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Below is a complete The Guns of Will Sonnett episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Guns of Will Sonnett episodes are listed along with the The Guns of Will Sonnett episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Guns of Will Sonnett episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items, including “The Straw Man,” “The Trap” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Guns of Will Sonnett episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

A Fool and His Money Mar 08 1968 - Will & Jeff help an old friend pretend to be a rich rancher in order to impress his mail order bride.

Ride the Man Down Nov 17 1967 - A sheriff rounds up a possee to hunt down Jim Sonnett after a dying bank robber wrongly names the gunslinger as his accomplice.

And He Shall Lead the Children Jan 19 1968 - Will and Jeff unwittingly stumble upon an outlaw's mountain cabin.

Alone Feb 09 1968 - Will arranges to meet Jeff in a ghost town saloon, but he ends up getting caught in a hail of rifle bullets instead.

A Grave for James Sonnett Sep 22 1967 - Will and Jeff find a grave marked for James Sonnett in a small Mexican town. James had been protecting the town from bandits,a job that his son and father decide to finish. In the end, it turns ...more

Look for the Hound Dog Jan 26 1968 - Will pleads Jeff's case after a lynch mob accuses the boy of murdering a storekeeper.

Message at Noon Oct 13 1967 - When Will and Jeff realize Jim is only a day's ride away, they send an urgent wire to convince him to wait for them.

Stopover in a Troubled Town Feb 02 1968 - A woman working in a saloon needs the Sonnetts' help when her father decides to come for a visit.

The Natural Way Sep 29 1967 - Will and Jeff sign on as deputies in order to come to the aid of a wounded sheriff.

Ride the Long Trail Sep 08 1967 - A travelling show arrives in town, claiming to have guns from famous gunslingers. Of particular interest to young Jeff Sonnett is a gun that supposedly belonged to his infamous father, James. ...more

A Bell for Jeff Sonnett Sep 15 1967 - An up and coming gunslinger who puts a small bell on his belt for each person he's killed wants to add the Sonnett name to his reputation.

And a Killing Rode into Town Dec 01 1967 - Will and Jeff encounter a woman who claims to be Jeff's mother.

Meeting at Devil's Fork Oct 27 1967 - A bounty hunter takes Jeff and Will prisoner to lure Jim Sonnett to Devil's Fork.

The Warriors Mar 01 1968 - Will goes undercover for the Cavalry to help stop a gunrunner from selling rifles that may start a new Indian war.

First Love Nov 03 1967 - When Will and Jeff land in jail, a beautiful woman puts up the bail and asks them to stay in town.

What's in a Name? Jan 05 1968 - Will and Jeff encounter a man who claims to be Will Sonnett.

The Favor Nov 10 1967 - Will and Jeff stumble upon a wounded man in a ghost town saloon.

The Turkey Shoot Nov 24 1967 - Jeff wins a prize bull in a shooting contest.

The Secret of Hangtown Mine Dec 22 1967 - The Sonnets visit a ranch looking for information about Jim, but they uncover a murder instead.

Of Lasting Summers and Jim Sonnett Oct 06 1967 - Will and Jeff go to Wyoming to see whether a man scheduled to hang is really Jim Sonnett.

Sunday in Paradise Dec 15 1967 - Will helps an old friend convince townspeople to finance and build a house of worship.

End of the Rope Jan 12 1968 - Will and Jeff race to Waco, where Jim Sonnett stands trial for murder.

Find a Sonnett, Kill a Sonnett Dec 08 1967 - When two vengeful brothers take Jeff hostage, Will convinces an old friend to impersonate Jim Sonnett.

A Son for a Son Oct 20 1967 - Jeff is wounded in a gunfight and taken in by a family who share a dark secret: one of their sons was killed by James Sonnett. After framing Will for theft, the Father plans to kill Jeff as soon ...more

The Sins of the Father Feb 23 1968 - Jeff starts to fall for a young woman who claims that James Sonnett is the father of her infant son.

The Hero Dec 29 1967 - After two bank robbers wound Will, Jeff pursues them into Apache country.

A Town in Terror (2) Feb 14 1969 -

One Angry Juror Mar 07 1969 - While Jeff lies sick with a fever in a hotel room, Will is forced into jury duty. A Swedish farmer is accused of murdering the son of a wealthy rancher but refuses to testify in his own defense. ...more

The Trap Oct 04 1968 - Will and Jeff are arrested on trumpted up charges and forced to work on a chain gang, blasting a tunnel through a mountain for the railroad. Once there, the two find that any traveller passing ...more

Trail's End Jan 31 1969 -

Guilt Nov 29 1968 - Will and Jeff become unwittingly entangled in a senseless blood feud.

The Fearless Man Dec 13 1968 - Jeff admires a seemingly fearless stranger with a dark secret.

Chapter and Verse Oct 11 1968 -

The Trial Feb 28 1969 - An accused man claims that James Sonnett's testimony can clear his name.

Joby Nov 01 1968 - A peaceable small town begins to experience an unusual amount of fighting.

Join the Army Jan 03 1969 -

Home Free Nov 22 1968 - Will and Jeff try to help a man recently released from prison to get a new start with his wife and child. Unfortunately, others in the town aren't as willing to give the young man another ...more

Where There's Hope Dec 20 1968 -

Robber's Roost Jan 17 1969 -

Time Is the Rider Jan 10 1969 -

A Difference of Opinion Nov 15 1968 - Will & Jeff run into a couple of crooked lawmen who claim to have run Jim Sonnett out of town.

The Sodbuster Mar 14 1969 -

Reunion Sep 27 1968 - A young man rides into town and claims to be Jim Sonnett's long-lost son.

A Town in Terror (1) Feb 07 1969 -

The Man Who Killed James Sonnett Mar 21 1969 -

Jim Sonnett's Lady Feb 21 1969 -

The Straw Man Nov 08 1968 - Will and Jeff find a straw effigy of James Sonnett hanging in a town. A young widow has accused James of killing and robbing her husband but when Will does some digging, the real facts come to

Meeting in a Small Town Dec 06 1968 - In a small Mexican border settlement, Will and Jeff encounter a bounty hunter gunning for Jim.

Pariah Oct 18 1968 - The father of a little girl killed by a stray bullet during a gunfight with James Sonnett tries to exact revenge on Will and James' old friend Buck Cobb. The father goads Will into a gunfight by ...more

Three Stand Together Sep 15 1969 -