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Below is a complete The Crystal Maze episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Crystal Maze episodes are listed along with the The Crystal Maze episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Crystal Maze episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Kids Christmas Special 1994 - Nick Baird (13), Ese Iwaegbe (13), Carina Watson (12), Matthew Masters (14), Alastair Burroughs (10), Cherry Ruegg (11)” to “Kids Christmas Special 1990.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Crystal Maze episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Kids Christmas Special 1994 - Nick Baird (13), Ese Iwaegbe (13), Carina Watson (12), Matthew Masters (14), Alastair Burroughs (10), Cherry Ruegg (11) Dec 24 1994 -

Kids Christmas Special 1993 - Kenny O'Brien, Irfan Hanif, Emma Rutledge, Helen Colman, Kertreena Williams, Kenneth Murray Dec 24 1993 -

Kids Christmas Special 1991 - Craig Palfrey, Sonali Dutta, Kate Reilly, Steven Pill, Paul Rowan, Anna McWilliam Dec 24 1991 - Th Christmas Special from 1991. The maze is played by children, who do better than most of the adults.... Contesants : Craig Palfrey, Sonali Dutta, Kate Reilly, Steven Pill, Paul Rowan, Anna

Kids Christmas Special 1992 Dec 27 1992 - Its the Crystal Maze Christmas special... Time for Richard to let the kids loose in his maze again...

Kids Christmas Special 1990 Jan 01 1991 -

Anne Albinson (20), Keith Schrod (34), Andrew Noble (21), Jo Williams (21), Sheila Smith (40), Mark Johnson (25) Its time for episode Seven. And another bunch of under achievers face Richard and the maze...a very average team here... Contestants : Anne Albinson (20), Keith Schrod (34), Andrew Noble (21), ...more

Jennifer Crossfield (23), Ben Hammond (20), Denise Ventre (23), Ian Cook (36), Catherine Corgrove (22), Paul Judge (27) Episode Four. Groovy episode and when Richard gets bored with the idiots in the Medieval zone, he sits down at his dusty haunted piano and plays a great rocky horror syle tune. Contestants : ...more

Julie Lewis (24), Tara Elder (17), Nick Harmer (39) Jason Tisdall (27), David Baker (24), Sara-Jane Hancock (27) Episode Twelve. Another average team is here to play the games. And with yet more weird jobs in the real world. Sarah-Jane Hancock is a PYRONTECHNIC PACKAGING DESIGNER!!!! What?????? So she ...more

Malcolm Doody (27), John Plump (25), Sue McClellan (35) Sharon Clapton (22), Fiona Connor (27), James Challinor (33) Episode Five. More morons in the Maze...Sue McClellan, who is a P.E. teacher must be good at her job. Because she cant get across a pool of water on some swings in the Aztec zone without going ...more

Andy Gallagher (26?), Jo Shepard (21), Cathy MacDonald (23), Mark Douglas (25), Marianne Montgomery (26), Stuart Wilkinson (26) Episode Three...Ahh the team started so well...but ended up with only five crystals... Contestants : Andy Gallagher (26?), Jo Shepard (21), Cathy MacDonald (23), Mark Douglas (25), Marianne ...more

Philip Broomhead (31), Malcolm Ross (18), Helen Randall (23), Viktoria Moyes (18), Jo Stupple (38), Anthony Allan (31) Episode Eleven. More zero intellect humans in the maze this week, with Phillip being unable to tell what wire to cut on an alarm, despite a six foot high sign telling him which wire to cut...I ...more

Catherine McHale (18), Steve Hewitt (31), Amanda Keerie (23), Christopher Parker (21), Mike Fittock (27), Mary Lowther (31) Episode Thirteen the final episode of season Three. Classic episode in which Catherine tackles the raft game in the Aztec zone, but spends most of her time falling off and swimming. Richard ends ...more

Liz, Chris, Heather, Jama, Andy, Peter Episode Eight. The bold adventure continues with another team and this time they win seven crystals..Maybe they have started to watch the show and have started to work out what they have to do ...more

Karen Moseley (23), Corrie Aitken (16), Neil Attard (25), Chris Sherwood (26), Gary Williams (32), Lyn King (30) Season Three of the Crystal Maze is here. Its episode one with some new games and new dimwits to play them.... Contestants : Karen Moseley (23), Corrie Aitken (16), Neil Attard (25), Chris ...more

Its Episode Ten. Richard takes out his frustrations on the Future World computer after meeting this weeks team. There is Sandy Douglas with his spirit level straight fringe and wearwolf beard. ...more

Claire Taylor (18), Karen Fewtrell (24), Abdul Nathekar (26), Jez Gaydon (29), Jenny Paris (39), Ian Colvin (30) Episode Six. Richard is back with another team, this lot do pretty well and manage to win eight crystals....Wooooohoooo! Contestants : Claire Taylor (18), Karen Fewtrell (24), Abdul Nathekar ...more

Abs Sinha (21), Duncan Campbell (23), Clare Snook (24), Kate Billington (25), Lucy Hickey (31), Toby Murcott (28) Episode Two. No matter how many times you watch the crystal maze it never gets many interesting things to see, and so many irritating contestants for Richard O Brien to tease.... ...more

Clive Hackforth (22), Stephen Robson (26), Gitte Blackley (32), Alison Pollecutt (21), Chris Shaw (21), Kumi Conethard (34) Episode Nine. An episode staring a very unfortunate looking contestant. Check out Gitte Blackley with her Scooby Doo Velma's pudding bowl haircut and a pair of those hideous huge Timmy Mallet ...more

Christmas Special Dec 27 1992 -

Pat Gorman, Martin Bangs, Lea Ann Smith, Hazel Mantle, Clare Adams, Bob Tylor

Lynn Baker, Sue Tregenza, Dave Magleman, Chris Haggett, Andy Hilton, Sarah Henderson

Yvette Chapman, Sally Loveday, Phillip Mead, Kristin Cottier, Pippa Montgomery-Smith, Vaughan Lewis

Paul Nicklin, Scott Weller, Tracy Van Tongeren, Debbie Hunkin, Angela Stanton, Barry Watson

Tina Gowers, Barry Dorrans, Will D. Downing, Jane Scates, Jo Benton, Wayne Sammut

Andrew Miles, Stan Barett, Helen Stephens, Sarah Cross, Lorraine Green, Gordon Seymour

Steve Priday, Clare Betteridge, Martin Campbell, Kerry Ryan, Alun Williams, Michele Stokes

Alan Burge, Sharon Gill, Jacqui Wilcock, Mak Natha, Niki Parkinson, Andy Mabbett

David Cunnington, Nicky Agar, Kevin Hamlet, Margaret Williams, Sonia Kosta, Peter Meed

Vicki Baxter (35), Christopher Tait (23), Bruce Carman (26) Catherine Duckett (16), Carl Steventon (28), Anna Collison (26)

Andrew Hall (37), Tim Santini (27), Tracey Gwynne (20) Sue Adey (25), Caroline Deft (17), David Kelly (40)

Miles Holden, Linda Hackert, Stewart Forster, Jane Copping, Bill Wood, Charlotte Butterfield

Becki Odames, Paul Douglas, Alisa Goram, Phil Smith, Avril Powell, Andrew Blancherd

Christmas Special Dec 24 1994 -

Color Natalie Jackman (31), Gaynor Thomas (31), Toby Rothwell (27), Julian Barker (35), Myra Langdon (27), Andy Evans (26)

Gina Warrender, Colin Storey, James Woodfield, Rachel Muddimer, Briony Lee, Alistair McLaren

Simon Halsted, Bob Lishman, Kate Prior, Heather Walling, Neil Watson, Tracey Hinks

Irene McDonald (31), Brent Hudson (31), Peter Clayfield (40), Casee Wilson (19), Vicky Stacey (28), Paul Mann (23)

Michael Alexander, Den Hewitt, Laura Cameron, Terryl Johnson, Nathan Bray, Kelly Timms

Paul Robinson, Carichard Webster, Craig Phillips, Candice Porter, Suzanne Vinton, Anette Baker

Helen Lees (24), Catherine Scott (28), Peter Thorsted (30), Marc Welsh (21), Caroline Hunter-Yeats (20), Steve Fernandez (21)

Roy Ellaby, Jack Liston, Isabel Rigby, Carol Hawes, Iqbal Hussain, Rachel Nelson

Wayne Robinson, Lucy Crompton, Dennis Eddie, Joanne Carter, Simon Bevin, Liz Jarvis

Catherine Cork (23), Sarah Harvey (33), Ben Boggs (18) Martin Shor (40), Claire Hatcher (16), Jim Alexander (30)

Cindy Carmichael-Brown, Charlotte McLaren, Glen Jevon, Tony Bown, Karen Smith, Lloyd Mason

Karen Brett, Julian Shortman, Morna Fletcher, Albert Hsu, Colin Rouse, Mandi Hale

Sarah Reynolds (21), Melanie Hart (35), Ian Rogers (21), Chris Lennox-Hilton (37), Sonya Stirling (29), Paul Fulker (28)

Julian Anthony (20), Alison Hayward (30), Michael Kempster (20), Kate Jackman (23), Christina Prodrumou (19), Philip Marsh (23) The Tenth Episode. The chosen team member would be sent into a chamber to play a game, and their team-mates could advise them from outside (except in specific mental games where the team would ...more

Andrew Goodman (21), Kate Clarke (18), Rob Smith (31), Liz Cummins (28), Paul Griffiths (29), Sylvie Lewis (20) The Thirteenth and Final Episode of Season 1. After competing in all four Zones, the remaining contestants entered the Crystal Dome, a 16-foot-high (4.9 m) replica of the 'time crystals' ...more

Sharon Jackman (30), Sue Macey (24), Glyn Talbot (22), Andrew Williams (23), Charlie Baker (21), Sara Marks (30) Oct 01 1990 - The fourth Episode. The Crystal Maze was one of the most daring and popular programmes produced by Channel 4. The maze cost £250,000 to build and was the size of two football pitches. The ...more

Dawn Window (28), Alan Holloway (21), Russell Barrett (21), Paulette Gordon Stewart (32), Martin Robertson (29), Fiona Thompson (29) The Nineth Episode. Before each game in a zone, the team captain (or vice captain should the team captain be locked in) would choose which contestant would play and which type of challenge the ...more