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Below is a complete The Ed Sullivan Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Ed Sullivan Show episodes are listed along with the The Ed Sullivan Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Ed Sullivan Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Beatles (1st appearance) / Oliver Broadway cast” to “Beatles (3rd appearance) / Cab Calloway” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Ed Sullivan Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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Guests unknown Jun 27 1948 -

Cab Calloway Aug 01 1948 -

Peggy Lee, Harry Hershfield Aug 08 1948 -

Irving Berlin Aug 15 1948 -

Jan August Aug 22 1948 -

Count Basie, Lon Chaney, Jr. Aug 29 1948 -

Guests unknown Jul 11 1948 -

Guests unknown Jul 18 1948 -

Guests unknown Jul 04 1948 -

Guests unknown Jul 25 1948 -

Guests unknown Sep 05 1948 -

scheduled: Jack Paar / On film: Robert Mitchum; Rita Hayworth; Jack Lemmon Oct 21 1956 - Scheduled guests: --Jack Paar --Marion Marlowe --Davis and Reese (comedy team) --Salvador (French comedian) --The Bokaras (acrobats on teeterboard) --The Sciplini chimps (boxing chimps) --On ...more

scheduled: Navy talent show / Bob & Ray / Jack Dempsey May 12 1957 - All-Navy talent program (talent chosen from Navy personnel from all over the country) Scheduled guests: (1) Navy talent includes: --The Four Palms (Marine vocal quartet) (2) Civilian talent: ...more

1958 Ice Capades / Della Reese / Jimmie Rodgers / Paul Anka Sep 08 1957 - Broadcast from Madison Square Garden. Guests: --Della Reese - ""Miss You So"" --Jimmie Rodgers - ""Honeycomb"" --Paul Anka - Diana"" --The ...more

Fred Astaire / Fredric March / Peggy Wood / Buddy Knox / Ferlin Husky Apr 07 1957 - Guests: --Buddy Knox (singer) - ""Party Doll"" --Frank Libuse (comedian) --Byron Nelson (golf pro) and Ken Ventura appear with Julia Meade --Paul Douglas, David Burns, Kay ...more

Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz / Yogi Berra / Gisele MacKenzie / Joyce Grenfell Sep 30 1956 - Lucy & Desi sketch: Ed Sullivan calls Desi at home to arrange interview, but Lucy thinks Edward Morrow is coming. (Sketch runs approx. 12 minutes) Other guests: --Yogi Berra (Ed interviews ...more

scheduled: Buster Keaton; Donald O'Connor; Chester Gould Apr 14 1957 - Scheduled guests: --Buster Keaton (comedian) --Donald O'Connor (dancer & actor, in a remote from Las Vegas) - O'Connor does a portion of his Vegas night club act. --Chester Gould ...more

scheduled: Cab Calloway; Janet Blair; Sue Carson; Dick Contino Aug 18 1957 - Scheduled guests: --Cab Calloway --Janet Blair (actress-singer) --Sue Carson (comedian) --Connie Towers (singer) --Dick Contino (accordionist) --Elizabeth and Collins (acrobatic-knife-throwing ...more

U.S. Army Show with Jayne Mansfield; Carol Burnett; Buddy Knox Aug 11 1957 - Guests: --Jayne Mansfield - Ed talks to Jayne about her favorite movie stars. Jane sings ""The Army Goes Rolling Along"" with the Army Chorus (later in show). Ed flirts with ...more

scheduled: Rise Stevens; Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy; Jack Paar; Jo Sullivan Dec 16 1956 - Scheduled guests: --Jack Paar --Rise Stevens --Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy --Art Lund, Jo Sullivan and the three Abbondanza boys performing scenes from their Broadway play ""The ...more

Lerner & Loewe Tribute: Gene Kelly; Leslie Caron; Fred Astaire Mar 03 1957 - Tribute to Alan Jay Lerner & Fritz Loewe - presented in connection with the first anniversary of their Broadway hit ""My Fair Lady."" Lerner and Loewe appear on this ...more

Louis Armstrong / Teresa Brewer / Jack Paar / Gary Cooper / Betty Madigan Jul 07 1957 - Guests: --Gary Cooper - Gary Cooper and Ed Sullivan watch a clip from ""Love In The Afternoon."" Ed talks with Gary Cooper. --Louis Armstrong - ""Beautiful ...more

scheduled: Look Award winners: Sid Caesar; Edward R. Murrow; Walt Disney Dec 30 1956 - Scheduled: --The Annual Look magazine TV awards including winners Sid Caesar, Perry Como, Walt Disney, Red Grange, Garry Moore, Edward R. Murrow, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and Phil Silvers. Other ...more

scheduled: Robert Mitchum; Ames Brothers; Edie Adams Mar 17 1957 - Scheduled guests: --Robert Mitchum (actor) - turns singer & dancer as he performs a medley of calpyso tunes that he recently recorded. --Beatrice Lillie and Billy De Wolfe - perform scenes ...more

scheduled: Ernie Kovacs; Myron Cohen; Four Aces Jul 21 1957 - Scheduled guests: --Ernie Kovacs and his Nairobi Trio --The Four Aces --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Ted Lewis (bandleader) --Hurricane Jackson (heavyweight challenger) --Connie Boswell and the ...more

Maria Callas & Rudolf Bing / Clark Gable (filmed interview) Nov 25 1956 - Guests: --Teresa Brewer - ""Mutual Admiration Society"" & ""Gonna Get Along Without You Now"" (clip with polo player, sword fighters, and dancer ...more

scheduled: Benny Goodman; Victor Borge; Charlotte Rae Feb 10 1957 - --Benny Goodman (with his big band and trio) - ""Let's Dance,"" ""Memories of You"" and ""Just One of Those Things"" Additional guests ...more

Johnny Mathis / Polly Bergen / Rusty Draper / Bing Crosby (on film) Jun 16 1957 - --Johnny Mathis - ""It's Not For Me To Say"" --Rusty Draper - ""Freight Train"" --John Raitt - soliloquy from ""Carousel"" --Polly ...more

scheduled: Maurice Evans; Nelson Eddy; Patti Page; Henri Salvador; Elliot Reed Nov 04 1956 - Scheduled guests: --Nelson Eddy --Maurice Evans (Broadway star) --Patti Page (singer) --Elliot Reed (comedian) --Richiardi (illusionist) --Henri Salvador (French singer-comedian) --Toriani ...more

Elvis Presley (2nd appearance) / Senior Wences / Joyce Grenfell Oct 28 1956 - --Elvis Presley (2nd appearance) - ""Don't Be Cruel,"" ""Love Me Tender,"" ""Love Me"" (with the Jordanaires) and ""Hound ...more

Sonny James / Fess Parker / Ivory Joe Hunter Jan 20 1957 - Singers / musicians: --Sonny James - ""Young Love"" --Ivory Joe Hunter (at piano) - ""Since I Met You"" --Betty Johnson - ""I ...more

scheduled: Tommy Sands; Rise Stevens; Glenn Miller Band (led by Ray McKinley) May 19 1957 - Scheduled guests: --Tommy Sands - ""Teenage Crush"" and ""Goin' Steady"" --Tommy Sands, Rise Stevens and Julie Wilson - ""Drop That ...more

Andrews Sisters / Nick Todd / Billy Ward & the Dominos Sep 15 1957 - --The Andrews Sisters - ""By His Word"" and a medley of hits --Billy Ward and the Dominos (vocal group) - ""Stardust"" --Nick Todd (Pat Boone's brother) - ...more

scheduled: Judy Holliday; Henry Fonda; Alan King; Alma Cogan Apr 14 1957 - --Judy Holliday (actress) - sings ""I'm Going Back"" (from her Broadway musical ""Bells Are Ringing"") and ""Full of Life,"" the title ...more

scheduled: Eartha Kitt; Kate Smith; Joe E. Lewis; Ricky Layne;Richardi Oct 07 1956 - Scheduled guests: --Eartha Kitt --Kate Smith --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) --Richardi (illusionist) --Royal Danish Ballet

Bill Haley & the Comets / Lena Horne / Tony Perkins Apr 28 1957 - --Bill Haley & the Comets - ""40 Cups Of Coffee"" & "" Rudy's Rock"" (instrumental - 2nd song) --Lena Horne - ""From This Moment ...more

Sal Mineo / Guy Mitchell / Carman McRae / Wes Harrison Aug 25 1957 - --Sal Mineo (actor-singer) - sings ""Lasting Love"" (and possibly ""You Shouldn't Do That"") --Guy Mitchell sings ""Call Rosie on the ...more

scheduled: Henry Fonda (on film); Wilt Chamberlain; Don Ameche Mar 10 1957 - On film: An interview with Henry Fonda including clips from his film ""Twelve Angry Men"" Other scheduled guests (live on stage): --Associated Press All-American college ...more

scheduled: Sal Mineo; Diahann Carroll; Don Cherry Jul 14 1957 - Scheduled guests: --Sal Mineo sings ""Start Movin"" --Diahann Carroll --Don Cherry --Marvin Rainwater sings ""Gonna Find Me a Bluebird"" --Sue Carson ...more

Elvis Presley (3rd appearance) / Carol Burnett / Sugar Ray Robinson Jan 06 1957 - --Elvis Presley (3rd appearance) - ""Hound Dog,"" ""Heartbreak Hotel,"" ""Love Me Tender,"" ""Don't Be Cruel,"" ...more

scheduled: Dan Dailey (guest host); the Crew Cuts; Roger Williams Jul 28 1957 - Scheduled guests: --Dan Dailey (guest host for this week and next) --The Crew Cuts (vocal group) - ""My Blue Heaven"" --Roger Williams (pianist) --Toni Arden (singer) --Don ...more

Rosemary Clooney / Sophie Tucker / Anthony Newley / Modern Screen Awards Dec 02 1956 - Guests: --Rosemary Clooney - ""April In Paris"" --Cranks (British comedy review) - (1) Anthony Newley sings ""I'm The Boy You Should Say Yes To"" & ...more

scheduled: Hugh O'Brian; Robert Wagner; Jeannie Carson Feb 17 1957 - Scheduled guests: --Cecil B. DeMille (producer of the film ""The Ten Commandments"") --Robert Wagner --Hugh O'Brian --Jeannie Carson --Peter Gennaro and Ellen Ray (dancing ...more

scheduled: Burt Lancaster; Gene Kelly; Helen Wood Jun 23 1957 - Ninth Anniversary special broadcast from the Outdoor Marine Theater at Jones Beach, N.Y. Scheduled guests: --Burt Lancaster and Barbara Nichols (actors) - appear together in a comedy sketch. ...more

scheduled: Imogene Coca; Kate Smith; Professor Backwards Jan 13 1957 - Scheduled guests: --Imogene Coca (comedian) --Kate Smith (singer) --Jim Edmondson (comedian known as ""Professor Backwards"") --Fernanda Montel (South American singer) --The ...more

Life Magazine Tribute with Julie Andrews; Bing Crosby; Phil Silvers Nov 11 1956 - Tribute to Life Magazine --Bing Crosby - sings ""True Love"" --Julie Andrews - sings a medley of ""Wouldn't It be Lovely,"" ""I'll Follow My ...more

scheduled: Louis Armstrong; Ella Fitzgerald; Dorothy Kirsten; Mario del Monaco Jan 27 1957 - Scheduled guests: --Louis Armstrong --Ella Fitzgerald --The West point Glee Club --Dorothy Kirsten and Mario del Monaco (Metropolitan opera stars performing scenes from the opera ...more

Jayne Mansfield / Jack Webb / Sam Snead / Dolores Grey / Gene Austin May 26 1957 - --Jayne Mansfield - plays violin and, later in show, plays ""Malguena"" on the piano --Jack Webb talks with Ed about his new film ""The D.I."" --Bill ...more

Dedication of the Henry & Edsel Ford Auditorium / Johnny Carson Oct 14 1956 - Dedication of The Henry & Edsel Ford Auditorium Show (broadcast from the Edsel Ford Memorial Auditorium in Detroit). Guests (on last 20 minutes of show): --Johnny Carson - impersonates Ed ...more