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TV episodes Full List of The Immortal (2000) Episodes

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Below is a complete The Immortal (2000) episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Immortal (2000) episodes are listed along with the The Immortal (2000) episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Immortal (2000) episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “The Hunted” and “Kiyomi.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Immortal (2000) episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Demons of the Night (1) Oct 07 2000 - In the premiere episode, parapsychologist Dr. Sara Beckman is attempting to use a demon-summoning device, which serves its purpose all too well. The mysterious Raphael Cain shows up and rescues ...more

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Demons of the Night (2) Oct 14 2000 - In part 2, Mallos and Vashista torment Goodwin and use him as bait to draw in Raphael. The plan succeeds, but only after Mallos has sadistically ripped off Vashista's hand and sent her back to ...more

Half Way Oct 21 2000 - McQueen, an aging rock star, has a deprogramming center for demons on his farm. Raphael is skeptical about reforming evil, though Sara tries to see things from a scientific angle. Added to the ...more

Not So Dead Oct 28 2000 - A demon body-jumper is the Immortal's newest threat: immune to his sword, it jumps bodies with impunity, including the body of Sara's romantic interest: a detective investigating the series of ...more

Wicked Wicked West Nov 04 2000 - Deciding to take a break, the trio check into a ""fantasy suite"" type hotel, unaware that it is a haven for demon. Through the fantasy-decorated hotel rooms, guests are sent ...more

Prime Location Nov 11 2000 - Goodwin is in love with a woman who is in cahoots with a demonic artist. They have occupied a loft that stands on a site of great magical power, and plan to use it to open the way to Hell. ...more

Studio D Nov 18 2000 - A mysterious death of a couch potato leads Raphael and Goodwin to cable studio D, while Sara investigates the victim's homelife. The demons have developed a way to broadcast Hellish ...more

Flight 666 Nov 25 2000 - Blaylock, a demon who can change forms and favors plagues, breaks into a government research lab and steals a virulent new germ-warfare disease. He escapes ahead of Raphael, who is taken into ...more

Bride's Kiss Dec 02 2000 - The theft of a jewel, the ""Bride's Kiss"", set the team on the trail of a demon who plans to use it to enthrall a millionaire/computer genius who has created a computer ...more

The Hunted Dec 09 2000 - Raphael is targeted by three demon assassins. He defeats the first one readily enough. The second, Oniko, is a female demon whom he briefly confronted early in his career. She tries to deceive ...more

Forest for the Trees Feb 03 2001 - The trail of demons takes Rafael, Goodwin and Sara to the northwest forests. Three nature spirits, sisters, share a crystal among themselves. However, one has turned to the side of Hell, become ...more

The Asylum Feb 10 2001 - Mallos returns with a deadly plan: having Raphael trapped in a mental institution, he does his demonic best to convince him he is not an immortal demon slayer, but ""Ralph"", ...more

Learning Curve Feb 17 2001 - When the team discovers a preppy boarding school is a source of demonic brainwashing, Goodwin and Sara go undercover to learn the truth and expose the demon agenda. Raphael finds himself bonding ...more

The Good Squire Feb 24 2001 - While on the trail of the demon Ashur, Raphael is put into a mystic coma, appearing dead to Sara and Goodwin. Goodwin is now faced with the responsibility of taking on the role of Immortal ...more

Wired Mar 03 2001 - Rodan, yet another evil demon, has a scheme: he is tapping into the despair and misery of human souls and converting it into music that allows him to control humans. Sara, striking out on her ...more

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Replay Mar 10 2001 - While on the trail of a demon, Raphael ends up inside a run-down, neighborhood bar. Unable to escape, he slowly discovers that he is locked in his own introspective voyage of emotional discovery ...more

Spy vs. Spa Apr 28 2001 - While going through some old things of Sara's, she finds a photo of her grandmother from the 40's...posing with Raphael and Goodwin. In flashback, they tell the tale of how they met her. They ...more

Happily Never After May 05 2001 - The Immortal one, Sara and Goodwin are still in Europe when Sara is mysterioiusly kidnapped. The trail leads to a castle where a female demon has set up a ""fantasy resort"" ...more

Deja Vu May 12 2001

Reckoning (1) May 19 2001 - While travelling in Europe, Goodwin has dreams of a special girl. Raphael relates to Sara (in flashback) how they came to Europe once before on the trail of Mallos. He had kidnapped local Gypsy ...more

Reckoning (2) May 26 2001 - If Raph, Goodwin and Sara can destroy Mallos as a human, they can stop him from ever existing as a demon. Ironically, by destroying Mallos, they set forth the very pattern that allowed him to ...more

Kiyomi Jun 02 2001 - While strolling along on the beach, discussing their future, Rafe, Sara and Goodwin discover the teenaged Kiyomi lying on the sand. She has no memory of anything that happened to her since her ...more

The Immortal Jan 01 2000 - Apparently a re-release on DVD of the first two episodes, compiled into a feature-length movie, perhaps a few more. For some reason Raphael Cain is renamed ""Keane