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Below is a complete The Girls Next Door episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Girls Next Door episodes are listed along with the The Girls Next Door episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Girls Next Door episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Just Shoot Me” to “Dangerous Curves” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Girls Next Door episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

House Bunnies Aug 18 2008 - A look at Hef and the girls as the 2008 motion picture "The House Bunny" is filmed, which is about life around the Playboy mansion.

Bedtime Stories: The Best of the Girls Next Door May 28 2007 -

Unaired Pilot: Hef's World

It's Vegas, Baby! Dec 04 2005 - The girls return to Las Vegas (with Hef this time!) for two very important occasions: to promote the new Playboy Club at the Palms Hotel & Casino and to preview designer Roberto Cavalli's ...more

Grape Expectations Nov 06 2005 - It's road-trip time as the girls head to Bridget's hometown of Lodi, California. After hitting the road superearly (like, at 5 a.m.!), the ladies are on their way to enjoy a day of wine tasting ...more

The 21 Club Oct 08 2006 -

My Kind of Town Nov 20 2005 - Hef, Holly, Bridget and Kendra blow into the Windy City, Hef's birthplace and home of Playboy Enterprises, Inc., to promote the November issue of Playboy. And what a trip it is! After a night's ...more

Clue-less Nov 27 2005 - Whodunit? That's the big question at Bridget's murder-mystery-themed birthday party. But before the big celebration, Holly gets a smashing driving lesson in Hef's beloved 1959 Mercedes, and ...more

I'll Take Manhattan Nov 13 2005 - Start the presses! The girls take a bite of the Big Apple when they travel to Manhattan with Hef as part of the promotional tour for Holly, Bridget and Kendra's November cover of Playboy. The ...more

Operation Playmate Sep 11 2005 - The girls spend their Fourth of July preparing gift boxes for United States soliers. When the packages were sealed and shipped the party began. Check out the recap.

Midsummer Night's Dream Oct 02 2005 - "Lingerie or less," that's the dress code for Playboy's Midsummer Night's Dream, the annual hedonistic ritual that has become one of L.A.'s most anticipated summer events. To prepare ...more

Ghostbusted Oct 30 2005 - There's something spooky in Bridget's room--and it ain't Gizmo. It's Halloween at the Playboy Mansion! While Holly and Kendra put their wits together to decorate tombstones, Bridget sets out on ...more

Happy Birthday, Kendra! Aug 14 2005 - When you're one of Hef's girls, your birthday party isn't just a quaint gathering--it's an event. Kendra's 20th is a two-day celebration, which starts off with a trip to the 2005 Playboy Jazz ...more

Fight Night Aug 28 2005 - Put up your dukes, it's Fight Night at the Mansion! And there's a whole lotta action inside--and outside--the ring. Hef's former girlfriend, legendary Playboy cover girl Barbi Benton, delivers a ...more

What Happens in Vegas Aug 21 2005 - This week brings another birthday bash, but this one is for Playmate Carmella DeCesare. And it's in Vegas, baby! After waking up at 4:30 a.m. for the trip, the girls (sans Hef) help Sin City ...more

Meet the Girls Aug 07 2005 - Welcome to paradise! The series kicks off as you get to know Hef's three girlfriends--Holly, Bridget and Kendra--and how life works at the world's most famous Mansion. Tonight the group is off ...more

The New Girls in Town Aug 07 2005 - Two aspiring Playmates arrive at the Mansion to stay the night before they shoot test pictorials. Hef's girls greet them with varying degrees of hospitality. After an afternoon of ice skating ...more

Just Shoot Me Sep 25 2005 - Take a picture. It'll last longer! That's exactly what happens on this episode when the girls fulfill lifelong dreams and pose for a sexy Playboy pictorial. The photo shoot reflects each girl's ...more

Under the Covers Oct 23 2005 - There's plenty of hot stuff going on this week. First, the girls slip between the sheets for another sizzling photo shoot--and visions of a Playboy cover dancing in their heads. Then Holly not ...more

Career Dazed Aug 06 2006 - The girls think about their next career goals.

Playboys After Dark Nov 19 2006 - Hef and the girls visit Las Vegas for the grand opening party of a new Playboy Club at the Palms Casino Resort, and the girls sign autographs at the Playboy Store there.

When in Rome Sep 24 2006 - Hef and the girls continue their European tour by visiting Italy and Germany.

I See London, I See France Sep 17 2006 - Hef takes the girls on an overseas trip to England and France.

Sleepwear Optional Sep 10 2006 - Before the special Playmate of the Year luncheon, Holly decides to have a slumber party.

Here's Looking at You, Hef! Jul 30 2006 - Its Hefs big eight-o and the girls have a lot of panning to do, including getting the perfect gift and making sure this party runs as smoothly as possible.

Heavy Petting Sep 03 2006 - Springtime at the Playboy Mansion.

We Can Work It Out Nov 12 2006 - "Body by Jake" taps the girls to do a workout video and the girls' planning, preparation and performances definitely get their heart rates elevated.

Baby Talk Oct 01 2006 - Back in the U.S., the girls arrange a baby shower for one of the Playboy Playmates.

San Diego or Busts Aug 20 2006 - Kendra takes the girls and Hef to visit her family in San Diego.

80 Is the New 40 Jul 30 2006 - Hef celebrates his 80th birthday with a big celebration with his closest friends and playmates.

Mutiny in the Booty Aug 13 2006 - The girls shoot their second cover.

Rabbit Season Nov 05 2006 - The girls interview new candidates for bunny girls to work at the new Playboy Club in Las Vegas.

Girls Will Be Ghouls Oct 15 2006 - It is time for Bridget's favorite holiday Halloween, and the girls celebrate in style.

21 Club Oct 08 2006 - The girls and some close friends travel to Las Vegas to celebrate Kendra's 21st birthday. In true VIP fashion, they stay in luxury suite in the Palms, and Kendra finally gets an opportunity to ...more

The Age of Aquarium Oct 29 2006 - The girls appear on the Loveline radio show with Dr. Drew, and Holly and Hef celebrate their 5 year anniversary.

Snowboarded Apr 15 2007 - The girlfriends head to Vail, Colorado to snowboard with Olympic gold-medalist Shaun White. Holly and Bridget practice their moves on the bunny slope while Kendra works on getting that rail.

Guess Who's Coming to Luncheon? Sep 02 2007 - The Playmate of the Year Luncheon is always one of the biggest events of the year at the Mansion. But this year, it's even bigger.

Let Them Eat Birthday Cake Mar 11 2007 - Holly celebrates her birthday by throwing a party fit for a queen and a king. While Kendra struggles to find an old fashioned party dress for the Marie Antoinette-themed party, Mr. Hefner ...more

My Bare Lady Mar 25 2007 - It\'s Holly\'s big chance to serve as apprentice editor under the tutelage of Playboy\'s west coast editor, Marilyn Grabowski.

Home Sweet Suite May 20 2007 - It\'s an opportunity for Holly to reprise her role as apprentice as she works on a second Playboy pictorial, this time with some of the Bunnies from the Playboy Club in Las Vegas.

Surely, You Joust Aug 26 2007 - Hef and the Girls visit the world-famous Renaissance Fair in custom-tailored period attire. Hef is regal, Holly is a princess, and Bridget and Kendra are naughty wenches.

Snow Place Like Home Mar 04 2007 - The girls prepare for Christmas, arranging for there to be snow at the mansion.

Dangerous Curves Aug 19 2007 - Kendra drives a race car. Bridget gets special rims for her Porsche. Holly shops for a Prius.

P.M.O. Why Not? May 06 2007 - The eagerness to learn who will become the next Playmate of the Year has the Mansion buzzing as the girls get to know the finalists.

Hearts Afire Apr 22 2007 - Valentine\'s week at the Mansion starts with a round of dominoes, gift baskets full of Playboy merchandise and dinner for Hef, the girlfriends and a few Playmates at Trader Vic\'s. The Mardi ...more

Training Dazed Aug 12 2007 - Bridget sends her dog to obedience school; Kendra enrolls herself in charm school; Holly continues her photo-editor apprenticeship for Playboy.

May The Horse Be With You Mar 18 2007 - After helping to decorate a Star Wars themed float for the world famous Tournament of Roses Parade the girls decide to get to work on their New Year's resolutions.

Family Affairs May 13 2007 - The girls spend some quality time with those other important people in their life: their families.

Calendar Girls Apr 08 2007 - Holly gives direction to Kendra and Bridget on solo photo shoots for their 2008 calendar.

Patriot Dames Dec 08 2007 - It's Independence Day at the mansion! Hef, Holly, Bridget, Kendra and the rest of the staff celebrate, while Bridget and her sister anticipate the arrival of their older brother home from Iraq.