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Below is a complete The High Chaparral episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The High Chaparral episodes are listed along with the The High Chaparral episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The High Chaparral episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The Arrangement (2)” to “Survival” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The High Chaparral episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Price of Revenge Nov 19 1967 - Buck Cannon goes to work as foreman for a lovely neighboring widow, and clashes with his brother John when the job appears permanent. Buck falls in love with the widow, Melanie Cawthorne, and ...more

The Peacemaker Mar 03 1968 - Billy Blue Cannon quits the ranch after a quarrel with his father and leads a peace representative of the President to Cochise. On the trail Blue falls in love with Kelly's adopted Apache ...more

Threshold of Courage Mar 31 1968 - John Cannon is forced to relive his final days in the Civil War by a man he disfigured in combat. Vengeful Finley Carr and his brother Stacy kidnap Victoria and head for high country, certain ...more

Ride the Savage Land Feb 11 1968 - Buck and Manolito invade the Apache stronghold to rescuer a captive white girl. Ann, an Apache slave for five years, is rescued by Buck and Manolito as she flees from her captors, but her frail ...more

The Assassins Jan 07 1968 - An Apache renegade and his followers plan to kill Cochise's peace representative in the Cannon ranch house and start a new Indian war. Medicine man Nock-Ay-Del explains that Cochise will agree ...more

Mark of the Turtle Dec 10 1967 - John Cannon risks breaking a mutual defense agreement with Victoria's father and dissolution of his marriage when his ranch hands join a posse searching for marauding bandits in Mexico. Marshal ...more

Destination Tucson (1) Sep 10 1967 - This pilot launches the saga of the Cannon family as they fight to establish a ranch in the Arizona territory of the 1870s. Marauding Apaches led by Cochise are on the warpath. The Army orders ...more

Bad Day for a Thirst Feb 18 1968 - Buck Cannon jeopardizes his life, when he tries to turn two Apaches into wranglers. Sourdough and Saddleblanket quickly become valuable hands. When an Apache war party kills three ranchers and ...more

Sudden Country Nov 05 1967 - Mistakes of an inexperienced eastern bank clerk who attempts to settle on a ramshackle ranch near the Cannon family threaten to wipe out the cattle industry of the territory. When Creed and Meg ...more

The Terrorist Dec 17 1967 - Henry Silva guest-stars as a revolutionary who plans to assassinate Benito Juarez, exiled President of Mexico, on the Cannon Ranch. Manolito frees his old friend Santos from a Mexican jail, ...more

The Arrangement (2) Sep 10 1967 - John Cannon's first wife is killed during an Apache raid. Buck, his brother, can't stop Mexican bandits from rustling cattle. Unable to fight on two fronts -- against Mexican marauders and the ...more

The Doctor from Dodge Oct 29 1967 - When Billy Blue Cannon is forced into a showdown with wanted gunfighters, he is saved by a wandering dentist who proves to be fast with a gun. John Cannon returns the favor to Doc Henry by ...more

The Kinsman Jan 28 1968 - The Cannons care for a wounded relative who repays them by stealing the ranch payroll. Uncle Dan Brookes arrives suddenly after a 15-year absence seeking safety in the heavily fortified ranch. ...more

Champion of the Western World Feb 04 1968 - Billy Blue Cannon plans to earn money for an expensive silver saddle by boxing. Billy Blue learns Killian and his ranch hands have entered every event in the Fourth of July rodeo to win the ...more

Survival Jan 14 1968 - John Cannon and Billy Blue are captured by Apaches far from home and made to face death from lack of water. John and Billy force a wounded Indian, Klosen, to lead them toward water but the ...more

The Hair Hunter Mar 10 1968 - A bounty on Apache scalps disrupts peace between the Cannons and the Indians. When Apache raids close Judah Austin's mine, he offers Stoner a bounty for Indian scalps despite John Cannon's ...more

The Filibusteros Oct 22 1967 - Buck, Victoria and Manolito return to the Montoya Ranch and become prisoners, with Don Sebastian, of a degraded former Civil War friend of Buck. Lanier and his disheveled army announce plans to ...more

The Firing Wall Dec 31 1967 - Fernando Lamas guest-stars as a Mexican bandit turned revolutionary who captures and prepares to execute the Cannon Ranch hands to prove his power. Manolito is jailed by El Caudillo, the Mexican ...more

Young Blood Oct 08 1967 - The future of the ranch is jeopardized when bandits steal a prize bull and breeding stock which Billy Blue Cannon and Manolito Montoya have bought in Mexico with the last of the Cannon money. ...more

Tiger by the Tail Feb 25 1968 - Ricardo Montalban guest-stars as a wounded bandit leader who is captured by the Cannons and tells them his followers will destroy them unless he is released. When El Tigre's brother, Rafael, ...more

The Ghost of Chaparral Sep 17 1967 - Victoria's efforts to overcome husband John Cannon's memory of his first wife are thwarted when Apaches lay siege to their ranch, and she is kidnapped. Victoria is exchanged for an injured ...more

The Widow from Red Rock Nov 26 1967 - Billy Blue Cannon faces possible hanging when he is court-martialed on the charge of killing an army general's son. Billy Blue saves an Indian girl from advances by a drunken army lieutenant, ...more

A Quiet Day in Tucson Oct 01 1967 - Buck, Manolito and Billy Blue are sent to Tucson for food, supplies and boots, but are sidetracked instead by women and song. While John Cannon awaits his trio's return with the goods, Buck ...more

Gold Is Where You Leave It Jan 21 1968 - John Cannon drives gold seekers from an abandoned mine on his land and they retaliate by plotting to kill the Cannons. Lije Driskill, Johnny Faro and Shorty Bleeson fail in an attempt to kill ...more

Best Man for the Job Sep 24 1967 - John Cannon must decide whether to send his son to possible death to save their besieged ranch. Three army deserters, who have murdered Apaches on Cannon land, are taken prisoner by Indians. ...more

Shadows on the Land Oct 15 1967 - John Cannon needs cattle from Mexican ranchers for his Army beef contract, but finds the frightened men are being forced to sell at cheap prices to a ruthless cattle buyer. When John offers them ...more

A Joyful Noise Mar 24 1968 - Ramon Novarro, silent film notable is guest star as Padre Guillermo, who flees Mexico to escape the vendetta of a twisted killer. The padre is accompanied by two nuns and Maria. John Cannon ...more

A Hanging Offense Nov 12 1967 - Billy Blue Cannon faces possible hanging when he is court-martialed on the charge of killing an army general's son. Billy Blue saves an Indian girl from advances by a drunken army lieutenant, ...more

Ebenezer Nov 01 1968 - Crusading editor Ebenezer Binns risks his life against extortionists and killers. John Cannon persuades Binns to establish Tucson's first newspaper in hope of running the lawless element out of ...more

Surtee Feb 28 1969 - A dishonest Indian agent jeopardizes the future of an Apache reservation started by John Cannon. Capt. Albert Surtee threats the hungry reservation Indians harshly. John takes the law into his ...more

The Last Hundred Miles Jan 24 1969 - Lucien Charot raises his freight prices by having Indian attacks faked against his wagons. John interests an El Paso stage and freight line in extending operations to Tucson with local merchants ...more

North to Tucson Nov 08 1968 - When Victoria saves the life of a man injured in a stagecoach plundered by Comancheros, she learns the man has sworn to kill her husband. The injured man, James Forrest, blames John Cannon for ...more

The Glory Soldiers Jan 31 1969 - Manolito leaves the routine of the Cannon Ranch searching excitement and becomes involved with three uniformed musicians. Mano contemplated joining El Lobo, his old bandit friend, until he ...more

For What We Are About to Receive Nov 29 1968 - John Cannon quarrels with a neighbor and Indians, and interrupts Thanksgiving plans. Victoria persuades John to buy the last turkey from argumentative neighbor Fergus McLeish. The deal fails ...more

A Way of Justice Dec 13 1968 - John Cannon is accused of killing the daughter of a Mexican sheepherder and is condemned to death unless steep ransom is paid. Escaped convicts Mitch, Cable, and Kolos accidentally kill the girl ...more

Tornado Frances Oct 11 1968 - Buck Cannon's plans to open a saloon are threatened by a temperance group led by spirited Frances O'Tolle. Oscar Hipple sells his saloon to Buck, but conceals the fact it was wrecked by Miss ...more

The Stallion Sep 20 1968 - An Indian outbreak threatens to erupt when Billy Blue Cannon and an Apache boy fight over a wild horse. Chatto, son of an Apache chief, first discovers the prized stallion, but fails in his ...more

No Irish Need Apply Jan 17 1969 - Against John Cannon's advice, Mano helps Sean McLaren, an Irish miner, and his friends in their strike against dangerous working conditions. McLaren and his friend Scanlon are sentenced to the ...more

A Fella Named Kilroy Mar 07 1969 - Buck hires saddle tramp Orville Kilroy, who hides his criminal past and quickly becomes the most popular hand on the Cannon Ranch. Blue admires Kilroy's ability with a gun, the bunkhouse gang ...more

The Deceivers Nov 15 1968 - Chio, an Apache half-breed and his renegades, capture Cannon's supply wagons. Just as food and ammunition for High Chaparral runs out, Chio is captured and brought to the ranch. Meanwhile, ...more

Sea of Enemies Jan 03 1969 - An Army deserter accused of murder takes Billy Blue as hostage. Graham Jessup enlists Billy Blue to help him escape by fabricating a story that he has been mistreated because he is a Negro. ...more

For the Love of Carlos Apr 04 1969 - Victoria reopens Tucson's only school and befriends a troubled Mexican boy, but is kidnapped by the boy's father. Alberto Ruis, wanted in a slaying, abandons his son Carlos to flee a posse. ...more

Our Lady of Guadalupe Dec 20 1968 - Ricardo Montalban guest-stars as a priest who obtains money from the Cannon family, presumably to finance his search for a religious statue, but channels the funds to the poor. Father Sanchez is ...more

No Bugles, No Drums Mar 14 1969 - Buck tries to find and return the missing husband of Ann Simmons, an old girlfriend. Ann gives Buck a valuable diamond ring to identify him as her representative if he finds her husband Jack. ...more

Once on a Day in Spring Feb 14 1969 - Victoria, feeling ignored, leaves her husband John but finds little peace of mind at her father's ranch. Manolito joins Victoria at the Montoya Ranch and vies with his father, Don Sebastian ...more

Feather of an Eagle Feb 07 1969 - Billy is taken hostage by Apaches after he ignores Buck's advice and frees a white girl from them. Buck learns Apache leader Santos considers himself to be Sarah's husband. Buck hesitates to use ...more

The Covey Oct 18 1968 - Mexican bandit El Lobo breaks jail and plots to plunder the Cannon Ranch supplies to avenge his imprisonment by Manolito. When heavy rain prevents wagons from reaching the ranch with needed ...more

Stinky Flanagan Feb 21 1969 - A flamboyant Irishman cons Buck into buying a camel, promising it will revolutionize the cattle industry. Cavalry trooper Flanagan misinterprets an order to ""shoe"" his ...more

The Lion Sleeps Mar 28 1969 - Don Sebastian, wounded by a would-be assassin, plays on the sympathy of his family and friends in a scheme to gain control of the Cannon Ranch. On his pretended death bed, Don Sebastian extracts ...more

Follow Your Heart Oct 04 1968 - Ranch foreman Sam Butler returns to his native border town to avenge the death of his daughter. Sam, raised by his adopted father Ben Lynch, learns his daughter has been killed by Lynch's would ...more