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Below is a complete The Jack Benny Program episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Jack Benny Program episodes are listed along with the The Jack Benny Program episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Jack Benny Program episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Income Tax Show” and “Liberace Show.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Jack Benny Program episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Jack Benny's 20th Anniversary Special

Jack Benny's Second Farewell Special

Everything You Wanted to Know About Jack Benny

Jack Benny in Australia

Jack Benny's New Look Very funny special with Benny displaying his "groovy" new look. Burns, Benny, Peck perform a vaudeville act.

Jack Benny's Birthday Special

Carnegie Hall Salutes Jack Benny

Jack Benny: Comedy In Bloom

Jack Benny's Bag Highlights include an extended parody of "The Graduate" with Benny and Diller.

Jack Benny on The Dean Martin Show

Jack Benny's First Farewell Special

The Jack Benny Hour 1965 The Beach Boys appear in a skit with Benny and Hope as surfers. Jack trys to weasel Disneyland tickets from Walt Disney. Also, a skit with Benny, Hope and Sommer in a takeoff on Italian movies. ...more

Jack Benny's Carnival Nights A comedy/variety special hosted by Jack Benny. The program opens with Hope and Thomas as paper hangers discussing Benny's stinginess. Benny delivers a monologue and explains the program's theme. ...more

The Jack Benny Hour 1966 Jack's back with the first of two specials he'll do this season. Joining him are madcap Phyllis Diller, singer-guitarist Trini Lopez and the Smothers Brothers, comedy folk singers. During the ...more

Jack Benny at the Hollywood Palace

Premiere Show Oct 28 1950 - Jack's debut program. The Sportsmen Quartet introduce the show, singing ""There's No Business Like Show Business."" (which was the closing theme song during the radio ...more

Faye Emerson and Frank Sinatra Show Jan 28 1951 - Benny and Sinatra do a skit on New York City. Sinatra sings 'Take My Love.' Benny and Rochester do a skit, and Benny and Faye Emerson do a skit. Frank Fontaine plays the character John L.T. ...more

Ben Hogan Show May 20 1951 -

Claudette Colbert and Basil Rathbone Show Apr 01 1951 - When Jack hears that Colbert and Rathbone will star in Montgomery's television show, he tries to replace Rathbone.

Feb 07 1960 - Jack introduces Molly Bee and they discuss 'the new generation' and rock and roll. She sings 'Have you heard?' Don does the commercial as a Shakespearian soliloquy accompanied by Jack on his ...more

Jack Is Arrested Feb 21 1960 - Jack can't get to sleep, so he practices his violin at 2 a.m., and is arrested for disturbing the peace.

Final Show of the Season May 01 1960 - Jack has just returned from Hong Kong, and Don carries him onstage in a rickshaw. Dennis Day, dressed as a Japanese announcer, does the Lux Soap commercial with a Japanese accent. In the skit, ...more

Easter Show Apr 17 1960 - Jack and his girlfriend Mildred walk in the Beverly Hills Easter Parade, where they meet Dennis, with a duck on a string, Benny's violin teacher, Jack's two old lady fans, and a photographer who ...more

Natalie Wood/Robert Wagner Show Mar 06 1960 - Jack insists on CBS letting him direct a Playhouse 90 episode. Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner play the stars of the production directed by Jack.

Slogan Contest Apr 03 1960 - Jack has entered a slogan contest for Joshua Juice Vitamins; his slogan wins, but when the prize is given to someone else, he decides to sue.

Jack Goes To a Pasadena Fan Club Meeting Dec 13 1959 - Dennis sings 'Sinner man.' In the sketch, the Jack Benny Fan Club, Pasadena Chapter, has asked Jack to play the violin at their meeting. He plays 'Love in bloom,' and 'Swanee River,' and is ...more

Ben Blue Show Jan 10 1960 - Jack relates how he found Shandu the Magician in Ben Blue's restaurant and got him to appear on his show.

Maurice Gosfield/Amateur Show Jan 24 1960 - Jack hosts an amateur show featuring a tuba-playing boy who won't play; a beautiful girl who does a strip routine; Howard McNear as Fletcher Quill the mindreader, who does the Lux ad; and ...more

The Jack Benny Program 30 Years In the Future Oct 04 1959 - In the opening segment, Benny misses the opening of his show because he has fallen asleep in his dressing room. In his monologue, he mentions that he fell asleep because his show is now on later ...more

Harry Truman Show Oct 18 1959 - In the opening sketch, the director says the show is too long, but Benny refuses to do the show unless they put back the line about his blue eyes. Instead, he insists that the Sportsmen Quartet ...more

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart Show Nov 15 1959 - Jack and his date rub into the Stewarts at a Concert.

Jack Paar Show Nov 29 1959 - In his monologue, Benny says he is going to follow the new CBS policy and tell the truth from now on (probably with reference to the recent quiz show scandals). Don introduces Joyce Davidson, ...more

Jack Webb Show Nov 01 1959 - Webb and Benny do a Charlie Chan skit to prove how much it is like a Dragnet show; the title of the skit is 'Dragon Net.' Benny plays Charlie Chan, and Webb plays #1 Son.

George Burns Show Dec 27 1959 - George visits Jack and Rochester at home. Don has given both Jack and George duck hunting gear for Christmas; they phone Don to tell him they hate his gifts. In a flash-back Don remembers the ...more

Jack Goes To A Concert Dec 11 1960 - Jack takes his girlfriend Mildred to a violin concert, even though she would prefer to go to the fights. Jack spots the Stewarts in the audience and tries to get their attention by tossing ...more

Dick Clark Show Oct 23 1960 - Jack visits Dick Clark for advice on how to get teen-agers to watch his show. Dick suggests that he book the Sabres, who sing 'Flip, flop and fly' for them, but Jack refuses to pay their 1,000 ...more

English Sketch Apr 16 1961 - Jack's monologue is about contact lenses. It is interrupted by two photographers from What's new in television magazine who want to take his picture. Benny introduces Peter Lawford, and they ...more

Variety Show Apr 02 1961 -

Nightbeat Takeoff Oct 16 1960 - Jack is preparing to begin a new season in which he will be putting on a show every week. His new publicity agent has sent out trucks that run over people, leaving a tire imprint on their backs ...more

Jack Casting For Television Special Jan 01 1961 - Jack has written his life story for television, and has his agent hire a child actor who is just as cheap as he is to play himself. Remake of the sketch originally done on November 20, 1954.

Milton Berle Show Oct 30 1960 - Jack meets Milton Berle in a restaurant and Berle hams up his entrance. He convinces Jack to alter his comedy style. They do a show together and Jack wears a clown suit, gets a pie in the face, ...more

Joey Bishop Show Nov 27 1960 - Jack states that due to time shortage, he has to cut his monologue. Diana Trask sings. Jack and Don visit the Copacabana to see Bishop's night club routine. Show done in New York.

Lunch Counter Murder Dec 04 1960 - Jack's monologue concerns the previous night's bachelor party. Dennis does not want to sing because Duryea got the star dressing room. His mother has thrown Duryea out of the room. The sketch is ...more

Dance Contest Mar 26 1961 - Rochester wants to compete in the Al Jarvis Dance Contest for the $500 prize, but Jack tells him he has already had his night off this month. Jack cancels dinner with the Wilsons in order to ...more

Gisele Mackenzie Nov 06 1960 - Jack gets a haircut between the dress rehearsal and the show; none of the barbers want to do it because his tips are so small. Don and Oscar the seal do the State Farm commercial. Gisele sings ...more

Main Street Shelter Apr 09 1961 - Jack's monologue is on TV channel switchers. In the sketch, Jack returns from a three day hike with the Beverly Hills Beavers to find that Rochester has given an old sports jacket with $200 sewn ...more

Christmas Show Dec 18 1960 - Jack goes Christmas shopping with Rochester and drives the staff of the department store crazy.

Amateur Show Dec 25 1960 -

John Wayne Show Nov 20 1960 - Jack is in New York, and in his monologue he tells the audience about the press party he gave at the Automat. He introduces Betty Furness and John Wayne in the audience. J.R.C. Scavone [?] ...more

Las Vegas Show Mar 19 1961 - Jack has hired only two of the Mills Brothers; because the two of them can't sing well, they ask the other two to come out and sing anyway. Their agent shoots himself backstage. They do the ...more