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Below is a complete The Hollywood Palace episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Hollywood Palace episodes are listed along with the The Hollywood Palace episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Hollywood Palace episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “Hosts: Roy Rogers & Dale Evans / Everly Brothers” and “Hosts: Rowan & Martin.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Hollywood Palace episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Host: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Feb 29 1964 - Host: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. --Louis Quinn (appeared with Zimbalist on ""77 Sunset Strip"") --Kate Smith --Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger and the Sons of the Pioneers --Corbett ...more

Host: Hugh O'Brian Jan 18 1964 - Host: Hugh O'Brian Scheduled guests: --Johnny Mathis --Ginger Rogers --Marty Ingels (comedian) --Joanie Sommers (singer) --Johnny Puleo (harmonica player) --Les Charlivels (acrobats) --Bertha, ...more

Host: Gig Young Feb 08 1964 - Host: Gig Young Other guests: --Yma Sumac (singer) --The Mills Brothers (vocal group) --Buddy Hackett (comedian, whose appearance was postponed last week) --Dorothy Collins (singer) --Michael ...more

Host: Gene Barry / Buster Keaton & Gloria Swanson Jun 06 1964 - Host: Gene Barry (from ""Burke's Law"") --Gene Barry - sings ""Just In Time,"" ""Day In, Day Out"" & ""Perfect Paris ...more

Host: Victor Borge May 23 1964 - Host: Victor Borge --Victor Borge and Caterina Valente - ""The Girl from Ipanema"" --Caterina Valente - ""Cute"" and ""Hindustan"" ...more

Host: Ken Murray / Chad and Jeremy Apr 25 1964 - Host: Ken Murray --Ken Murray (shows some of his Hollywood home movies) --Chad & Jeremy --Rowan and Martin (comedy team) --Eddie Albert --The Step Brothers (tap dancers) --Charlie Callas ...more

Host: Donald O'Connor Apr 11 1964 - Host: Donald O'Connor --Donald O'Connor - ""Tea for Two"" --Donald O'Connor and the Four Little Angels - sing ""Old MacDonald"" --Jack E. Leonard ...more

Host: Ernest Borgnine Jan 25 1964 - Host: Ernest Borgnine Other guests: --Carl Ballantine (comedian, from ""McHale's Navy"") --Joe Flynn (comedian, from ""McHale's Navy"") --Tony Bennett ...more

Host: Dean Martin / The Rolling Stones Jun 13 1964 - Host: Dean Martin --Dean Martin - ""Smile,"" ""Take These Chains"" & ""Everybody Loves Somebody"" --The Rolling Stones - ...more

Host: Fred MacMurray May 16 1964 - Host: Fred MacMurray --George Gobel (comedian) --Dorothy Collins (singer) --Trini Lopez (singer) --Guy Marks (comedian) --Augie and Margo (adagio dancers) Military acts performing a salute to ...more

Host: Gene Kelly Feb 22 1964 - --Gene Kelly opens the show by singing a few lines from ""Singin' in the Rain"" --Gene Kelly (and two other dancers, Dick Humphries and Alex Plaschheart) do a tribute to ...more

Host: Bob Cummings / Rosemary Clooney Jan 11 1964 - Host: Bob Cummings --Rosemary Clooney --Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks (comedians) --Anthony Newley --Dave King

Host: Dean Martin Mar 07 1964 - Host: Dean Martin Other guests: --Jackie Mason (comedian) --Barrie Chase (dancer) --Vikki Carr (singer) --Piccola Pupa (12-year-old singer from Italy) --Leonard Barr (acrobatic dancer) --Rola ...more

Host: Groucho Marx Mar 14 1964 - Guests: --Groucho Marx (host) --Morey Amsterdam & Rose Marie (comedians, from ""The Dick Van Dyke Show"") --Jose Greco (flamenco dancer with his dance troupe) --Jennie ...more

Host: George Burns Mar 28 1964 - Host: George Burns --George Burns - ""Don't Take Me Home"" & ""I'll Buy the Ring"" --Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks --Patti Page - ""Call Me ...more

Host: Nat King Cole Mar 21 1964 - --Nat King Cole - ""My True Carrie Love,"" ""Paper Moon,"" ""Unforgettable"" and ""Day In, Day Out"" --Nat King ...more

Host: Louis Jourdan May 02 1964 - Host: Louis Jourdan --Anna Maria Alberghetti (singer) - ""Irma La Douce"" --Henny Youngman (comedian) --The King Sisters (singers) - ""Me and My Shadow"" ...more

Co-hosts: Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse Apr 04 1964 - Co-hosts: Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse --Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse (husband & wife) - ""The Old Soft Shoe"" --Tony Martin - ""The Best Things in Life Are ...more

Host: Dale Robertson / The Womenfolk May 09 1964 - Host: Dale Robertson --Betty Hutton - ""It Had To Be You"" --Paul Lynde and Carole Cook perform a dramatic scene. They then do the same scene a comedy. --The ...more

Host: Jimmy Durante Apr 18 1964 - Host: Jimmy Durante --Jimmy Durante - ""Words,"" ""I Could Have Danced All Night,"" ""What a Day"" & ""This is All I ...more

Host: Dale Robertson Feb 15 1964 - Host: Dale Robertson --Red Buttons (comedian) --The Smothers Brothers (comedy folk singers) --Vic Damone (singer) - ""On the Street Where You Live"" & ""You and ...more

Host: Phil Harris May 30 1964 - Host: Phil Harris --Louis Armstrong --Louis Nye (comedian) --Mary Costa (soprano) --Peter Gennaro (dancer-choreographer) --Pete Barbuti (comedian) --The Jubilee Four (instrumental group) --The ...more

Host: Donald O'Connor Feb 01 1964 - Host: Donald O'Connor --Donald O'Connor dances with the Louis DaPron dancers --Don Knotts (comedian) - appears, in a comedy sketch, as a bashful after-dinner speaker --Buddy Greco ...more

Host: Bing Crosby Jan 04 1964 - Host: Bing Crosby Scheduled guests: --Gary Crosby --Bob Newhart (comedian) --Mickey Rooney and Bobby Van - ""If We Felt Any Better"" --Nancy Wilson (singer) --The Young ...more

Host: Arthur Godfrey Nov 21 1964 - Host: Arthur Godfrey --Arthur Godfrey - ""Trail of the Lonesome Pine,"" ""I Like Being Here with You,"" ""I'd Give a Million ...more

Host: Betty Grable Oct 24 1964 - Host: Betty Grable --Harry James and his band --Dan Dailey --The Smothers Brothers --Diahann Carroll --Henny Youngman (comedian)

Host: Steve Lawrence May 08 1965 - Host: Steve Lawrence --Mickey Rooney and Bobby Van - appear in a spoof of the movie ""Bridge on the River Kwai"" --Jean Fenn (operatic soprano) --The Backporch Majority (folk ...more

Host: Van Johnson / Betty Grable Dec 26 1964 - Host: Van Johnson --Van Johnson - ""I'm a Ham,"" ""Let Me Entertain You,"" ""I Want to be Happy"" and ""Lot of Livin' to ...more

Host: Louis Armstrong May 01 1965 - Host: Louis Armstrong --Louis Armstrong - ""Hello, Dolly!"" ""When the Saints Go Marching In,"" ""Mack the Knife"" and ...more

Host: Tennessee Ernie Ford May 22 1965 - Host: Tennessee Ernie Ford --Ann Miller (singer-dancer) --Edie Adams (singer)--Jack Carter (comedian)--Santos (low-wire acrobat act from Portugal)--The O'Keffe comedy divers (from England) --The ...more

Host: Kate Smith / Trini Lopez Jan 23 1965 - Host: Kate Smith --Kate Smith (singer) - ""Danke Schön,"" ""You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You,"" ""Temptation"" and ...more

Host: Burl Ives Dec 12 1964 - Host: Burl Ives --Burl Ives (folk singer) - ""Blue Tail Fly,"" ""Wayfarin' Stranger,"" ""Big Rock Candy Mountain,"" ""Foggy ...more

Host: Gene Barry / Bette Davis & Olivia de Haviland Nov 07 1964 - Host: Gene Barry --Gene Barry (star of ""Burke's Law"") - ""Lady Be Good"" and ""It's All Right with Me"" --Bette Davis and Olivia de ...more

Host: David Janssen Feb 06 1965 - Host: David Janssen --David Janssen (from ""The Fugitive"") --Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks (comedians) - give advice on filing income tax returns. --Edie Adams (singer) - ...more

Host: Robert Goulet Mar 20 1965 - Host: Robert Goulet --Robert Goulet (guest host) --Carol Lawrence (singer, wife of Robert Goulet) --Bill Cosby (comedian, does a routine about Noah and the Ark) --Les Surfs (singing group from ...more

Host: Tony Martin Nov 28 1964 - Host: Tony Martin --Tony Martin - ""Avalon,"" ""Everybody Loves Somebody"" & ""People"" --Cyd Charisse (dancer, wife of Tony ...more

Host: Debbie Reynolds Sep 19 1964 - Second season premiere Host: Debbie Reynolds --Buddy Hackett (comedian) --Liberace --Rich Little (comedian-impressionist) --Astrud Gilberto (singer) & Stan Getz --Nine gymnasts from the U.S. ...more

Host: Maurice Chevalier Oct 03 1964 - Host: Maurice Chevalier --Maurice Chevalier sings ""Louise,"" ""J'attendrais"" and ""When You're Smiling"" --Jane Powell (dancer) - ...more

Host: Ed Wynn / The Rolling Stones Sep 26 1964 - Host: Ed Wynn --The Rolling Stones - ""Not Fade Away"" --Eydie Gormé (singer, backed by six guitarists and the Trio Los Panchos) --Ed Wynn and Eydie ...more

Host: Bette Davis Feb 20 1965 - Host: Bette Davis --Bette Davis sings ""To Be Single"" (an answer to Richard Burton's recording ""A Married Man"") --Bette Davis and Bert Lahr appear in ...more

Host: Cyd Charisse Jan 30 1965 - Host: Cyd Charisse --Cyd Charisse - ""Let's Dance"" and ""Ballet Blues"" --Tony Martin (singer, Cyd Charisse's husband) - ""Dear ...more

Host: Buddy Ebsen Oct 31 1964 - Host: Buddy Ebsen --Buddy Ebsen (from the ""Beverly Hillbillies"") - ""I Was in Vaudeville"" --Willie Mays (San Francisco Giants' center fielder) --Jack ...more

Host: Phil Harris / Ginger Rogers Dec 05 1964 - Host: Phil Harris --Phil Harris - ""This Could be the Start of Something"" --Ginger Rogers - ""These Foolish Things"" --The McGuire Sisters (singing ...more

Host: Eddie Fisher Mar 06 1965 - Host: Eddie Fisher --Eddie Fisher - ""Let Me Entertain You"" --Connie Stevens - ""It Only Takes a Moment"" --Jack Carter (comedian) --The Arirang Korean ...more

Host: Groucho Marx / Margaret Dumont Apr 17 1965 - Host: Groucho Marx --Margaret Dumont (comedian, in her last TV appearance) --Groucho Marx and Margaret Dumont perform their comedy classic ""Captain Spaulding,"" a number ...more

Host: Pat Boone Apr 24 1965 - Host: Pat Boone --Pat Boone - ""Exodus,"" ""Walk Right In,"" ""Love Letters in the Sand,"" ""Wonderful Time Up ...more

Host: Tony Randall / Diana Ross & the Supremes Mar 27 1965 - Host: Tony Randall --Tony Randall - does a sketch about an all-night radio disc jockey --Diana Ross and the Supremes - ""Stop! In The Name Of Love"" --Allan Sherman sings ...more

Hosts: Roy Rogers & Dale Evans / Jan and Dean Feb 27 1965 - Co-hosts: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans --Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (accompanied by Trigger and the Sons of the Pioneers) --Jan and Dean - ""From All over the World"" (theme from ...more

Host: Victor Borge Mar 13 1965 - Host: Victor Borge --Victor Borge (comic pianist) - demonstrates how great composers stumbled on some of their famous compositions. --Rosemary Clooney - ""Cabin in the Sky,"" ...more

Host: Dale Robertson Apr 03 1965 - Host: Dale Robertson --Tim Conway (comedian, from ""McHale's Navy"") - does an obstetrician sketch --George Gobel (comedian) --Barbara McNair (singer) --Lisa Kirk ...more