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Below is a complete The Donna Reed Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Donna Reed Show episodes are listed along with the The Donna Reed Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Donna Reed Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this poll include “The Gentle Dew” and “Someone is Watching.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Donna Reed Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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The Parting of the Ways Apr 08 1959 - The Stones campaign to help the Kelppers marrige backfires on them!

Advice To Young Lovers May 27 1959 - Mary gets advice on how to handle love.

The Hike Oct 08 1958 - Donna tries to prove women can out smart men when Dr. Stone is called away to treat a patient.

The Baby Contest Dec 03 1958 - Alex is judge at a Beautiful Baby contest run by Donna's club.

The Football Uniform Oct 22 1958 - Jeff wants a uniform for the team picture. Jeff must work for the money to buy it.

The Testimonial May 06 1959 - Donna plans a speech for Dr. Jason

Miss Lovelace Comes to Tea May 13 1959 - A housekeeper is hired to help Donna.

The Report Card Feb 25 1959 - Donna feels that Jeff is just an average Student.

Grateful Patient Apr 29 1959 - Alex takes advantage of a tip on the market.

Love Thy Neighbor Feb 18 1959 - Donna And Alex help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Willber & Celia Wilgus only to find that Celia walked out.

Nothing But the Truth Jan 14 1959 - David Barker returns to the Stones home for his birthday.

Jeff's Double Life Jan 07 1959 - After nosy neighbor Mrs. Wilgus (the inimitable Kathleen Freeman) alerts Donna and Alex about Mary having a noisy party while they were out, the kids get lectured about being the children of a ...more

The Busy Body Dec 17 1958 - Uncle Fred brings trouble to the stones.

The Ideal Wife Mar 11 1959 - Everyone praises Donna,""the ideal wife,""so much that she goes on a rampage and purposely loses her temper at people.After a day of this she regrets her tirage and

Guest in the House Nov 26 1958 - An ex-patient seeks refuge at the stones.

The Foundling Oct 29 1958 - A woman abandones her child at the Stones place. Attached to the baby is a note, that upsets the entire household, including their Irish maid: Dear Mrs.Stone, His name is Willie. He's a good boy ...more

Boys Will Be Boys Mar 04 1959 - David Barker is brought to Alex to be treated for rabies only to learn that student bit David.

The Beaded Bag Dec 10 1958 - Donna tries to get an expensive bag for birthday.

The Flowered Print Dress Mar 25 1959 - Donna Tries to make her marriage more romantic.

April Fool Apr 01 1959 - Buzz Barry America's Idol comes to Hildale to sing at a school Dance but then is ill with the measles.

Weekend Trip Sep 24 1958 - This is the very first episode of the long-running series, in which audiences were introduced to the beloved Stone family. In this episode, we get a glimpse of the sometimes chaotic day-to-day ...more

It's the Principle of the Thing Jan 21 1959 - Mr. Popkin won't let Alex treat Joey because he has no money. Donna hires him to repairs around the house, Later Alex fires him. Donna sees that he is an inventor and helps Mr. Popkin market his ...more

Operation Deadbeat Jun 03 1959 - Alex collects money Jeff owes.

Tomorrow Comes Too Soon May 20 1959 - Donna wants a day alone without kids. But is she and Alex ready for that?

Mary's Double Date Dec 31 1958 - Mary's Junior prom is coming up, She feels two boys on the football team are two possible dates to choose from. She waits until the day of the prom to decide.

Do You Trust Your Child? Apr 22 1959 - Donna gives advice on how raise children.

Pardon My Gloves Oct 01 1958 - Jeff gets a black eye from a boy who mocked Donna's acting in a local play, so Donna tries to teach Jeff how to box.

Dough Re-Mi Nov 19 1958 - Donna tries to get a concert pianist to perform at a benefit at the same time Jeff is trying to raise money for a football tackling dummy.

A Very Merry Christmas Dec 24 1958 - Donna searches for the person who gave money for the hospital party.

Mary's Campaign Mar 18 1959 - Marry is elected class secretary, and may drive her family crazy trying to Win the election.

Change Partners and Dance Nov 12 1958 - Mary has a crush on George the basketball star George who wants to take her to the varsity Prom but can't dance.

Three Part Mother Nov 05 1958 - Donna tries to go to 3 places on the same night.

Donna Plays Cupid Feb 11 1959 - Donna Tries to get Bo and Celia to fall in love.

Male Ego Oct 15 1958 - Alex feels bad about his ego and proves his independence when Donna buys the suit he wants.

The Hero Apr 15 1959 - Alex's roommate Biff Jameson comes to Hilldale but Alex and Donna have trouble finding out what he does for a living.

Jeff vs. Mary Jan 28 1959 - Jeff fells Donna and Alex love Mary more than Jeff. Donna and Alex turn on an intercom after finding out the information and hope Jeff listens.

Have Fun Feb 04 1959 - Mary comes home from a date in tears. Donna And Alex tell 2 different stories on how they met each other on there first date.

The Perfect Pitch Mar 24 1960 - Donna makes Jeff take trumpet lessons when she discovers he has perfect pitch. Jeff would rather be on the track team.

Sleep No More My Lady Oct 01 1959 - Donna is too excited to sleep because Alex is giving a speech at a convention. While trying to sleep on the plane Alex gives Donna a tranquilizer to help her sleep.

The Broken Spirit Jan 07 1960 -

The New Mother Jan 21 1960 - Little David Barker is very excited. His father is getting married and he hopes this means he can leave military school and live in a real home, but things don't work out the way David thought ...more

A Night to Howl Feb 25 1960 - Donna and Alex decide to shake up their daily routine by going out on the town...and on a Monday night, no less! Nothing works out the way they planned.

A Difference of Opinion Dec 17 1959 - Donna gets cornered into accepting an invitation from a couple that neither she nor Alex really care for. Alex refuses to go, sparking an argument that they try to keep quiet from the children.

Going Steady Oct 29 1959 - Mary wants to meet a boy, so she talks Jeff into going to his kid sister's party.

Flowers For the Teacher Nov 19 1959 - Jeff's class has a new teacher, Miss McGuinness. The boys in particular complain that she is too strict, so Donna meets with the new teacher to get matters settled.

The Editorial Mar 03 1960 -

Love's Sweet Awakening Jun 02 1960 - Sixteen- year-old Petie is home from military school and visiting the Stone family. Petie and Mary have been friends for years, but seeing how beautiful Mary has become, he would now like to be ...more

The Neighborly Gesture Nov 05 1959 - Alex is hurt that Jeff likes the new neighbor.