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TV Full List of The Closer Episodes

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Below is a complete The Closer episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Closer episodes are listed along with the The Closer episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Closer episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Good Housekeeping” and “Split Ends” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Closer episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Problem Child Aug 18 2008 - Problem Child is the name of an episode for the American television police drama series The Closer.

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Morality Bites Mar 02 1998 - Jack faces a serious moral dilemma when he takes the account, and agrees to be the spokesman, for a hamburger chain once accused of selling tainted meat.

Dobbs Takes a Holiday Mar 09 1998 - Troubled by Jack's insensitivity as the gang tries to land a new client, Dobbs quits--leaving the head honcho to make amends. Meanwhile, Beverly and Erica help Alex buy a dress for a formal frat ...more

The Rebound Mar 16 1998 - Jack and Claire are in the middle of the divorce process but they are treating each other very, very nice - frustrating their lawyers. Jack has what he calls a delayed reaction to the divorce ...more

Baby, It's Cold Outside Apr 06 1998 - Jack and his staff try to land a new client with a group of monks who train dogs. Meanwhile, Jack tries to deny that he's on the rebound and aggressively pursues a therapist, Carrie Dover. ...more

Honor Thy Jack Apr 13 1998 - Bruno's parents come to town to celebrate his birthday — and to persuade him to join the family business.Meanwhile, Dobbs and Beverly experience unusual reactions to what they think are ...more

Deep Game Apr 20 1998 - Bruno's parents come to town to celebrate his birthday — and to persuade him to join the family business.Meanwhile, Dobbs and Beverly experience unusual reactions to what they think are ...more

The Hand That Rocks the Office Apr 27 1998 - Originally scheduled to air March 9, 1998.

Pilot Feb 23 1998 - Jack McLaren works at Colburn & Whitney Advertising. Jack is notorious cynic and a master at closing deals so he's nicknamed 'The Closer'. Jack's staff includes his tough talking assistant ...more

My Best Friend's Funeral May 04 1998 - Jack attempts to relinquish certain office responsibilities in order to have a more balanced life and -- more importantly -- prove to Carrie that he is ready to date again. He puts Bruno in ...more


Homewrecker Jun 18 2007 - In the third-season opener, Brenda and the team investigate the grisly slaying of a family, and the only survivor is the drug-addled teen son. Meanwhile, a financial crisis rocks the LAPD, ...more

Grave Doubts Jun 25 2007 - The body of a long-dead murder victim is uncovered along with Lt. Provenza’s business card, setting off the squad’s search for his identity and killer. When the bullet is traced to a gang weapon ...more

Saving Face Jul 02 2007 - At a retired cop’s funeral, Lt Provenza and Lt. Flynn discover something quite unexpected along with the corpse.

Ruby Jul 09 2007 - A recently released sex offender is accused of kidnapping a child, and with time running out, Det. Gabriel beats a confession out of him. Deputy Chief Johnson must deal with Gabriel and also get ...more

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The Round File Jul 16 2007 - An old man’s confession to seven murders leads Deputy Chief Johnson to investigate the sudden and unnatural deaths at his nursing home.

Dumb Luck Jul 23 2007 - Brenda and the PHD investigate the murder of a personal trainer who was involved with the wife of a possessive husband with a temper. Complicating the investigation: their only witness is the ...more

Four to Eight Jul 30 2007 - When two Catorce gang members are shot to death, Brenda and her squad must solve the murders before a gang war erupts. Meanwhile, Brenda has her own personal health scare when she finally visits ...more

Manhunt Aug 06 2007 - It looks to be the return of a serial killer when two bodies turn up dead. With the knowledge that he kills in sets of three, Chief Pope charges Brenda and her squad to hunt down the killer ...more

Blindsided Aug 13 2007 - In an effort to get good PR for the department, Deputy Chief Johnson takes a journalist on a ride-along, but when the Crown Vic is targeted and shot at, Brenda is forced to live under 24-hour ...more

Culture Shock Aug 20 2007 - When a Chinese business woman is found dead on the tour bus she and her husband operate, Brenda and the squad must dig deep to investigate her past life. Meanwhile, Brenda’s parents reveal to ...more

Lover's Leap Aug 27 2007 - A car belonging to a Department of Homeland Security employee is found wrecked at the bottom of Mulholland Drive. Priority Homicide is brought in to uncover the details surrounding the driver’s ...more

Til Death Do Us Part (1) Sep 03 2007 - Deputy Chief Johnson’s investigation into a famous Hollywood divorce attorney found floating in his swimming pool is under heavy scrutiny. Meanwhile, Fritz and Brenda are trying to consolidate ...more

Til Death Do Us Part (2) Sep 10 2007 - Still experiencing the strain of her case, Brenda finds herself under another time crunch when she must disprove a questionable alibi within 48 hours to prevent the investigation from falling ...more

Next of Kin (1) Dec 03 2007 - Brenda finds an opportunity to visit home when she attempts to track down a witness who disappears to Atlanta. Unfortunately, once she finds the witness, her holidays with family take on a whole ...more

Next of Kin (2) Dec 03 2007 - Returning to L.A. proves to be a challenge when Brenda's witness remains hesitant, causing her to be creative. The fallout left behind in Atlanta leaves Brenda's parents picking up the pieces ...more

Controlled Burn Jul 14 2008 - When a massive fire breaks out in Griffith Park, Priority Homicide is on hand to help. But when an unidentified dead woman's body is found in the center of the scene, Deputy Chief Johnson is ...more

Speed Bump Jul 21 2008 - Brenda and the team must determine if a murder was revenge or mere coincidence when a recently released murderer turns up dead, the victim of a hit-and-run. As usual, Brenda's personal life ...more

Cherry Bomb Jul 28 2008 - Brenda suspects something more than suicide when a high-school girl is found hanged in her bedroom; the investigation uncovers a ruthless sexual game being played at a private school.

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Live Wire Aug 04 2008 - A man wearing a surveillance wire is shot to death at point blank range in downtown Los Angeles; interpersonal relationships on the squad force Brenda into a corner.

Dial M For Provenza Aug 11 2008 - Provenza and Flynn lose the evidence in an attempted murder case when Provenza's car is stolen; Pope is not happy when Brenda is forced to free the suspect and gives her and the squad 48 hours ...more

Sudden Death Aug 25 2008 - The entire squad searches for the person who shot Detective Sanchez's brother; the case is jeopardized by an overzealous detective and a leak within the department.

Split Ends Sep 01 2008 - Brenda and the squad investigate the murder of a hair stylist; Brenda's parents stop in for a visit on their way to Alaska; Brenda's father wants to know when she and Fritz are going to tie the

Tijuana Brass Sep 08 2008 - An FBI informant is the prime suspect in the deaths of two Tijuana police officers; Pope, Taylor and Brenda must deal with a public relations mess when a newspaper prints an unflattering story ...more

Time Bomb Sep 15 2008 - The newly renamed Major Crimes Division investigates the death of a teenager that may be related to a planned massacre; the squad searches for a bomb before it can explode.

Good Faith Jan 26 2009 - Brenda and the team investigate an apparent suicide that the medical examiner believes was actually a murder; Brenda's parents are staying with Fritz and Brenda for a few days.

Junk in the Trunk Feb 02 2009 - The body of a man who stole $3 million in diamonds is found in the trunk of a car; the condition of the body makes determining the cause of death impossible.

Power Of Attorney Feb 09 2009 - Brenda goes toe to toe with the tricky attorney of a man suspected of a brutal rape and murder. Going a few rounds to get to the truth, Brenda dukes it out with the lawyer who is just as clever ...more

Fate Line Feb 16 2009 - Fritz's sister agrees to use her psychic powers to help the Priority Homicide Division resolve one of their cases, and while her abilities appear to help her understand how Brenda works, they ...more

Double Blind Feb 23 2009 - Brenda and Fritz's attention is diverted by problems on the job even though their wedding day has finally arrived, and bad blood between the members of the Priority Homicide Division threatens ...more

Strike Three Jul 20 2009 - A high-profile shoot-out has left two policemen and a teenage boy dead leads to numerous mysteries spinning around the case. Enter Force Investigation Division bigwig Sharon Raydor, who upends ...more

Elysian Fields Jul 27 2009 - When a man believed to have murdered two young women is found dead in Elysian Fields, evidence points to his victims' families. Brenda and the team must then wade through the suspects to find ...more

Identity Theft Aug 03 2009 - Brenda must reopen the case of a murdered psychiatrist when the man claiming to have committed the crime gives a statement that doesn't quite match the actual events. Based on evidence of the ...more

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Products of Discovery Jun 08 2009 - While investigating the homicide of an entire family, the team once again finds themselves entangled in an FBI case. They also find themselves distracted by an unusually surly Provenza.

Blood Money Jun 15 2009 - Brenda and the team are called in to investigate the questionable disappearance of a shady financial investor. The team is a mess with Daniels now in another division, Gabriel doing double duty, ...more

Red Tape Jun 22 2009 - Sgt. Gabriel comes under investigation for shooting a homicide suspect when the facts don't add up. The internal investigation gets in the way of the original murder investigation, leaving the ...more

Walking Back the Cat Jun 29 2009 - Once again working with Fritz and the FBI, the team helps get to the bottom of a murder which occurred amidst a drug ring investigation. Also again, Brenda finds FBI feathers ruffled by her ...more

Half Loaded Jul 06 2009 - When a reformed gang member is murdered, the case takes the team back to a familiar neighborhood where they find themselves unwelcomed. Brenda must figure out a way to solve what appears to have ...more

Tapped Out Jul 13 2009 - When an internet matchmaker is murdered, the team finds themselves investigating the matchmaker's early-stage television show. Adding to the craziness is a fake officer, who turns everything ...more

Smells Like Murder Aug 10 2009 - The team digs through several suspects that surface after a man's body is found inside an oversized box. Brenda finds the case the perfect platform to play the role of teacher to Gabriel as he ...more