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Below is a complete The Cramp Twins episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Cramp Twins episodes are listed along with the The Cramp Twins episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Cramp Twins episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Neigh Means Neigh / Miner Mishaps” and “Webcam Wayne / Swamp Curse.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Cramp Twins episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Weepy Wayne / First Crusher Sep 18 2004 - Weepy Wayne: Wayne keeps on crying but why does he? Wayne never cries! Something must be bothering him, but who or what? First Crusher: Lucien is being bothered by a girl who bosses him around

Pantaloonacy / Girl Gang Sep 25 2004 - Pantaloonacy: Tony and Lucien see a book from Grizzly Mike in the sewers and try to use it to act ""brave"", meanwhile Wayne rips his pants and gets new stretchy ones. Girl ...more

Triker Trouble / Heart Wrench Oct 02 2004 - Triker Trouble: Wayne makes a bike and enters a rally that only accepts go-karts. He finds two thugs and invite them to Wayne's house. Lucien sees Tony's kart, in which the wheels don't turn. ...more

Little Watchers / Egg Bound Oct 09 2004 - Little Watchers: Lucien and Tony try to stop water pollution and are accused of making acid rain, so Wayne and Wendy join a club against them. Lucien and Tony try to clear their names out - ...more

Little Big Man / Flag Boy Oct 16 2004 - Little Big Man: Mr. Cramp, the twins, and Tony go to an amusement park. Tony tries to have fun in the kids section while Wayne wants to destroy it, Mr. Cramp wastes money on turnip toss. Flag ...more

Hankenstein / Cricket Slayer Oct 23 2004 - Hankenstein: The school is on holiday for cleaning and Wendy takes care of Sheila while Lucien takes care of the school pet Hank, which changed into Hankenstien, but it only likes Wayne and does ...more

Count Crampula / Naughty Nuptails Oct 30 2004 - Count Crampula: Wayne thinks he's a vampire after seeing a movie. Naughty Nuptails: Tony says to Lucien that he's getting married to Missy Chris but Lucien says he can't but when he finds ...more

Bully for Wayne / Agent W Nov 06 2004 - Bully For Wayne: A big bully moves in to Lucien and Wayne's school, rendering Wayne an ameteur. Agent W: A lady moves across the road, and the Cramp's (excluding Lucien) think she's a spy. Of ...more

Wendy House / Cramp vs. Cramp Nov 13 2004 - Wendy House: Lucien builds a treehouse. And soon, Wendy makes a treehouse next to the Cramp's house on the same tree Lucien built his, as an attempt to see Wayne forever; much to Wayne's ...more

Webcam Wayne / Swamp Curse Nov 20 2004 - Webcam Wayne: Wayne becomes a stuntman, and Lucien spies on him, and makes a website. Unfortunately, this makes Wayne popular. Swamp Curse: After Wendy and her mother insult Tony, he puts a ...more

Lice-ence to Kill / Army of Wayne Nov 27 2004 - Lice-ence to Kill: Mr. Winkle cheats to make a Lice outbreak so his products will sell. Army of Wayne: Wayne gets punished by being put in charge of the kindergarten nursery. Wayne teaches the ...more

Swampless / Mummy Mania Dec 04 2004 - Swampless: After a mix up with breakfasts that are for animals, Tony bans Lucien from the Swamp. Than Lucien grows his own alien type flies. Mummy Mania: Mrs. Cramp leaves, and Miss Hissy ...more

Wendy Wear / Homeless Joe Dec 11 2004 - Wendy Wear: After Wendy realizes she's a fashion designer, Wendy gets her own designer range, and makes work and school uniforms. Unfortunately, this leads to a number one ticket to humiliation ...more

Dance Pants / Bestest Brother Dec 18 2004 - Dance Pants: Sure Lucien is smart, but he can't dance. His parents let Wayne teach him to dance. Wayne and Lucien compete in a dance contest for candy-filled pants, and Wayne disguises as the ...more

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Film Fad / Spit Collector Jan 22 2005 - Film Fad: Miss Hissy assigns the class to do a movie project. Wayne makes a film about a tricycle superhero, and Lucien makes a movie about swamp people such as the Parsons. Spit Collector: ...more

News Whale / Twisted Ending Jan 29 2005 - News Whale: Lucien goes on protest dressed as a whale to try and help save the whales. Naturally, he becomes the newest craze, ""Fish Boy"", after Wayne ...more

Tattoo Boy / Cow Son Feb 05 2005 - Tattoo Boy: Wayne gets Piteous Dave to give him tattoos. Cow Son: When Lucien has fun with Mr. Parsons, Tony gets jealous and they both tell him he needs to hang out with his own father.

Goosenapped / Rotten Romance Feb 12 2005 - Goosenapped: When one of the Parson's geese escapes, the Parsons suspect the Cramps, and the only way Tony and Lucien can see each other is in secret. Rotten Romance: After Dirty Joe gets a ...more

Sugar Zombie / Swamp Squid Sugar Zombie: Wayne gets a video game (very similar to Resident Evil) on a handheld. But he plays it for so long without rest, that when the batteries run dry, he effectivly becomes a zombie on ...more

Lion Worrier / Grandma Dearest Jul 08 2006

Mister Congeniality / Get Greedy Jul 15 2006

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Slave Mart / Cool for Cramp Jul 22 2006

Just Desserts / Pirate Pants Jul 29 2006

Neigh Means Neigh / Miner Mishaps Aug 05 2006

Happy Gas / Twin Toys Aug 12 2006

Walk Like a Man / Bouncy Bob Feb 08 2003 - Walk Like a Man: Lucien sneaks into Wayne's room and paints stubble on his face. Bouncy Bob: Lucien struggles to master a new skill.

Food Fight / Mari Mania Feb 15 2003 - Food Fight: Lucien undergoes a radical transformation when he switches breakfast cereals. Mari Mania: Mari goes to extreme lengths to avoid having her family photo taken.

The Bad Seed / Rodeo Rita Feb 22 2003 - The Bad Seed: Lucien thinks he was adopted. Rodeo Rita: Mr. Cramp's favorite country western singer comes to town.

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Great Bowl of Fear / Mud Crush Mar 01 2003 - Great Bowl of Fear: Wayne goes fishing in the toilet bowl. Lucien desprately needs to use it. But he cant tell his mom because she has some friends in the house. Mud Crush: Lucien's mother ...more

Prize Control / Ice Scream Mar 08 2003 - Prize Swallow: Wayne uses a bird call whistle to attract the crested marsh swallow - and the Cramp family end up with a rooftop covered in birds! Ice Scream: Wendy Winkle discovers radishes.

Grandma's Piano / Guide Games Mar 15 2003 - Grandma's Piano: Mrs. Cramp's mother brings a baby grand piano when she visits. Guide Games: Flakes from the soap factory fall all over town.

The Great Lucioni / Wendy Boy Mar 22 2003 - The Great Lucioni: Lucien makes Wayne disappear during a magic show and cannot get him back. It appears Wayne was sleeping in a wagon in the dump. Wayne then re-appears and Lucien is almost in ...more

Fashion Passion / Small Wonder Mar 29 2003 - Fashion Passion: When Wayne turns up for the school photograph in mismatched clothes, the photographer declares him a cutting-edge trendsetter, and soon all the other children are desperate to ...more

Chameleon Chaos / Weedkiller Apr 05 2003 - Chameleon Chaos: Lucien finds an injured chameleon able to camouflage in the swamp and brings it home to take care of it by his mom's approval. And it likes him. Or does he? Wayne is scared of ...more

Swamp Fever / Kung Foolish Apr 12 2003 - Swamp Fever: The city council decides to get rid of the swamp. But Lucien, Mari, and Tony want to save it. And the only way to is to show them a real live Hairy Marsh Snail. Kung Foolish: Lucien ...more

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Twin Studies / Birthday Blues Apr 19 2003 - Twin Studies: A psychologist studies Wayne and Lucien to prove that all twins are alike. Birthday Blues: Wayne replaces Wendy's birthday present with a rusty engine block.

Friend Fight / Miss Kissy Apr 26 2003 - Friend Fight: Lucien and Tony get into a fight when Tony thinks Lucien really hates the swamp, therefore breaking them up. Wayne becomes ""Tony's friend"". Wendy becomes ...more

Petrified Poodles / Harp Wars May 03 2003 - Petrified Poodles: Wendy asks Wayne to look after their animals when they go on holiday. Harp Wars: Wayne is given the harp to play in the school orchestra.

Date Dupe / Agent X May 10 2003 - Date Dupe: Lucien is overjoyed when the new girl, Patsy McCloud, invites him to come over to her house. Agent X: Wendy Winkle kisses Wayne, leaving an indelible mark on his neck.

Room Rage / Dirty Monkey May 17 2003 - Room Rage: Mrs. Cramp calls for an inspection of everyone's room. Dirty Monkey: Mrs. Cramp goes to a spa where she is worshiped by monkeys.

Mr. Winkle's Monkey / Wicked Wendy May 31 2003 - Mr. Winkle's Monkey: Lucien ""rescues"" a monkey from the Haz Chem Soap Factory, only to discover it is actually Mr. Winkle's special pet. Wicked Wendy: A silent clown sets ...more

Haircut Horrors / Nostalgia Nast Jun 07 2003 - Haircut Horrors: Mrs. Cramp decides the barber is too dirty to cut the boys' hair, but after helping to clean his salon with her special cleaning potion, she finds she may have done more harm ...more

No Means Yes / Spy's Pies Jun 21 2003 - No Means Yes: Strange family expects Lucien to play the part of their daughter on parent-teacher night. Spy's Pies: Mrs. Cramp competes to be the best homemaker.

Home on the Range / Holesome Sep 13 2003 - Home on the Range: Lucien and Tony play a nasty trick on Wayne at the annual Haz Chem Country and Western barbecue. Holesome: Mrs. Cramp is determined to try out her new cleaner, but the rest of ...more

Picket, Picket / Sick Daze Sep 20 2003 - Picket, Picket: Lucien investigates a number of accidents at Soap City. Sick Daze: Wayne tries to gain time off school by catching a cold.

Big Baby / Ad Bad Sep 27 2003 - Big Baby: A five-year-old cousin comes to stay, but insists on acting like a big baby. Ad Bad: Wayne causes a flood when he flushes Wendy's replica doll down the toilet.

Workout / 6th Senselessness Oct 04 2003 - Workout: The twins have to find a job for their school project on work. 6th Senselessness: Tony tries to convince Lucien that he has psychic powers and can read Wayne's mind.

Hotel Hysteria / Alien Glow Oct 11 2003 - Hotel Hysteria: After Mrs. Cramp suggests expanding the kitchen, Wayne's attempts at DIY end in disaster. Alien Glow: After seeing an alien invasion movie, Wayne becomes convinced that Soap City ...more

Worm Funeral / One Sock Wonder Oct 25 2003 - Worm Funeral: Wayne plans a special ceremony to commemorate the life of Lucien's favourite pet worm. One Sock Wonder: Lucien decides on a purple-themed outfit - but one vital piece of clothing ...more

Wolfman Wayne / Shed Dead Nov 01 2003 - Wolfman Wayne: Wayne gets body hair and thinks he's growing into a werewolf. Shed Dead: After Mr. Cramp decides to give up riding the bucking bull after one fall too many, the rest of the family ...more