apprehend him. The Z-80 virus then begins spreading over the Earth. ...more

Novice Nov 17 1986 - Jake is testing out his new Swing-Shot weapon system with Ace, under observation by Klaus, the designer of the Centurions' weapon systems. Crystal detects activity from Doc Terror in the Andes ...more

Breakout Nov 18 1986 - Dr. Harriman, a scientist who used to cut corners with building materials, and now an inmate at the Lunar Penitentiary is broken out by Doc Terror, who wants to use his knowledge of . Rex and ...more

Atlantis Adventure (1) Nov 19 1986 - Mei Lee and her colleague Jason from Sealab, are exploring a recently-discovered underwater trench, the deepest ever found. Their sea-bubble comes under attack by a giant squid and loses contact ...more

Atlantis Adventure (2) Nov 20 1986 - Jake has Crystal beam Ace back up to Skyvault, freeing him from the squid's clutches. Naro tells Jake and Sean that he intends to use the probe to take over Atlantis, and O'Connor agrees to help ...more

Ghost Warrior Nov 21 1986 - A group of Native Americans comes under attack by a giant totem claiming to be a ghost warrior, who tells them to fight against those who have built upon their land. The tribal leaders call in ...more