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Below is a complete The Commish episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Commish episodes are listed along with the The Commish episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Commish episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “Nothing to Fear But ...,” “Behind the Storm Door” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Commish episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.


True Believers Feb 29 1992 - Several officers are implicated in a murder involving white supremacists.

In the Best of Families Sep 28 1991 - When Bobby Studivant, the son of a high-powered lawyer, commits suicide while in police custody, Tony comes under fire from the higher powers.

Charlie Don't Surf Jan 18 1992 - Stan poses as a pizza deliveryman to catch muggers. meanwhile a bombers targets a restaurant.

Skeletons Feb 08 1992 - A women remembers her brother 35 year old murder after a mugging takes place. tony and another detective track the suspect.

The Fourth Man Jan 04 1992 - A hijackers who knocks down the cheif of dectives has tony obsesses over finding them.

Shoot the Breeze May 02 1992 - Tony tries to protect an informant and Kelly has a tryst with a new arrival.

The Hatchet Nov 16 1991 - Tony has fights with 2 people this week. 1st he clashes with the city efficiency expert and 2nd with a cop over his treatment of criminals.

A Matter of Life or Death (2) Nov 02 1991 - Two missing cops have been found under water, there a jail hunger strike going on and tony's up for the nypd commissioner job.

Behind the Storm Door Nov 09 1991 - While Stan fixes traffic tickets a terrorized woman who tony rescues wants a date with him.

Two Confessions Nov 30 1991 - 1st of all a man fall a sex phone operator and then twins who are accused of murder turn on each other and states that the other one done it.

No Greater Gift Dec 21 1991 - Tony conscience is working overtime as he has to decide whether or not to force a homeless woman from a creche or to arrest to mercy killer, as law is law. also david faces up to his 1st ...more

The Commissioner's Ball Dec 07 1991 - Tony have 2 problems. he 1st has to arrange the commissioner's ball and he also thinks he knows who killing the homeless people.

Video Vigilante May 09 1992 - A publicity seeker with a video camera makes Tony's life difficult and a professor is accused of beating a student.

Judgement Day Apr 04 1992 - A judge with a secret jails Tony and an officer takes a boy on his beat to give him perspective.

The Puck Stops Here May 16 1992 - Tony's friend, a high-school hockey star and recovering addict, becomes a drug suspect and the Scalis agonize over abortion.

The Poisoned Tree Oct 12 1991 - A colleague of Rachel is a child molester and tony tries to convince her of this.

Officer April Mar 07 1992 - A businesswoman seeks officers for a calendar and A domestic-call shooting starts a terror campaign against Kelly

A Matter of Life or Death (1) Nov 02 1991 - Tony starts a set for a set of missing cops and there a new york police commissioner candidate.

Nothing to Fear But ... Oct 26 1991 - Tony puts his family under police surveillance without telling them due to death threats.

Sex, Lies, and Kerosene Mar 21 1992 - An arson case contains an apparent murder.

Do You See What I See? Oct 05 1991 - In the town of Eastbridge a rapist wearing a santa mask terrorizes the town. also tony takes the graveyard shift after a cop remark.

The Wicked Flee Feb 22 1992 - A boy who see's his mother murder become emotionally withdraws while tony's son has trouble with his father coaching methods.

Stoned Jan 02 1993 - Things are not going so well for Tony, first, his new car was stolen, right in front of him. Next he is informed that a patient from psychiatric hospital, Arlo Manno, has just escaped, and that ...more

Escape Nov 14 1992 - Rachel redecorates as one of tony's freind who harbors a secret is under target from a escaped convict.

Out of Business (2) Feb 27 1993 - When Tony son dies is a shootout Collette vows to make Tony pay by killing him.

Witness Dec 05 1992 - Rachel becomes a target for a killer after she witnesses a murder while she was grocery shopping.

Adventures in the Skin Trade (2) Oct 03 1992 - Tony escape from the kidnappers with the help of the porn producer and then they pursue a film entrpreneur.

The Rolodex Madam Oct 24 1992 - Tony is astonished to discover a wealthy socialite is the proprietor of a prostitution ring. The socialite is murdered, but not before Tony's name is discovered in her rolodex of clients.

The Anti-Commish May 15 1993 - Tony got a mysterious call from someone who can help in a drug dealers murder, meanwhiel Rachel gets a good job offer from buffalo.

A Time to Be Born Nov 21 1992 - When Rachel is in labor, Tony is keep away from her due to a friend's crisis.

The Ides of March Mar 13 1993 - While surrounded by conspirators, Tony thinks himself to be like Julius Caesar, meanwhile a man takes his ex-wife hostage.

The Heart is a Lonely Sucker Jan 16 1993 - While Stan is having problems protecting Carmela from a curse, Tony thinks that a video dating cliernt is a homicidal thief.

Adventures in the Skin Trade (1) Sep 26 1992 - A freind of tony daughter is missing so he and pauli pose as porn film investors to found out the truth.

The Witches of Eastbridge Oct 31 1992 - The town is in shock when a haert is cut from a corpse at the funernal home meanwhile the town believes a recluse taints halloween treats.

The Frame Dec 19 1992 - A notorious racketeer comes to New York and in turn the crime rate rises.

Family Business (1) Feb 20 1993 - The Eastbridge crime rate raises when a retired mobster and his son comes to town.

Eastbridge Boulevard May 01 1993 - A new reality police show comes to town meanwhile a former movie star is implicated in her ex lover's murder.

The Two Faces of Ed Nov 07 1992 - A old freind of tony who is having marital trouble could be causing deadly incidents.

Sight Unseen May 08 1993 - A young blind women is in trouble as a rapist preys on her meanwhile Rachel makes an investment in art.

Dead Cadet's Society Feb 13 1993 - When the baby arrives david behavior gets worse meanwhile a militaristic preppies disappears.

Sleep of the Just Dec 12 1992 - While Tony suffers from lost of sleep over being a new father he puzzles over a rapist who has diplomatci immunity.

The Sharp Pinch Feb 06 1993 - Tony is looking for a very ill infant who has been kidnapped.

Blue Flu Apr 01 1993 - The town in Eastbridge is under trouble as crime runs rampant due to a wage dispute which causes Tony men call in sick.

Guns & Sons Oct 10 1992 - David is the only witness to a shooting involving his best friend and a bullying classmate. Tony pursues the case unaware of David's knowledge of the shooting. The victims father skeptical of ...more

Rising Sun Nov 06 1993 - Tony's city-council pal won't vote for a Japanese businessman's purchase of prime Eastbridge real estate. In a second short story arch, Sean and his pales are flock of juvenile delinquents rob a ...more

Suffer the Children (2) Oct 02 1993 - The second part of this 2 parter the find the remains of the runaway in the juvenile center head cabin.

A Little Heart Dec 18 1993 - When a donor heart meant for a sick little girl is stolen, Tony heads up a team of detectives bent on finding the heart before anything can happen to it or the little girl. The thief makes ...more

Dead Drunk Apr 02 1994 - When Joe Thompson's wife is killed by a drunk driver leaving him with an eight-year-old daughter, the investigation leads to prominent surgeon Harris Clark, who has a history of drunken driving. ...more

All That Glitters Nov 27 1993 - Stan's fiance, Monica is implicated in assisting in a robbery. Tony discovers Monica was previously in trouble with the law before with her old boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rachel puts Tony on a health