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Below is a complete The Flying Doctors episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Flying Doctors episodes are listed along with the The Flying Doctors episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Flying Doctors episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Lost Rainbows” to “Roxanne” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Flying Doctors episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Mini series: Part Two A Mar 19 1985 - Tom and Liz continue to be drawn together by their mutual contempt for the outback.

Mini series: Part One B Mar 12 1985 - Beth has returned to her home country to make crucial decisions about her future and that of the family homestead and struggling sheep station, Corindabella, now run by her brother Vern.

Mini series: Part Three A Mar 26 1985 - A town meeting is held where George Baxter voices his displeasure with Dr Callaghan. Harry manages to quell the dissention but it is too late, Tom has heard enough and quits his job on the spot. ...more

Mini series: Part One A Mar 12 1985 - Dr. Tom Callaghan arrives in the remote town of Coopers Crossing to join the Royal Flying Doctor Service on missions to the homesteads, stock stations and mining camps of outback Australia. ...more

Mini series: Part Three B Mar 26 1985 - The delivery of Jean Hennessey's baby further rallies the town to Dr Callaghan's side but Tom is planning to follow Liz to New York—news which disappints Harry who hoepd Tom would take over for ...more

Mini series: Part Two B Mar 19 1985 - Tom steadliy begins to see things differently when he starts to respect those who live in such an isolated location.

Million-acre Prison Sep 22 1986 - A family, the Morgans, has to sell their property, and George Baxter buys it for his company. This makes the Morgans pretty upset. Nancy has done some tests with Geoff and the results show some ...more

E.T. - New Girl in Town Aug 04 1986 - Tom and Gibbo has to land in the middle of nowhere after a clinicround. They come to an old cabin where they find a man and his dying mother. They also find the man's daugther Amanda who has ...more

Fearless Frank Oct 06 1986 - Gibbo demands vacation, and the only release-pilot is an old man called Frank Watson, known as Fearless Frank. He is a very good pilot but sometimes he takes riskes. He really likes this woman ...more

Like a Death in the Family Sep 29 1986 - The base gets a call, a boy has got shot and Chris flies out. She does her best, but the boy dies. The weather is really bad, so they can't fly the body back to town. Jack and dr. Turner agrees ...more

Departures Aug 18 1986 - Sharon tells everybody that she is moving to Sydney to study. She's going to be a socialworker. Everybody at the base is happy for her but Gibbo is a bit upset about Sharon not telling him she ...more

Sins of the Fathers Jul 07 1986 - Prue is pregnant and staying at a couple she says is her aunt and onkel. She delivers the baby on the baby but it requires help from the RFDS since the baby is in a wrong position. Prue doesn't ...more

Hot Enough For You May 29 1986 - An english family, the Robertsons, arrives in Coopers Crossing, looking for work. They get a tip that a farmer outside town needs workers so they decide to go there. However, they get lost, and ...more

A Lost Generation Aug 25 1986 - Gibbo, Ron and Emma meets a woman named Clare Dobson on the road where her car broke down. Gibbo gives her a ride back to town and Ron promises to fix her car. It's obvious that they are ...more

The Show Goes On Oct 27 1986 - A theatre group comes to town, but their director and head-actor, Rick, breaks his leg. In hospital Chris discovers he's got a disease that needs treatment in Sydney but he won't go. Their ...more

Forgivness Oct 13 1986 - A girl named Sarah is alone at her and her husband's property when he is off working. She claims she hears someone spying on her and involves as well Jack as Geoff. Finally she sees someone in a ...more

Into The Future (2) Nov 10 1986 - The ""Queen of the Outback"" competition is held in Windoona and Emma wins! On the way back Gibbo has to fly, even though he is on vacation because the other pilot was drunk. ...more

Eye of the Beholder Sep 15 1986 - Kate is at George Baxter's place giving vaccin-shots. They run into bad weather during a ride and comes to a shed. George is hit by lightning, and has a seizure. It turns out he might have ...more

Public Property Jun 12 1986 - Bruce is coming to Coopers Crossing to get married. He's never met the bride to be, they have only written letters. When Joylene arrives it turns out that she is pregnant. Bruce (and everybody ...more

Will to Survive May 15 1986 - Tom and Kate are on a clinicround. It's Tom's birthday. There they see a patient named Ted, who complains of stomach-ache. His family situation isn't the best, he doesn't care about his sons and ...more

Trial By Gossip May 22 1986 - Chris has horrible nightmares about the amputation. Everybody is accusing her, they are convinced that she could have treated Jim Spencer without taking off his leg. Her patients avoid her, and ...more

Talk of the Town Jul 21 1986 - Emma is upset with Hurtle, the garage's economy is a mess, Hurtle never demands people to pay their bills which makes it impossible for him to pay his! So Emma has to his dirty work for him. ...more

Square Pegs Jun 26 1986 - Andrew Cameron is a farmer and very successful in everything he does. He demands his son, Matt, to be just as successful as he is, which of course is impossible. Finally Matt breaks into the ...more

Do You Read Me Jul 28 1986 - One of Sharon's friends is going out with a boy named Max, and she goes to Chris to get the pill. Linda gets them on the farmacy, but Violet sees her, and soon everybody knows about it. Linda's ...more

Is Nothing Sacred Jun 19 1986 - A lady called Debbie Wilson shows up in town to fight for the aboriginies. She wants to find sacred places and make sure that the aboriginals have acess to these places. Many of the people in ...more

Rally to the Cause Jul 14 1986 - An international rally comes to Coopers Crossing which makes everyone excited. A driver called Sandra spends lots of time with Gibbo and Chris has dinner with a french driver. This makes Tom ...more

A Choice of Enemies Aug 11 1986 - RFDS gets an emergecny call from Adrian Bailey, son of the wealthy Rex Bailey, who is out cycling in the bush. Everybody says he shouldn't go on, he doen't know anything about the bush. But he ...more

Dreams of Sand Jun 05 1986 - Hurtle comes back to town, but he says he won't stay. He's going up to the coast. Tom, Kate and Chris are visiting an old man called Rabbit. When they're about to leave Rabbit is blowing a new ...more

Return of the Hero Sep 08 1986 - The new doctor, Geoff Standish arrives, a really bragging citydoctor. He gets drunk one night, when he was on call, which upsets Chris terribly. Geoff tells her he came to the outback because ...more

Someone Special Sep 01 1986 - Tom sees some horrible pictures of starving kids in Africa and starts thinking of going there to help. Chris thinks they're about to get married and tells Violet - which means the whole town ...more

Acceptance Oct 20 1986 - The Cochrane-brothers come to town. They end up in hospital after they've been in an accident with explosives - looking for gold! Josie Rattan has a caraccident, but says she's ok. When Geoff ...more

To The Rescue (1) Nov 03 1986 - Two thieves are troubling everyone, they want pills and medicins to sell to schoolkids. They hassles both Kate and Jack. But one of them is injured and is nearly killed! Chris saves him though. ...more

Everyday a Gift Feb 11 1988 - Chris father (William)'s girlfriend arrives to Coopers Crossing. George Baxter wants to buy a farm- but his bid is to small. Finally he bides more and can buy the farm.

The Devil You Know Apr 21 1988 - George Baxter meets his match when he comes up against a tough American business woman.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Aug 25 1987 - Two fellows from town are shooting kangaros. Kate finds a hurted ""Kangaroobaby"" and takes care of it. The guys even shoot ""Father Jacko""- but he makes ...more

No Laughing Matter Oct 27 1987 - The Cochrane brothers are in town. Theire mother almost dies and her son's catch her money and gold....... Zoe moves with her father to Sidney. At first Chris don't seems to care to much, but ...more

Repeat Performance Feb 25 1988 - Sam and Emma gets married. Chris misses the whole wedding when she's stuck on a farm in the outback with a sick child and the mother. They has to go 2,5 miles in a terrible wheather. But the ...more

A Friend of a Friend Sep 22 1987 - A ""madman"" comes to town. Emma and Sam visits Sams parents. Emma and Sam gets together- and break up again.

Hopscotch Jun 02 1988 - When a young, penniless woman expecting her third baby is deserted by her husband, the town's sympathy is aroused.

The Kid May 19 1988 - The arrival in town of a young boy and his dog creates tension.

No Quarter Asked Nov 03 1987 - Kate's friend Jessie gets back after been away for five years. Emma and Sam decides that they shall get married.

Figures in a Landscape Apr 14 1988 - An artist and his agent arrive in town to find a bush retreat to boost his flagging career, but is the visit just a cover for something more sinister? Meanwhile, Chris finally confronts Jack ...more

Good Day For It Jul 07 1987 - Sam and Kate are worrying for a woman named Sal Cleary, she acts a bit odd. They check it out and it turns out her daughter Julie is pregnant. She isn't married but still wants to keep the baby. ...more

Sapphire Mar 10 1988 - Sapphire is a woman who is married and lives with her husband and his sister. Her husband is alot older than her and everyone thinks Sapphire is after his money. The sister in the meantime is ...more

It Isn't Cricket Jul 28 1987 - A rich man calls Nigel turns up in town. Due to an accident he ends up in hospital. He has got one glass eye, and a melanoma in the other one. He refuses an operation since that would make him ...more

Friends and Lovers Sep 29 1987 - Chris and Zoe goes to town to meet Zoe's dad. The guys in town is fishing eel. Sam and Emma is figthing.

All in a Day's Work Mar 24 1988 - It's inspection time at the base and the inspector hasn' t arrived. The team are busy flying around the district and are unable to make the clinic run. Guess who's at the clinic run? the ...more

My Name is Sky Sep 01 1987 - A gang of ""Hippies"" comes to town. zoe talks to her father and Chris got a patient which she hates- he dies. Geoff goes to Sidney but miss the Outback.

A Distant Echo Oct 20 1987 - Violet wants to die when she finds out that her grandfathers father killed a lots of aborigines. Kate and Geoff ignore each other.

The Noble Art Mar 03 1988 - A boxing troupe arrive and one of them is ex-champion Johnny Lawrence who is after Kate. Geoff is jealousy but keeps his distance. Johnny suffers a heart problem and has to give up boxing, so ...more