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Below is a complete The Hitchhiker episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Hitchhiker episodes are listed along with the The Hitchhiker episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Hitchhiker episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “The Legendary Billy B.” and “Tough Guys Don't Whine.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Hitchhiker episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

True Believer Mar 11 1986 - A non-believer in the supernatural, Detective Frank Sheen must investigate a priest's suspicious suicide. Upon questioning Father Dowling he learns that the convent is demonically possessed. ...more

Face To Face Dec 04 1984 - Dr. Christopher Hamilton, an ambitious and pompous plastic surgeon, meets his challenge in Nina Russell, a patient in the process of a gender change. He shows up to surgery the next day ...more

Hired Help Mar 26 1985 - Kay Mason is an abusive owner of a dressmaking sweatshop. One day she is cursed by an angry worker who exclaims that she will be paid back by the devil for her actions. When Kay hires a ...more

Out of the Night Oct 29 1985 - A young man on the run from the police takes refuge in a mysterious building where a bizarre woman, Angelica, torments him with visions of his past life while another woman tries to help him. ...more

Nightshift Oct 15 1985 - A ruthless nurse works at old folks' homes. Along with her boyfriend, she steals jewelry from the residents, who can do nothing to stop her. The couple gets an unpleasant surprise when her ...more

And If We Dream Jan 15 1985 - Todd Fields is a married high school photography teacher. One of his students, Roseanne Lucas develops a mad and obsessive crush on him. When Todd steps over the line and sleeps with her, he ...more

Last Scene Mar 25 1986 - Alex, a former actor, tries to prove his abilities as a first-time director. In his first film he must deal with a first-time actress, Leda Bidell. When Leda realizes his scheme, she enacts the ...more

Man of Her Dreams Apr 08 1986 - Jill McGuiness is a lonely daydreaming bank officer who constantly fantasizes about her dream lover. When she dreams about murders and finds that they actually happened, she is unable to ...more

W.G.O.D. Nov 26 1985 - Reverend Nolan Powers is a money hungry radio evangelist preaching on the air waves about the bible. 0ff the air, he's a self-righteous greedy man. A tabloid news reporter, Sato, digs up the ...more

One Last Prayer Apr 22 1986 - Miranda and Sean are two desperate songwriters trying to make a career in the record business. When a record executive, Robbie shows interest in one of their songs, they think they are on their ...more

Shattered Vows Nov 23 1983 - A gold-digging young man marries a dowager then falls in love with her gorgeous stepdaughter.

Remembering Melody Nov 27 1984 - Attorney Ted Miller's world falls apart when his old friend and lover Melody shows up at his door looking for a place to stay and he mistakenly turns her down.

Petty Thieves Jan 29 1985 - Mickey is a con artist only willing to commit to one way of thinking: making the quick buck. In exchange for his life, Mickey is willing to sell his soul by giving Pearl, his girlfriend, away to ...more

The Killer Nov 12 1985 - Meg is a paraplegic who is ignored by her family. When she finds everyone but her brother, Jonathan, dead she assumes he killed them. While trying to figure out who is responsible, what she ...more

A Time For Rifles Mar 02 1985 - Rae Bridgeman is caught up in a love triangle with her husband Lew and his best friend Joe. Lew finds out about their affair and decides on a late night hunting trip for all three of them. ...more

The Curse Feb 25 1986 - Jerry Maclachlan is the owner of a rundown apartment building who promises Serita, a tenant, that he will make repairs to the building. After he becomes involved with a strange woman Tanya, he ...more

Ghostwriter Jan 07 1986 - Jeffrey Hunt will resort to anything to create a lucrative career as a novelist, even if it means faking his own death. His wife Debby believes he is dead and continues her affair with Tony, ...more

Dead Man's Curve Feb 11 1986 - Claudia now a famous novelist, returns home for her high school reunion and opens old wounds in Lee, the sheriff. Claudia finds out that Lance, her town-appointed escort, is really the son of a ...more

Videodate Feb 16 1985 - Jack Rhodes is a salesman that attempts to wear many disguises to get what he wants: women. One day, he gets a video letter from a mysterious video-artist, Monique, who challenges him to meet ...more

Murderous Feelings Apr 09 1985 - Dr. Peter Milne, an unethical psychiatrist, abuses his position to manipulate a female patient. His mind-bending medical practices only intensify her psychosis as she can no longer distinguish ...more

Man's Best Friend Dec 10 1985 - Richard Shepard is kicked out of his house by his wife Eleanor. He takes in a stray dog that begins killing off Richard's enemies. When the dog goes for Eleanor, Richard tries to keep the dog ...more

Split Decision Dec 14 1983 - John 'Jake' McElhaney will do anything to make a sale, absolutely anything. Faced with losing his job, he decides to make his next sale really count, and thinks he has it made when he signs on ...more

When Morning Comes Nov 30 1983 - Bob is a married advertising executive who enjoys picking up women throughout his travels. After picking up the Hitchhiker, he runs into a beautiful blonde who he ends up spending the night ...more

Man at the Window Mar 12 1985 - An ex-drug addicted screenwriter Arthur Brown steals the life and words of Diane Hampton. Diane is struggling to maintain her marriage with her abusive jealous husband John and to keep the ...more

Lovesounds Nov 13 1984 - For months, Eric Dunlap has been hard at work on a special sound system for Kurt Hoffman, a temperamental conductor who is impossible to please. During that time, he fell deeply in love with ...more

O.D. Feelin' Jan 28 1986 - Rat witnesses a group murder among feuding drug dealers, steals the drugs from the dead bodies and leaves the scene of the crime. The Wise Man and The Fool find her laying dead and take the ...more

Minuteman Feb 24 1987 -

Best Shot Apr 28 1987 -

The Legendary Billy B. Mar 31 1987 - Jane L. is willing to dig up anything on someone just to ruin their lives and get her a story. One night, her photographer gets her interested in Billy Baltimore, a musician who supposedly died ...more

Made For Each Other Apr 14 1987 - Two killers briefly become friends.

Dead Heat Mar 03 1987 -

Homebodies Mar 17 1987 -

Doctor's Orders Mar 24 1987 - Jake Purly's main platform for his campaign is to rid the world of pornography. But when his brother is found making a pornographic film, the media begins to bang on his door. To make matters ...more

Why Are You Here? Mar 10 1987 -

Perfect Order Feb 17 1987 - Simon Hopper is considered a genius in the art world, but the demands for his models are always insanely hard to meet. Christina will do anything to be the model in his next project. But when ...more

Cabin Fever May 12 1987 -

Secret Ingredient May 05 1987 -

Joker Apr 21 1987 - Peter believes that the way to win a girl's heart is have a good sense of humor. But when he tries to win back the love of his ex-wife using only pranks and elaborate setups, he learns that ...more

In the Name of Love Apr 07 1987 -

Jul 21 1989 -

Garter Belt Jul 07 1989 - A politician finds his life and his career in jeopardy when people start to find out about the dins in his past.

Pawns Dec 16 1989 - A has-been musician who is down on his luck finally decides to pawn the only thing that means anything to him to make a few bucks, but realises that what he's sold is worth a lot more than he ...more

Striptease Nov 17 1989 - Two loners encounter each other and each believes they have found their soulmate.

Studio 3X Nov 11 1989 - When a television journalist's private fantasies start appearing in pornographic videos, there is a fine line between fantasy and reality.

The Verdict Nov 04 1989 - If Jennifer can convict Manuel Ortega in the drive-by shooting deaths of five people, she will have thirty-six convictions in a row. Unfortunately, there is little to no evidence against Manuel, ...more

In Living Color Apr 29 1989 - After photographer Eric Coleman takes pictures of an elderly woman's suicide, he takes on a new assistant named Madeleine, who may have a deeper connection to the dead woman than he could ever

The Martyr Apr 22 1989 - Deirdre manipulates Jacques into killing her wealthy older husband for her after getting his attention by pretending to be blind, but soon realises that things don't work out the way she planned ...more

Hootch Sep 16 1989 -

Dying Generation Nov 24 1989 - After the suicide of their friend Katie, Adam Ross and Stephanie Duvall are faced with their own mortality. They learn from a friend, Brian, that he believes Katie was murdered, and that it had ...more

The Miracle of Alice Ames Jul 15 1989 - A bogus preacher who has been making a living out of fake miracles finds his livelihood threatened when a real miracle takes place.