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Below is a complete The Gadget Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Gadget Show episodes are listed along with the The Gadget Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Gadget Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Episode 12” and “Series 12, Episode 18.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Gadget Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Series 14, Episode 15 Nov 08 2010 -

Episode 16 Nov 15 2010 - In a Gadget Show first Jon, Suzi and Jason set out to make the Gadget Show themselves! The web is filled with programmes made by enthusiasts – but what’s the best tech to shoot and cut your own ...more

Episode 16 May 17 2010 - Ortis Deley and Suzi Perry each use a variety of gadgets to convert a disused barn into the perfect holiday destination, with Hollyoaks family the Valentines judging their efforts. Jason ...more

Episode 14 May 03 2010 - The team examines obsolete pieces of technology in the gadget graveyard, and organises a sports day using a Nintendo Wii, an Easyglider, Usain Bolt's trainers and a medieval catapult. Plus, Jon ...more

Episode 17 May 24 2010 - The team provides a round-up of the best devices of the past 12 months. Jon Bentley recalls the training shoes he tested with Kelly Holmes, and Jason Bradbury revisits his virtual car race ...more

Road Trip special Jan 30 2009 - New presenter Ortis Deeley joins the team as they travel from Edinburgh to London. Along the way, the hosts undertake a series of challenges, putting hi-tech tandems, wireless navigation ...more


Episode 9 Dec 01 2008 - Jon gets the help of an impressionist to try out some home phones. Suzi lists her favourite watches available on the market.

Episode 10 Dec 08 2008 - Suzi and Jason look at the best Christmas gadget gifts around. Jon tries to find which television is the best high-definition one available. The Gadget of the Year 2008 is revealed.

Episode 11 Dec 15 2008 - Suzi and Jason try and make it in to the Guinness Book Of Records. Jon takes a look at the best washing machines available. Dallas takes a look into the future by seeing what gadgets are ...more

Episode 12 Dec 22 2008 - Jon tries out the latest mobile phones available. Jason and Dallas travel to Austria to test the latest ski equipment.

Episode 4 Oct 27 2008 - Suzi Perry and Jon Bentley blow up a selection of external computer hard drives with gunpowder to assess their physical toughness, before testing the latest inflatable movie screens and taking ...more

Episode 3 Oct 20 2008 - Suzi and Jason play spy games as they get to grips with the best in surveillance technology. The Hairy Bikers help Jon test food processors and Jason takes a look at the top five skateboards.

Episode 2 Oct 13 2008 - Jason and Dallas take technology into the great outdoors; Jon Bentley reviews media-centre PCs; and Suzi asks a celebrity dentist for her thoughts on electric toothbrushes.

Episode 6 Nov 10 2008 - The team assesses the latest outdoor technology by comparing the performance of analogue transmitters with cutting-edge digital devices in poor weather conditions. Thermal underwear is rated in ...more

Episode 8 Nov 24 2008 - Suzi Perry tries to wean Jason Bradbury off his beloved Apple Mac products by getting him to test alternatives to iTunes, the iPhone and MacBook. Jon Bentley assesses voice-recognition software ...more

Episode 5 Nov 05 2008 - Jason and Suzi put recording technology to its ultimate test as they each tape a song. Elsewhere, Dallas achieves super strength with the help of a high-tech exoskeleton, Jon examines a number ...more

Episode 1 Oct 06 2008 - Jason and Suzi test different modes of personal transport, the latest in satellite navigation and the toughest of travel cases; Dallas meets a robotic spy; and Jon and Suzi review personal ...more

Episode 7 Nov 17 2008 - Suzy Perry and Dallas Campbell assess the latest party gadgets including portable karaoke machines, cocktail makers and digital graffiti walls. Jon Bentley joins Lady Victoria Hervey at London ...more

Series 12, Episode 15 Nov 09 2009 - Jason and Ortis join forces to build an amazing power-tool racer. Following a thorough trouncing in 2008’s Silverline Power Tool Drag Race, they decide to enter again this year. This time, ...more

Series 12, Episode 16 Nov 16 2009 -

Series 12, Episode 14 Nov 02 2009 - In this episode of ‘The Gadget Show’ Jason and Suzi are set a challenge to design and build a gadget that will appeal to animals as well as humans. Who can produce the most innovative and ...more

Series 12, Episode 18 Nov 30 2009 - Ortis Deley accompanies Jason Bradbury on a trip to the high-altitude glacial resort of Saas-Fee in Switzerland, where they test a range of skiing gear in an alpine race. Ortis also visits Dubai ...more

Series 12, Episode 17 Nov 23 2009 - Suzi Perry visits the Rinspeed HQ in Germany to drive their latest creation, a hydrofoil car, while Ortis Deley goes for a spin in the new Sand-X dune bike in Dubai. Continuing the transport ...more

Episode 4 Feb 22 2010 - The team try and avoid capture using a variety of the latest gadgets. Jo Whiley and Jon try out three of the best music streaming systems. Suzi takes a look at the best kettles available.

Episode 9 Mar 29 2010 - Ortis Deley joins Suzi Perry in a cookery challenge, visiting a London restaurant boasting one of the country's most technologically advanced kitchens, and pitting gadgetry against the skills of ...more

Episode 7 Mar 15 2010 - Jason Bradbury and Ortis Deley are challenged to create two of the toughest robots money can buy. Jon Bentley travels to the Caribbean to test SLR cameras, and Suzi Perry encounters a ...more

Episode 2 Feb 08 2010 - Comedian Dom Joly challenges Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley to take part in a money-saving task, in which they demonstrate economic ways to run expensive pieces of technology. Meanwhile, Jason ...more

Episode 5 Mar 01 2010 - Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury are challenged to create a mind-boggling illusion that will be judged by magician Paul Zenon. Ortis Deley travels to Barcelona to meet Reem-B, an advanced robot ...more

Episode 11 Apr 12 2010 - As the technology magazine show celebrates its 150th episode, Suzi Perry dons a leather catsuit to re-create one of the famous `bullet-time' sequences from 1999 sci-fi thriller The Matrix, using ...more

Episode 13 Apr 26 2010 - Jon Bentley, Jason Bradbury, Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley are challenged to put a selection of unknown devices to the test in a series of surprise challenges, each of which will push their ...more

Episode 3 Feb 15 2010 - Two members of the team compete to shoot rival pop music videos, but while Suzi Perry has use of a full professional crew and equipment, Jason Bradbury has to do it all himself using consumer ...more

Episode 8 Mar 22 2010 - The presenters go up against experts in a variety of fields to see whether advances in technology can help amateurs beat professionals. Jason Bradbury uses a video game to compete against an ...more

Episode 15 May 10 2010 - Challenged to escape from a kidnapper, Ortis Deley helps Suzi Perry pit smartphones against various alternative products, and also takes a death-defying plane ride to test the latest camcorders. ...more

Episode 12 Apr 19 2010 - Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry are challenged to complete an impromptu marathon across London using a variety of technological aids, and Jon Bentley puts the iPad through its paces. Meanwhile, ...more

Episode 10 Apr 05 2010 - Ortis Deley competes against Jason Bradbury to design and produce a toy that will be judged by a panel of industry experts, and he also test-drives the Yike Bike - a unique mode of transport ...more

Episode 1 Feb 01 2010 - New series. Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry fight for survival using hi-tech tools when they visit the Liwa desert in Abu Dhabi - one of the most inhospitable locations on Earth. Jon Bentley tests ...more

Episode 6 Mar 08 2010 - Ortis Deley and Suzi Perry use a combination of tracking devices, satellite photography and information readily available on the internet to locate Jon Bentley. Former Olympic 100m champion ...more

Episode 20 Dec 13 2010 - The Gadget Show hits the snowy slopes of Switzerland for another action-packed winter challenge. Jason and Ortis gear up to test the very latest hi-tech clothing, navigation gadgets and snow ...more

Episode 17 Nov 22 2010 - This week all five presenters square off in challenges not against each other – but against professionals, expert in their chosen field.

Episode 19: Christmas Special Dec 06 2010 - This week, The Gadget Show presents its Christmas special and reveals this year’s must-have gadget gifts! No matter who you’re buying for, this is the only festive technology guide you’ll need. ...more

Episode 18 Nov 29 2010 - This week Ortis and Woodward race across London in their own high-octane, gadget-packed take on the classic game of Monopoly. Going head-to-head using the latest urban personal transport –from ...more

Episode 21 - Christmas Stocking Dec 20 2010 -

Episode 5 Aug 30 2010 - Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley join forces to turn a traditional seaside bed and breakfast into an automated hotel. Their new-look establishment will be packed with state-of-the-art gadgetry ...more

Episode 8 Sep 20 2010 - The 'Tested to Destruction' segment returns for another adrenaline-charged outing. Suzi and Pollyanna take a fast car and some powerful guns in order to subject seven tough gizmos to some ...more

Episode 14 Nov 01 2010 - Jason and Ortis test a martial arts simulator and a flight simulator respectively. Jon explores mobile phone tariffs and Polly looks at the best new apps available to download.

Episode 7 Sep 13 2010 - A 'Gadget Show' football special to celebrate the start of the Uefa Europa League. Pollyanna kicks off with a report on the Robocup - the most extraordinary football contest in the world. ...more

Episode 12 Oct 18 2010 - Suzi examines cheap netbooks, Polly and Ortis scour the web and the high street for techie bargains, and Jon climbs behind the wheel of a swanky car to test some cut-price sa

Episode 1 Aug 02 2010 - New series of the consumer technology show. Suzi and Jason mount a promotional campaign to advertise the show using cutting-edge technology. Jon tests the iPhone 4

Episode 2 Aug 09 2010 - This week, Suzi and Ortis race to the top of a mountain, Jason reports on cutting-edge gaming from Las Vegas, and the presenters get to grips with the latest coffee machines.