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Below is a complete The Hogan Family episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Hogan Family episodes are listed along with the The Hogan Family episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Hogan Family episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The Roots of All Evil” to “Babes in the Woods” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Hogan Family episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

One of the Boys Mar 17 1986 - Mark longs to be like one of the guys (David and Willie) at least in the sporting arena and secretly goes behind Valerie's back and signs up for wrestling.

Dog Day Afternoon Mar 31 1986 - The family dog, 17-year-old Murray is ailing and the family engages in a dogfight over whether or not to put the dog to sleep, something Willie is dead set against. Meanwhile, a fallen tree has ...more

Benefit of the Doubt Mar 24 1986 - Valerie gets a call from school and learns Willie is failing science. She quickly discovers another problem, both Mark and Willie are taking the same class and brainiac Mark is constantly making ...more

Old Enough (a.k.a.) Goddess Mar 01 1986 - Valerie discovers a mysterious love letter in David's pants pocket and questions him about it. She quickly learns that David is dating an ""older woman,"" a woman Valerie ...more

Sick House May 05 1986 - Mark is just getting over the flu and David is paranoid that he will end up with it. His worries continue when Willie succumbs. However, through it all, Valerie plays nursemaid, but when she ...more

Executive Material May 19 1986 - Despite promising her family that nothing will change after her promotion, Valerie finds that her new position leaves her very little time to be a wife and mother. Meanwhile, Willie gets the ...more

The Six Mar 03 1986 - David's latest girl friend, Hilary makes quite an impression on both David and Valerie and David has been seeing her every night at his house for the past two weeks. However, when Valerie ...more

This Son for Hire Apr 14 1986 - David in need of money to buy a compact disc player and decides to get a part-time job. However, the job he chooses panics Valerie, as he gets a job at the auction house where she works. After ...more

Happy Anniversary Apr 07 1986 - Valerie is determined not to miss her ""happy anniversary"" phone call from Michael, however when Willie falls off the garage roof after trying to lower the basketball hoop; ...more

The Wrong Stuff Mar 10 1986 - When Michael's military buddy, Skip Franklin comes to Chicago for a visit, he stops by and brings along with him a swaggering demeanor and a foul mouth, both, which influence David and Willie. ...more

Hogan vs. Hogan Mar 16 1987 - When Mark's pet lizard dies while in David's care, Mark decides to haul David into small-claims court.

The Way We're Not Dec 14 1986 - Michael finds a silver lining in an airline pilots' strike since now he has plenty of time to spend with the family which all too quickly has Valerie and the boys wishing he were airborne

Boston Tea Party Jan 04 1987 - While heading to Bermuda to meet Michael, Valerie is mistaken for a purse snatcher by airport security and David misses a concert when he's forced to take care of Mrs. Poole's four-year-old ...more

Small Packages Dec 07 1986 - On her birthday, Valerie gets just what she needs when the boys give her a new garbage disposal, and just what she doesn't need when a client who has a crush on her gives her an expensive

Oedipus Wrecks Mar 23 1987 - David takes his dad's new Italian sports car out for a spin to impress a young woman and ends up wrapping it around a tree. Meanwhile, the twins are feeling cooped up with the chicken pox.

Dr. No Nov 16 1986 - Basketball hero David dreads his upcoming knee surgery, while Mark wishes that the girl who has a crush on him would cut it out.

Never on Tuesday Jan 11 1987 - At a self-defense class, Valerie puts Annie's arm in a sling. At the same time, David may be in some hot water after he leaves the boys with a babysitter to keep a date.

Whose Team is It Anyway? Feb 22 1987 - Valerie, the new coach of the twins' soccer team, benches Willie for laziness in practice while David, who wants a new car stereo, is put to work doing chores.

One of a Kind Nov 23 1986 - No one is looking forward to the arrival of Valerie's caustic Aunt Josephine, but once she's there, no one is prepared for her unexpected departure.

The Return of Uncle Skip May 04 1987 - Valerie is less than thrilled with another visit from Michael's war buddy Skip Franklin who brings a surprise, his new bride, who may soon become his new ex-wife.

Full Moon Sep 28 1986 - Valerie has a rough morning and the rest of the day doesn't prove to be any better when she gets a call from the school with news that Mark mooned the student body while up on stage accepting a ...more

A Night to Remember Feb 15 1987 - Willie's fantasy date with the prettiest girl in the seventh grade could be realized if he can just persuade Mark to make it a double date with the girl's cousin.

Wooly Bully Jan 18 1987 - Valerie's discomfort after a bunion operation is compounded by Mrs. Poole's relentless help. Meanwhile, David takes a sucker punch from his tutor's ex-boyfriend.

The Roots of All Evil Nov 30 1986 - Relations are strained between new used car owner David and investors Mark and Willie, who expect to be chauffeured in return. Meanwhile, Annie's elm tree is clogging the Hogans' pipes and ...more

The Big Fix-Up Oct 05 1986 - Valerie fixes David up with the daughter of a friend of hers, however, David slips into depression when he gets dumped. Meanwhile, the new neighbors, the Pooles have a dog, whose nocturnal ...more

Caught on a Hot Tin Roof Nov 02 1986 - Mark and Willie are intrigued by a slumber party that Annie's daughter is having next door. Tempted, they both decide to sneak a peak, however, Willie gets a peak at something he never expected ...more

Bad Timing Feb 08 1987 - Old friends of the family visit for the weekend and one of them is a childhood sweetheart of David's who is now a grown woman who makes it obvious to him that she is still interested in him and ...more

Community Theatre Mar 01 1987 - Although she's sworn off community theater, Valerie finds herself directing Annie's play, placating overworked stagehands Michael, Willie and Mark and trying to replace a leading lady who's ...more

Babes in the Woods Apr 13 1987 - After borrowing Mrs. Poole's camper for a trip, Valerie and the boys are stranded in the woods when thieves with a taste for all the modern conveniences take off with it.

Leave It to Willie Nov 09 1986 - Couch potato, Willie learns that life is no sitcom after he takes the family car for a spin, hits a parked car and allows David to take the blame, creating a crisis that just might not end ...more

Of Human Blondage Oct 12 1986 - Valerie's friend Annie encourages her to try out a trendy hairdresser, however, she soon gets more than she bargained for when her hair gets dyed blond. Meanwhile, after tripping over Willie's ...more

Shape Up and Move Out Apr 06 1987 - Willie's wanton destruction of his brothers' personal belongings leads David and Mark to give him the silent treatment. Meanwhile, Valerie's dieting failures lead to an exercise in self

Love with the Proper Hogan Dec 28 1987 - Crushed by a girl's rejection, David's pal Burt falls hard for Sandy, while Sandy thinks her principal's the one with romance on his mind.

Mark and Willie's Day Off Jan 25 1988 - An eager Willie and a reticent Mark ditch school for the day, but when Mark gets caught, Willie feigns ignorance about the whole scheme.

A Room With No View Nov 02 1987 - David risks losing his best friend when he locks him in a closet to keep him from driving while drunk. Meanwhile, Sandy, Michael, Mark and Willie pay a visit to a resort that Sandy had invested

The King and I Feb 22 1988 - Sandy's dreaded blind date turns out to be a ""King"" while David is ready to crown his brothers when they horn in on his date.

Mother Poole's Visit Jan 18 1988 - David's advice to Mrs. Poole to vent her anger against her overbearing mother-in-law backfires when Mother Poole moves in with the Hogans.

Help Wanted Mar 14 1988 - The boys recruit an enchanting if ditsy housekeeper for Sandy, but she turns out to be ""a lust cause"" for David.

Faulty Attraction Jan 04 1988 - Sandy's ex-husband makes a move to get back in her life. Meanwhile, David moves into Michael's poker game.

School of Hard Knocks Nov 16 1987 - Mark brakes David's fast times at high school when a special program puts Mark in the middle of David's classes and his love life.

Movin' On Sep 21 1987 - After Valerie's sudden death, Sandy, Michael's sister, moves in, and finds her school-counseling job a breeze compared with what she faces at home: David tries to be a ...more

A Restaurant Named Desire Feb 15 1988 - Restaurant worker David smells trouble and it's coming from the kitchen as he tries to fend off the amorous advances of his boss's fiance. Meanwhile, Michael teaches Mark how to defend himself.

Poetic Injustice Dec 16 1987 - Fresh from his triumphant A-plus in English, Willie crumbles under the pressure of composing a poem, while Sandy and David lose it when they lose Mrs. Poole's beloved dog.

Teacher's Pet Jan 11 1988 - There's a certain chemistry between David and his science teacher, while Sandy has a solution for a depressed Mrs. Poole, who's without her husband on their anniversary.

You've Got to Believe Oct 19 1987 - David reexamines his belief in God after his history teacher has a heart attack and David saves him with CPR.

Liars and Other Strangers Sep 28 1987 - Rich and Burt assume more than they should after David has a study session with the new girl in school and he lets them assume that they are much more involved than they actually are. Quickly he ...more

Close Encounters May 02 1988 - Michael experiences close encounters of the most embarrassing kind when his friends find out he saw a UFO. Meanwhile, the twins' refusal to give David an extra Springsteen ticket sends his high ...more

48 Hours Mar 21 1988 - Michael and David's father-son retreat turns into a last stand when they get stuck in the Pooles' garage, while Willie and Mark get an X-rated tape stuck in the VCR.

You Bet Your Life Nov 09 1987 - David's on a roll at predicting football games and decides to bet some real money, but he could be wearing cement sneakers when he loses big.

Take My Wife, Please Oct 12 1987 - There's a hitch in the twins' school project on marriage when Willie goes after Mark's wife while David tries to best Sandy at anything.