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Below is a complete The Journey of Allen Strange episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Journey of Allen Strange episodes are listed along with the The Journey of Allen Strange episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Journey of Allen Strange episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features “Compute,” “Haunted” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Journey of Allen Strange episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Compute Jan 24 1998 - Allen and Josh make a computer that falls in love with Robbie, and there's nothing worse than a lovesick laptop.

Home (1) Feb 24 1998 - Allen really, really wants to get back home. He sends out a signal to his home planet, but Shaw and Phil Berg track the message.

Space Nov 22 1997 - Is it safe for Allen to go places on his own? Robbie doesn't think so. She goes to look after him and ends up putting herself in danger!

Gronpoly Dec 06 1997 - The Stevensons discover that Allen isn't the only intergalactic visitor to drop by Planet Earth... and the new alien on the block isn't very friendly.

Collision Jan 17 1998 - A deadly meteor is heading straight for Earth, and only Allen can stop it. Meanwhile, Josh and Robbie's slumber party pals are on a collision course.

Battle Jan 03 1998 - As a new member of the wrestling team, Allen must decide whether or not to use his super strength. Can he do it without blowing his cover?

The Guardian Jan 10 1998 - When Josh and Ken go camping and Robbie goes to visit Gail, Allen's left alone for the weekend. Well, not ALL alone--there's a burglar in the house!

Entry Nov 15 1997 - To enroll in school you need a parent--even if you're an alien--so Allen uses his powers to cough one up. Meanwhile, Robbie's having school troubles of her own....

Starwalk Dec 13 1997 - Allen's just found out about Christmas and he's all set to give Robbie the best present ever. But Josh's mistake could ruin the holiday for everyone.

The Visit Dec 27 1997 - The common cold is just a hassle for humans. But for Allen, who's never had it before, it could be fatal. Meanwhile, Robbie tries out for the varsity track team.

Arrival Nov 08 1997 - The one that started it all! Allen Strange stows away on a ship from his planet and winds up stranded on our planet. Good thing Robbie and Josh are around!

Rescue Feb 21 1998 - Josh and Allen discover a clue that could help Allen get back home. Unfortunately, it's right in the middle of an evil Trykloid lair.

Home (2) Feb 26 1998 - Before Phil Berg can capture Allen, the Trykloids capture Phil. But the A.R.C. has better luck, and now Allen is behind bars with only one hope of escape.

Strange Culture Sep 14 1998 - A piece of mold turns into a living, breathing clone of Moose (only nicer)!

Father & Son Nov 04 1998 - As Manfred the mannequin starts to become more and more human, Allen gets annoyed when he starts interfering in his life.

The Truth About Lies Oct 05 1998 - After Allen gets caught telling lies about his human identity, Robbie helps him create a home out of thin air fir his teacher to visit.

Secret of the Deep Nov 30 1998 - Allen starts communicating with a strange creature that lives at the bottom of the sea.

Haunted Sep 07 1998 - Josh isn't only into UFOs, he's into ghosts too--especially after he and Allen actually MEET one. Meanwhile, Ken and Robbie try to rewire the house.

Eye of a Stranger Feb 08 1999 - An alien visitor tries to convince him that all humans are bad, Allen learns that his human suit is a different colour from Josh's.

Pride of the Dolphin Sep 09 1998 - Allen gets caught in the middle when Robbie has a big argument with the wrestling team.

The Broken Puzzle Sep 23 1998 - Allen picked up the English language in a day, but English Lit is something else entirely! Now Allen's flunking it--and he could lose his place on the wrestling team.

Passage Aug 31 1998 - Allen goes on a journey where he has to show courage, honesty and sacrifice without the use of his powers. Meanwhile, Robbie and Josh are in for a disappointment when their parents announce ...more

Shadows in the Sky Apr 28 1999 - The Trykloids are closing in on Delport

Dances with Moose Dec 02 1998 - Allen gets ready for his first school dance. But he doesn't realise that an April Fool's Day trick is about to be played on him.

Baby on Board Dec 14 1998 - Allen goes in search of Trykloid babies. Robbie suspects that her father is dating someone.

Down the Tube Apr 14 1999 - Allen and Hamilton are invited to their first pool party, meanwhile Robbie and Josh face a dilemma

A New Leaf Nov 23 1998 - Allen starts his own gardening service. But things go wrong after he zaps one of his plants with Xelan energy and it grows out of control!

The Day of the Beagle Sep 02 1998 - Grandma Irma's dog is taken over by an alien parasite, which Allen is afraid of but must capture before it takes over Josh and the rest of the human race.

Portal (1) Sep 28 1998 - As Allen, Josh, and Robbie race to get the key that opens the portal which has fallen into the hands of Phil Berg, there's danger in store when Josh gets sucked into the portal.

Fast Friends Mar 17 1999 - Allen sets out to make new friends and makes some wrong choices to the new friends that he picks.

Cash Crunch Oct 21 1998 - Allen has his hands full with an alien girl who has a crush on him. Robbie tries to help out her dad with his money troubles.

Strike Out Apr 07 1999 - Allen helps Josh become a better baseball player than he ever was, meanwhile Robbie goes on strike from housework he has to do.

All Apologies Mar 31 1999 - Robbie and Erica set out to create and publish their own magazine.

Unmasked! Mar 10 1999 - Allen tries to prove that his teacher is an alien.

Portal (2) Sep 30 1998 - Allen closes the portal forever, sacrificing his only way home to save Josh - and the planet - from the wormhole.

Bust A Move Apr 21 1999 - Dad wants the family to move to San Francisco, but there will be no room for Allen in the new house, can this the end of there friendship.

Space Bugs Mar 24 1999 - Allen is followed home from the Ufo museum by some pesky space bugs who start causing chaos back at the house.

A Room of My Own Oct 12 1998 - Robbie gets over her parents' separation by changing her room. Meanwhile Allen and Josh run into Phil Berg at the dentist.

Two for the Road Sep 16 1998 - Allen's on an overnight trip with the wrestling team when their bus crashes. What's worse, Ken just sold the Lemorian Pod in a yard sale.

Split Decision Dec 12 1999 - Robbie is caught by Berg and Shaw, meanwhile Allen is split between his human and alien forms.

Out On A Limb Jan 30 2000 -

Mother And Child Reunion Dec 19 1999 -

Twist Of Fate Dec 26 1999 -

Bringing Up Baby Mar 05 2000 -

Out To Lunch Feb 27 2000 -

Message From Beyond Apr 23 2000 -

First Day of School Dec 05 1999 -

A Burp In Time Feb 06 2000 -

As The Millennium Turns Dec 31 1999 -

Blue-Up Jan 23 2000 -