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Full List of The Donna Reed Show Episodes

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Below is a complete The Donna Reed Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Donna Reed Show episodes are listed along with the The Donna Reed Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Donna Reed Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this poll include “The Gentle Dew” and “Someone is Watching.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Donna Reed Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    The Lucky Girl

    Dec 31 1959
    Lately all Donna has been hearing is how wonderful Alex is, and how lucky she is to be his wife. After a while this gets Donna to wondering if what people really mean is that Alex got the short end...
  • 52

    The First Quarrel

    Feb 11 1960
  • 53

    A Penny Earned

    Oct 08 1959
    Donna has trouble deciding whether or not buy a new dress....
  • 54

    The Homecoming Dance

    Dec 24 1959
  • 55

    Alex Runs the House

    Apr 21 1960
    Donna is away and Alex has to manage the house and children....
  • 56

    Jeff, the Financial Genius

    May 05 1960
  • 57

    The First Child

    Oct 22 1959
    Alex must contend with overly anxious new parents who constantly call him in a state of panic, thinking that there is something wrong with their baby....
  • 58

    That's Show Business

    Sep 24 1959
    Mary Tries to Act....
  • 59

    The Career Woman

    Apr 28 1960
    Donna's old school mate, who has been a single career woman all these years, is now engaged to a doctor. She visits Donna to see what life is really like for a doctor's wife....
  • 60

    Mary's Growing Pain

    Apr 14 1960
  • 61

    The First Time We Met

    May 19 1960
    Donna and Alex have different stories about how they first met. Also Donna plays matchmaker to a new doctor in town and a pretty nurse at the hospital....
  • 62

    The Gentle Dew

    Mar 10 1960
    Alex lays down the law when Jeff and Mary slack off on their responsibilities at home and their schoolwork. Now Alex is furious when it appears that Mary didn't come home from a bowling date with...
  • 63

    The Fatal Leap

    Mar 17 1960
    Alex's wild room-mate from college is getting married, and Alex is invited to the bachelor party. Donna doesn't like this idea at all....
  • 64

    Nothing Like a Good Book

    Nov 12 1959
    Donna mistakenly accepts an invitation to 'culture vulture' Lydia Langley's cocktail party, at which Lydia mentions that she also conducts a book discussion group. She goads Donna into joining it and...
  • 65

    Cool Cat

    Jun 18 1960
    Jeff wants to keep a cat that followed him home, so can Harry the Cat stay? The Stone family will decide by using the democratic process....
  • 66

    The Gossip

    May 26 1960
    Donna tells Emily, the town gossip, that Kay Watson is having a baby. Then Donna learns from Alex that Kay is keeping it a secret so that she can stay working longer. Donna is crushed, knowing that...
  • 67

    A Friend Indeed

    Oct 15 1959
    Jeff's 'friend' Doug keeps getting him into trouble at school, and Jeff silently takes the blame for him because he knows Doug's mother constantly picks on him and wonders why he can't be more like...
  • 68

    Just a Housewife

    Jan 28 1960
    The radio show ""Housewives Corner"" is broadcast from McClure's Market. Host Jerry Parker is asking the ladies if housewives find questions like ""While baking an upside down cake,do you recommend...
  • 69

    The Punishment

    Dec 10 1959
    Dilemma in the Stone household: How to discipline the children without having Donna look like a villian by meting out the punishments, or having Donna look like a squealer when Alex does ....
  • 70

    Mary's Crusade

    May 12 1960
    Mary vows not to go to the school dance unless Ellen has a date for the dance. Ellen is rather plain so Mary goes to work to transform Ellen into a glamorous young lady....
  • 71

    Jeff Joins a Club

    Dec 03 1959
    Jeff finds out the reason why he wasn't made a member of a club: He is friends with a boy no one else likes....
  • 72

    The Free Soul

    Feb 04 1960
    Alex's Uncle Dan takes a break from traveling all over the world. Jeff likes the idea of going to Alaska, Saudi Arabia, Malaya, Australia, and doing whatever he wants, just like Uncle Dan. ...
  • 73

    The Secret

    Jan 14 1959
    Mary gets an engagement ring and phone calls from Matt, a freshman at UCLA, but doesn't tell anyone in the family about the ring or why Matt is calling. So what's going on? As Donna says, ""Alex,...
  • 74

    The Wedding Present

    Jun 10 1960
    Aunt Lettie is coming to visit, so Donna and Alex try to find the wedding present she gave them so she would be certain to see it. It would help if they could just remember what it was! And by the...
  • 75

    A Place to Go

    Feb 18 1960
    Jeff and his friends get into trouble when they are discovered using an abandoned house as a hang-out. This prompts Donna and the other mothers to create a nice meeting place for the children....