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Full List of The Donna Reed Show Episodes

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Below is a complete The Donna Reed Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Donna Reed Show episodes are listed along with the The Donna Reed Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Donna Reed Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this poll include “The Gentle Dew” and “Someone is Watching.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Donna Reed Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 26

    Tomorrow Comes Too Soon

    May 20 1959
    Donna wants a day alone without kids. But is she and Alex ready for that?...
  • 27

    Mary's Double Date

    Dec 31 1958
    Mary's Junior prom is coming up, She feels two boys on the football team are two possible...
  • 28

    Do You Trust Your Child?

    Apr 22 1959
    Donna gives advice on how raise children....
  • 29

    Pardon My Gloves

    Oct 01 1958
    Jeff gets a black eye from a boy who mocked Donna's acting in a local play, so Donna tries to...
  • 30

    Dough Re-Mi

    Nov 19 1958
    Donna tries to get a concert pianist to perform at a benefit at the same time Jeff is trying...
  • 31

    A Very Merry Christmas

    Dec 24 1958
    Donna searches for the person who gave money for the hospital party....
  • 32

    Mary's Campaign

    Mar 18 1959
    Marry is elected class secretary, and may drive her family crazy trying to Win the election....
  • 33

    Change Partners and Dance

    Nov 12 1958
    Mary has a crush on George the basketball star George who wants to take her to the varsity...
  • 34

    Three Part Mother

    Nov 05 1958
    Donna tries to go to 3 places on the same night....
  • 35

    Donna Plays Cupid

    Feb 11 1959
    Donna Tries to get Bo and Celia to fall in love....
  • 36

    Male Ego

    Oct 15 1958
    Alex feels bad about his ego and proves his independence when Donna buys the suit he wants....
  • 37

    The Hero

    Apr 15 1959
    Alex's roommate Biff Jameson comes to Hilldale but Alex and Donna have trouble finding out...
  • 38

    Jeff vs. Mary

    Jan 28 1959
    Jeff fells Donna and Alex love Mary more than Jeff. Donna and Alex turn on an intercom after...
  • 39

    Have Fun

    Feb 04 1959
    Mary comes home from a date in tears. Donna And Alex tell 2 different stories on how they met...
  • 40

    The Perfect Pitch

    Mar 24 1960
    Donna makes Jeff take trumpet lessons when she discovers he has perfect pitch. Jeff would...
  • 41

    Sleep No More My Lady

    Oct 01 1959
    Donna is too excited to sleep because Alex is giving a speech at a convention. While trying to...
  • 42

    The Broken Spirit

    Jan 07 1960
  • 43

    The New Mother

    Jan 21 1960
    Little David Barker is very excited. His father is getting married and he hopes this means he...
  • 44

    A Night to Howl

    Feb 25 1960
    Donna and Alex decide to shake up their daily routine by going out on the town...and on a...
  • 45

    A Difference of Opinion

    Dec 17 1959
    Donna gets cornered into accepting an invitation from a couple that neither she nor Alex...
  • 46

    Going Steady

    Oct 29 1959
    Mary wants to meet a boy, so she talks Jeff into going to his kid sister's party....
  • 47

    Flowers For the Teacher

    Nov 19 1959
    Jeff's class has a new teacher, Miss McGuinness. The boys in particular complain that she is...
  • 48

    The Editorial

    Mar 03 1960
  • 49

    Love's Sweet Awakening

    Jun 02 1960
    Sixteen- year-old Petie is home from military school and visiting the Stone family. Petie and...
  • 50

    The Neighborly Gesture

    Nov 05 1959
    Alex is hurt that Jeff likes the new neighbor....