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Below is a complete The Fugitive episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Fugitive episodes are listed along with the The Fugitive episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Fugitive episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Crack in a Crystal Ball” and “Ballad for a Ghost” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Fugitive episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Fear in a Desert City Sep 17 1963 - Richard Kimble rides into Tucson, Arizona under the name James Lincoln. He checks into a hotel and finds a job as a bartender at the Branding Iron. He meets Monica Welles (Vera Miles), the piano ...more

The Witch Sep 24 1963 - While working as a handyman in a backwater community in Missouri, Kimble has a few run-ins with a young girl named Jenny Ammory whom is a pathological liar whom speaks to a rag doll she calls ...more

The Other Side of the Mountain Oct 01 1963 - In West Virginia, Kimble arrives at a local coal mining town where he is roughed up by the redneck locals, and then chased by a sheriff's posse. Hiding in the mountains, Kimble meets Cassie, a ...more

Never Wave Goodbye (1) Oct 08 1963 - Kimble, working as an apprentice sailmaker in Santa Barbara, California, falls in love with Karen, the daughter of his stern but compassionate boss Lars Christian. But earns scorn from Karen's ...more

Never Wave Goodbye (2) Oct 15 1963 - After finding that the one-armed man is not the same man he saw fleeing his house the night of Helen's murder, Kimble flees from Los Angeles, bearly escaping Gerard's dragnet. Tired of running, ...more

Decision in the Ring Oct 22 1963 - Kimble finds work as a cut man for boxer Joe Smith. Joe confides in Kimble that he wanted to be a doctor, but he chose boxing because he felt that being a black man would be an obstacle in the ...more

Smoke Screen Oct 29 1963 - A forest fire prevents access to a local hospital. Kimball, now a farm laborer, decides to risk blowing his cover when he elects to help deliver a woman's baby at the labor camp. When the news ...more

See Hollywood and Die Nov 05 1963 - While working as a gas station attendant in New Mexico, Kimble is taken hostage, along with customer Joanne, by two holdup men, named Miles and Vinnie. Once on the road, Kimble pretends that he ...more

Ticket to Alaska Nov 12 1963 - On a small freighter, Kimble is traveling to Alaska when an FBI agent, named Paul Vale, arrives and begins questioning him and all the passengers in a search for a Korean War criminal and ...more

Fatso Nov 19 1963 - After getting into a car accident in a rural Kentucky town, Kimble lands in jail by the redneck sheriff who hates outsiders. But Kimble manages to escape with his cellmate Davey ...more

Nov 26 1963 - Kimball is injured while helping save some children from a fiery crash. While recuperating at a local home, he learns that his caretakers are the local sheriff and his wife. As if this weren't ...more

Glass Tightrope Dec 03 1963 - Working as a stock clerk in a department store, Kimble witnesses his boss, Martin Rowland, accidentally kill a business associate in the parking lot after hours. When Kimble learns that a local ...more

Terror at High Point Dec 17 1963 - While working at a construction site in Utah, Kimble convinces his supervisor, Buck Harmon, to hire Jamie, a mentally retarded but physically strong young man to help out. Because Jamie is an ...more

The Girl from Little Egypt Dec 24 1963 - In San Francisco, Kimble is nearly run over by a car driven by Ruth Norton, a young flight attendent distraught over discovering that the man she has been dating for the past four months is ...more

Home is the Hunted Jan 07 1964 - Kimble returns to his home town in Illinois after learning that his father, John Kimble, has suffered a heart attack and has donated his medical library to the University of Wisconsin and in the ...more

The Garden House Jan 14 1964 - Kimble is working as the caretaker at a spacious ranch in Connecticut which is owned by newspaper heiress Ann Guthrie who lives with her husband Harlan and her sister Ruth. Ann and Ruth's late ...more

Come Watch Me Die Jan 21 1964 - While working as a farm hand in a small Nebraska town, Kimble witnesses the arrest of a local man, named Bellows, whom is suspected of a double murder. Kimble finds himself 'deputized' by Deputy ...more

Where the Action Is Jan 28 1964 - While working as a hotel lifeguard in Reno, Nevada, Kimble is caught in the middle of a feud between the hotel owner Dan Polichek, and his spoiled and rambunctious teenage daughter Christine. ...more

Search in a Windy City Feb 04 1964 - Beliving that the one-armed man is in Chicago, Kimble contacts Mike Decker, a newspaper columnist who defended Kimble during his trial. Kimble and Decker organize a city-wide search for the ...more

Bloodline Feb 11 1964 - Kimble works as a kennel man for Max Bodin, a breeder of prize-winning Irish Setter show dogs, and whom is currently putting his kennel up for sale. Max's son, Johnny, and Johnny's wife Cora ...more

Rat in a Corner Feb 18 1964 - Herbie Grant, a second rate hoodlum, is shot in the leg while trying to rob a liquor store that Kimble works at. Herbie later takes Kimble hostage where Herbie claims that although he tried to ...more

Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (1) Feb 25 1964 - On the run from the Nevada State Police, Kimble hitches a ride with Sister Veronica, a nun traveling to Sacramento where she plans to renounce her vows. After fixing her car when it breaks down, ...more

Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (2) Mar 03 1964 - Kimble and Sister Veronica continue their journey to Sacramento, unaware that the Nevada State Police have put up a roadblock at the state line. While Kimble deals with a disgruntled ranch hand, ...more

Flight from the Final Demon Mar 10 1964 - While working as a health club masseuse, Kimble is recognized by Sheriff Bray, a local lawman with policial aspirations. But Kimble manages to escape with the help of co-worker Steve Edson. ...more

Taps for a Dead War Mar 17 1964 - While working as a roller rink supervisor, Kimble is recognized by the horribly scared Joe Hallop, a former Korean War veteran whom blames Kimble for his condition. Apparently back in the Korean ...more

Somebody to Remember Mar 24 1964 - While working as a warehouse worker, Kimble is recognized by the Greek-born owner, Gus Priamos. Gus tells Kimble that he is dying from cancer and has only six months to live and hopes to aid the ...more

Never Stop Running Mar 31 1964 - While working as a migrant worker in New Mexico, Kimble becomes an unwilling party to the kidnapping of a young boy whom is the son of his landowner boss. The boy, Jimmie, has been abducted by ...more

The Homecoming Apr 07 1964 - While working as a research technician for the wealthy Allan Pruitt, Kimble gets involved in the business of Allan's teenage daughter, Janice, who returns home after spending a year in a mental ...more

Storm Center Apr 14 1964 - While working as a dock worker in Florida, Kimble is recognized by Marcie King, a young woman whom five years earlier asked Kimble to perform an abortion for her (illegal at the time; pre-Roe ...more

The End Game Apr 21 1964 - A discarded photograph, with Kimble in the background, leads Gerard to Chicago where he assembles a team of detectives where they trap Kimble within an eight-block radius of the city. With ...more

Man in a Chariot Sep 15 1964 - Kimble happens to watch a TV debate in which a once-renowned attorney, named G. Stanley Lazer, claims that he could reverse Kimble's criminal conviction if the case went back to trial. Lazer ...more

World's End Sep 22 1964 - Kimble answers a classified ad from a certain Ellie Burnett, the daughter of his former defense attorney. They arrange to meet in Kansas City to discuss the information she received about a ...more

Man on a String Sep 29 1964 - While walking on the road late at night, Kimble comes to the aid of Lucey Russell after her car has broken down. As a gratitude, she provides him her place to stay for the night. But the next ...more

When the Bough Breaks Oct 06 1964 - While hoping freight trains, Kimble meets a young woman named Carol Hollister with her baby whom she is traveling to meet her husband. But Kimble doesn't know that Carol is a mentally disturbed ...more

Nemesis Oct 13 1964 - Kimball escapes from his workplace at a hatchery just as Gerard and the local sheriff come to arrest him. As Kimball drives off in the sheriff's car, he discovers that Gerard's son is hiding in ...more

Tiger Left, Tiger Right Oct 20 1964 - While working as a gardener on the estate of a wealthy couple, Mike and Laura Pryor, Kimble is mistakenly abducted by Harold and Irene Cheyney. Harold is a Korean war veteran and former factory ...more

Tug of War Oct 27 1964 - Kimball is working on a farm when he is captured by a sheriff and his deputy. The two men start fighting about how and when to turn Kimball over to the authorities-and one of them will go to any ...more

Dark Corner Nov 10 1964 - Kimble finds refuge from the police in a rural farm house, where he meets Mattie Braydon, a sculptress who suffers from hysterical blindness whom lives with her older sister and their uncle. ...more

Escape Into Black Nov 17 1964 - On the verge of closing in on the shadowy one-armed man, Kimble is renderd amnesiac after a freak gas explosion at a roadside diner. While the Fugitive fights to regain his memory, a struggle ...more

The Cage Nov 24 1964 - While working as a handyman in the predominantly Hispanic fishing village of Puerto Viejo, Kimble becomes aware that the area is beset with a plague epidemic and he's forced to call the state ...more

Cry Uncle Dec 01 1964 - After finding refuge in an orphanage, Kimble becomes entwined in the plight of a troubled teenage boy who passes him off as his uncle.

Detour on a Road Going Nowhere Dec 08 1964 - While working as a hotel steward in Wyoming, Kimble is forced to run after learning that another hotel employee has stolen hotel funds, and Kimble becomes the suspect. Kimble escapes on a tour ...more

The Iron Maiden Dec 15 1964 - An industrial accident traps Kimball and some government workers underground. A member of the trapped group wants to turn Kimball in as soon as they are rescued. To add to Richard's problems, ...more

Devil's Carnival Dec 22 1964 - Kimble unwittingly hitches a ride with Hanes McClure,a wanted criminal out to settle a score in his Georgia home town. When Hanes attempts to crash a barricade, and Kimble grabs the wheel to ...more

Ballad for a Ghost Dec 29 1964 - Kimble finds himself working with Hallie, a woman who bears a strong resemblance to his late wife. Hallie knows of the resemblance, and Kimble's danger is increased when Hallie's husband becomes ...more

Brass Ring Jan 05 1965 - In Santa Monica, California, Kimble is hired by Norma Sessions to help care for her invalid brother Leslie, who was crippled in a car accident. Kimble doesn't realize that Norma, with her ...more

The End is But the Beginning Jan 12 1965 - Kimball takes advantage of a deadly car accident as a way to try and convince Gerard that he is now dead.

Nicest Fella You'd Ever Want to Meet Jan 19 1965 - While traveling though a small town in Arizona, Kimble is arrested by the brutal and sadistic Sheriff Jo Bob Sims whom has political ambitions. Sheriff Sims (unaware of Kimble's true identity) ...more

Fun and Games and Party Favors Jan 26 1965 - While working as a chauffeur for a wealthy family, Kimble learns that the teenage daughter of the family is dating the pool cleaner. While chaperoning a party for the daughter's friends, Kimble ...more

Scapegoat Feb 02 1965 - A man who knew Kimble during one of his disguises, meets him again. He tells him that on one of his hurried, silent departures from a town, he left behind evidence which indicated he was dead ...more