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TV Full List of The FBI Files Episodes

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Below is a complete The FBI Files episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The FBI Files episodes are listed along with the The FBI Files episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The FBI Files episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “A Bitter End” and “Polly Klaas: Kidnapped.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The FBI Files episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Operation Goldenrod Feb 05 2005 - In 1985, a Lebanese terrorist and his accomplices hijacked Royal Jordanian Flight 405 in Beirut. Several Americans were on board. The FBI worked with other agencies to form Operation Goldenrod, ...more

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Radical Resistance Nov 20 2004 - In the 1970s, a Croatian terrorist group linked to the National Resistance party committed acts against non-supportive Croatians living in the US. With the help of an informant, the FBI ...more

Dangerous Pursuit Jan 01 2005 - In 1974, Paul John Knowles has it all—he is intelligent, he is charming and he is handsome. But as Knowles embarks on a trip across country, he has but one goal in life: to become a modern day ...more

Deadly Dentist Feb 17 2002 - To the people in his community, Dr. Glennon Engleman seems like a mild-mannered dentist. But in reality, Engleman has concealed a dark secret for over two decades: he is a serial killer who ...more

Flight from Justice: The Story of D.B. Cooper Jul 08 2004 - Richard McCoy's profile defies understanding--he is a father, a Sunday school teacher and a decorated war hero. He is also a hijacker, an extortionist and a bank robber. McCoy, alleged to be the ...more

Cruel Deception Jul 01 2003 - In the dozen years following his release from prison, a counterfeiter’s dark obsessions spiral out of control. What starts as a simple scheme to print money escalates to serial rape and ends in ...more

The Unperfect Crime Oct 14 2000

Above The Law Nov 03 1998 - The body of 23 year old Robin Bishop was discovered near her car on a remote highway. After acquitted in two state trials, Gwaltney was convicted of the murder in the federal trial. The FBI was ...more

Human Prey Nov 10 1998 - Thomas Dillon killed five outdoorsmen over a period of three years in rural Ohio. A mother's letter published in the newspaper addressing the murderer of her son prompted the killer to respond. ...more

Death in Alaska Nov 04 1998 - A young mother and her two daughters were sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in Anchorage, Alaska. With only one piece of forensic evidence, a wash rag carrying pubic lice with which the ...more

Deadly Paradise Dec 01 1998 - Two couples found themselves on the same deserted island paradise, but only one couple left alive. Buck Walker and Stephanie Sterns arrived in Hawaii on the Sea Wind, which belonged to the ...more

Killing Spree Dec 29 1998 - No suspect had emerged after the rapes and murders of ten women near Tampa, Florida in 1984. When one of the killer's victims survived, the FBI was able to identify 31-year-old Bobby Joe Long as ...more

Melissa Brannen: Missing Jan 19 1999 - 5-year-old Melissa Brannen disappeared from a Christmas party on Dec. 3, 1989, leaving behind a family wracked with anguish.

The Unabomber Jan 26 1999 - He was a recluse who spread terror through the mail for 18 years. Two men died and more than a dozen were injured , but Ted Kaczynski wasn't known as the Unabomber until his brother tipped off ...more

Murdering Cowboy Feb 02 1999 - Claude Dallas lived the life of a cowboy -- a loner and distrustful of authority. When two game wardens confronted Dallas about his deeds, they were shot and killed. After a massive manhunt , ...more

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John Gotti: Convicted Feb 16 1999 - By December 1985, John Gotti had assumed his place as the new Don of the Gambino crime family in New York with the assassination of his boss, Paul Castellano. When the FBI convinced Gotti's ...more

The True Story of Mississippi Burning Feb 23 1999 - On June 21, 1964, three civil rights workers, who set out to educate southern blacks about receiving the right to vote, disappeared in Mississippi. The FBI gained the trust of an informant, ...more

The World Trade Center Bombing Feb 09 1999 - On February 26, 1993, an explosion rocked the World Trade Center parking garage. Six people died and more than a thousand were injured in the bomb blast which tore a 5-story crater in the ...more

Polly Klaas: Kidnapped Oct 20 1998 - Polly Klaas was kidnapped from her own slumber party and murdered, lasers helped the FBI identify and find the perpetrator. It took 200 FBI agents two months to find Richard Allen Davis, who was ...more

A Model Killer Sep 28 1999 - Posing as a fashion photographer, serial killer Christopher Wilder lured young women from shopping malls with promises of fame and fortune. Most ended up dead. national publicity that the FBI ...more

Cat and Mouse Oct 05 1999 - Young women were being abducted from their own front yards in broad daylight. The FBI was determined to put an end to the serial killer's deadly game of cat and mouse.

A Stranger In Town Nov 02 1999 - The body of an unidentified young woman turned up on a highway in a small Pennsylvania town. Agents persisted to identity the body and to find the killer.

Hunter's Game Nov 23 1999 - The bodies of several young women began turning up in shallow graves in the Alaskan wilderness. FBI profilers mapped the criminal's mind.

The Dixie Mafia Dec 07 1999 - A Judge and his politician wife were brutally murdered in their home. The FBI uncovered a corrupt local government and a group of violent criminal conspirators.

Shattered Shield Dec 14 1999 - Lured by the easy wealth of the narcotics industry, crooked cops in the New Orleans Police Department began breaking the laws they were sworn to uphold in the early 1990s.

Blood Brothers Dec 28 1999 - Two brothers abduct a banker. FBI agents slowly pieced together tiny shreds of evidence.

Family Secrets Feb 01 2000 - A young mother and her infant son mysteriously disappeared from their home. A new DNA technique ended the mystery.

Master Plan May 30 2000 - The FBI began a massive undercover operation designed to expose the Chicago Mafia's infiltration into the city's surrounding suburbs.

Firefight Mar 12 2000 - A series of brutal bank robberies and murders led to an exhaustive eight-month investigation by the FBI. What followed was the bloodiest firefight in FBI history.

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Killer Abroad Apr 02 2000 - The bodies of several women began turning up in and around the city of Vienna, Austria. Viennese police turned to the FBI for help.

Moving Target Apr 09 2000 - A sniper murdered two young black men as they jogged with two white women. The FBI placed their suspect on their Ten Most Wanted list and began an intense manhunt.

Deadly Mission May 02 2000 - Two brothers gained national attention after a videotaped shoot-out with state and local officers in Wilmington, Ohio. The brothers escaped and fled the state.

Cop Killer May 09 2000 - Two officers had been shot and one had been murdered in Washington, D.C.. Each had been sitting in their patrol cars when a man sneaked up and opened fire. The FBI was brought in to help catch ...more

Backstage Murder May 01 2001 - A television producer was gunned down in his New York office. Four years later and a continent away, a man told Los Angeles police he had been hired to murder two exotic dancers. Investigators ...more

Deadly Dentist Feb 17 2002 - In Saint Louis, a serial killer strikes and vanishes, leaving little evidence in his wake. Blending into the community, he confounds authorities for more than three decades. To catch him, police ...more

.22 Caliber Killer May 30 2000 - Six black males had been brutally murdered--two had their hearts cut out. The only thing connecting the victims was their ethnicity and the fact that each had been shot with .22 caliber

Lawless Jan 01 2003 - The 1987 murder of Boston Police Department officer Roy Joseph Sergei and the resulting joint FBI – BPD – Mexican Federal Police search for professional bank robber Ted Otsuki.





The Crazy Don Dec 08 1998 - The reputed boss of the Genovese crime family, Vince Gigante wandered the streets of New York wearing only pajamas and a bathrobe, but the FBI was convinced he was anything but crazy. The FBI ...more


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Criminal Enterprise Jan 01 2003

The Initiation Mar 04 2003 - Three men murder a innocent man as part of an initiation into a Cleveland Ohio biker gang.

Dishonored Jan 09 2001 - Marine Captain Shirley Russell disappeared. FBI agents found her husband, himself a former Marine, was acting strangely. The FBI's intense investigation revealed a violent past.

In Pursuit Jan 01 2003 - A Nebraska sheriff's deputy sees a man wanted for firearms violations and tries to arrest him. But the man begins shooting, leading to a high-speed pursuit and wounded cops. The FBI helps track ...more