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Below is a complete The Famous Jett Jackson episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Famous Jett Jackson episodes are listed along with the The Famous Jett Jackson episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Famous Jett Jackson episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “Step Up” and “Awakenings (2).” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Famous Jett Jackson episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Switcheroo Nov 29 1998 - Wood might have to arrest Kayla's father, Victor, for having a stolen tractor. Jett and Kayla investigate.

Who's the Man Nov 01 1998 - Everytime Jett and his dad play a game of basketball, his Dad wins. One day, Jett wins, and his dad is shocked and mad. Jett is framed; J.B. and Kayla prove his innocence.

The Famous Stone Gold Feb 21 1999 - JB, Booker Murray and Jett investigate mysterious accidents on the set.

Front Page Jan 31 1999 - The tabloids turn Jett's failure to make the football team into front page news.

Close Encounters Nov 15 1998 - The kids mistakenly get Booker fired.

Vootle-Muck-a-Heev Nov 08 1998 - Jett and his father go fishing.

Hurricane Jules Nov 22 1998 - Jett's mother, Hollywood actress Jules Jackson, blows into town and causes havoc.

JB's Big Break Mar 07 1999 -

Kiss and Tell Feb 07 1999 - The editor of the school's newspaper plans to publish Jett's journal.

Hot Dog Mar 14 1999 - When Jett's stunt double shows an interest in Kayla, Jett is forced to confess his feelings for her.

Special FX-ation Jan 24 1999 - Sparks fly between Cubby and Jett's science teacher.

Going Up! Oct 25 1998 - Teen-age TV star Jett Jackson moves back to North Carolina looking for a normal life.

Bottoms Up Jan 17 1999 - Jett and J.B try to convince Delilah that Silverstone and Jett are different people.

Things That Fly Sep 24 1999 - Jett and JB learn about responsibility while baby-sitting Booker's bird, which escapes and flies away.

New York Nov 12 1999 - When Jett (Lee Thompson Young) makes an appearance on ""Live -- Regis & Kathie Lee,"" he takes Kayla and JB on their first trip to New York.

Eye of the Beholder Mar 03 2000 - Kayla (Kerry Duff) becomes a reluctant finalist in an art contest; Silverstone and Artemus go on assignment together.

Day Trip Mar 10 2000 - Jett is bitten by a rattlesnake when the gang hunts for gold outside of Wilsted.

Par for the Course Oct 22 1999 - After Jett is caught cheating in a charity golf tournament, he agrees to a grudge match against rock star Beauregard.

Popularity Sep 10 1999 - JB agrees to tutor the most popular girl in school, if she will pretend that they are dating.

What Money Can't Buy Dec 10 1999 - In this holiday episode of the famous jett jackson, Jett meets an old friend of Miz Correta's, Elijah Waters and decides to reunite the 2. Meanwhile JB and Kyla don't know what to get Jett so ...more

County Fair Sep 17 1999 - JB enters a beauty contest in order to win a computer at a county fair while Jett's mom wants to spend more time with Jett. But Jett would not because he's got things scheduled and his mom's ...more

Voices Feb 11 2000 - Jett learns his maligned ancestor was a hero.

Ghost Dance Oct 08 1999 - Jett tells everyone that he will get Britney Spears will come to their Haloween dance. His offer to bring Britney makes one of the members of the dance committee mad and she uses the Silverstone ...more

On the Reel Jan 07 2000 - When Jett (Lee Thompson Young) gets an opportunity to record a single, his image is revamped by a pushy publicist.

Behind the Scenes Jan 28 2000 - JB and Kayla try to get an interview with a reclusive actor while shooting a documentary on the ""Silverstone"" set.

Bunk Oct 15 1999 - When Jett and JB get jobs as camp counselors, they must retrieve a prized totem pole.

What You Wish For Jun 03 2000 - When Jett's TV show is cancelled, he must choose between remaining in North Carolina or returning to California.

Date Jan 17 2000 - Jett feels ambivalent about his dad going on a date for the first time since his divorce.

Grades Jan 14 2000 - Jett fails a science exam and cheats on the makeup test when he realizes he may have to give up ""Silverstone.""

Premiere Aug 29 1999 - Jett writes an episode of ""Silverstone"" that features a small town like Wilsted.

Hawk Oct 01 1999 - Jett worries that Silverstone's obnoxious new partner will take over his show and his life.

Field of Dweebs Aug 22 1999 - When Jett buys the local minor league baseball team, he hires an eccentric woman to manage the team.

Pride May 06 2000 - Every time Jett and his dad play a game of basketball, his dad wins. One day, Jett wins and his dad is shocked and mad. Jett's mom auctions off the men of Wilsted. Artemus lets Silverstone take ...more

Spirit Nov 19 1999 - Jett gets sick and has his appendix removed. He goes to the hospital and Delilah Bottom is his helper for his stay. He is not allowed to leave the hospital for Thanksgiving and his family can't ...more

Bank Robbery May 27 2000 - Bank-robbery witnesses have different conceptions of the event.

Saving Mr. Dupree Nov 05 1999 - Jett is torn when his English teacher, Mr. Dupree, is suspended for teaching a banned book, ""Fahrenheit 451.""

A Tragedy in Two Parts Sep 03 1999 - Jett spreads himself too thin when he takes on the demanding role of Julius Caesar in the high-school play.

Something to Prove Apr 08 2000 - Jett is tempted to use the martial arts skills he learned for his role as Silverstone against a bully.

Spreading Wings Feb 18 2000 - Riley's mom comes to Wilstead for a visit. Riley and her mom don't get along at all and her mother makes it very obvious that she doesn't approve of Riley's acting. She wants Riley to follow in ...more

M.O.M. May 11 2001 - ...Jett takes his mom in the final part of their studio tour: the special effects lab. When Jules asks Jett why hes giving her a tour, he says he signed her up to be a guest director for ...more

Vote of Confidence Nov 03 2000 - When JB withdraws from the race for student body president, Kayla decides to run in his place.

Detention Sep 09 2000 - When Kayla accidentally sends an e-mail flaming Mr. Dupree, she lands in detention along with JB and Jett.

Pledge of Allegiance Aug 05 2000 - JB enters Kayla in a art museum display ""Young Black Artist's Art"", and Kayla is thrilled she has a place to put her artwork. As Kayla and her dad are moving the art into ...more

Extra Credit Aug 12 2000 - Cubby decides that he wants to go back to high school. When there, he is incredibly nervice. When Jett and Kayla ask him why, he tells them about when he was the nerd Marvin. Cubby is thrilled ...more

Battle of Wilsted Mar 16 2001 - Booker urges the townspeople to take pride in Wilsted and beat the town of Usherton in their annual competition. But when Wilsted starts to lose the competition, Booker and Miz Corretta join ...more

Aug 19 2000 - Wood is forced to discharge his weapon, while Jett balks at the use of guns on the Silverstone set.

The Game Jun 15 2001 - As Wood turns 40, Jett beats him for the first time in a game of basketball, which causes Wood to have a mid-life crisis. Meanwhile, the eligible bachelors of Wilsted put themselves up for ...more

Awakenings (2) May 25 2001 - Tara announces she is leaving town to take an internship at a notable animal hospital, and Jett is heartbroken and angry. Kayla struggles with the idea of just being friends with Jett, but ...more

Hello, Goodbye Jul 08 2000 - Booker is offered a job in Raleigh, N.C. Silverstone and his partner baby-sit the director's 11-year-old son.

Food for Thought Mar 02 2001 - Riley finds out that her older sister is going to stay with her while her mom is busy, and she is thrilled. When Riley, her sister, Jett, JB, and Kayla are having a picnic, Riley's sister eats a ...more