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Below is a complete The Kids from Room 402 episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Kids from Room 402 episodes are listed along with the The Kids from Room 402 episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Kids from Room 402 episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” “The Gazotski” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Kids from Room 402 episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Son of Einstein Jesse is tired of failing math. When it is time for the class to get new math books, instead of getting a student's text, he gets a teacher's edition with all the answers! Instead of reporting ...more

Welcome to Safety Corner Nancy returns from her trip to Mexico ready to show off her tan and her new charm bracelet, but when class starts the kids are more interested in the choosing of the new crossing guards. When ...more

During a special assembly Jessie gets hungry and buys a packet of chocolate raisins from Arthur, but by the time the pack reaches him there is only one raisin left. As the documentary film ...more

The One Man Committee Nancy is excited when she gets a Fish Book Baggie Baby from the local store, but when she gets to school she finds out that all the other girls bought the Caterpillar design and hides her own ...more

The Half Wit Arthur loses his ring, but when he goes to the lost and found office to try and find it he finds himself up against Polly who insists on him filling out sheet after sheet of paperwork and ...more

Shy Kidney As the class prepares to go on a school trip to the museum, Arthur has trouble going to the bathroom while other people are in there. Just before the class boards the bus, Mr Besser introduces ...more

Is Your Refrigerator Running? Vinnie and Jessie find a list of teachers' phone numbers and decide to prank their teachers, however after Jessie calls Miss Graves, Vinnie is caught pranking Mr Besser and is forced to be his ...more

During a visit to the school library, Polly realises how disorganised the librarian Mr Jackson is and volunteers as a Junior Librarian. As Polly begins a strict regime that infuriates the kids, ...more

Free Lunch As lunch time begins again, all the kids are complaining about the awful lunches that their parents have packed, except for Freddie who is looking forward to his lunch until he discovers he has ...more

The Moocher Nancy arrives at school and immediately begins bragging about her new boyfriend Jeremy, and while the other girls are impressed to begin with, they quickly become bored of Nancy's stories and ...more

The Girl in the Plastic Bubble As Sports Day approaches, Nancy is sure that she will win all the events she enters, but as the flu season hits she becomes increasingly concerned about falling ill and missing the even. However ...more

Over the River and Through the Swamp During practice for the Chorus recital, the music teacher starts to give birth and practice ends before Arthur can rehearse his solo, and when Mr Besser becomes the new music teacher, things go ...more

The Camera Loves Freddie Picture Day arrives and Freddie is really proud of his cowboy shirt until he finds out that Polly is wearing one just like it, but his attempts to hide the fact quickly fail and the class makes ...more

The Anti-Mucous Forming, Artery Clogging, Energy Zapping Diet In order to eat the same foods as Penny, Nancy goes to the health store and ends up being scared into trying a totally healthy diet, and soon all of the girls are eating only healthy foods, ...more

Mercury in Retrograde Nancy has a lot of bad luck and learns that Mercury is in Retrograde. This means she might miss a baseball game, but at 2.15 PM everything will be the same again. And poor Freddie had to go to ...more

Bad Seed The kids are very thrilled to see a new car during their baseball game, until they realize the new car is Mr. Besser's car. He doesn't want the kids to mess with his car. But when Jessie boasts ...more

There Must Be a Pony Polly becomes popular when she gets a pony, but as the kids all take turns to meet Snowball they find out that it's not as great as they thought as Polly forces them to answer questions on ...more

Mrs McCoy's Baby Boy Jessie's mom finds out that the other boys are bullying him and tries to help him out, but only ends up embarrasing him further. Meanwhile Nancy finds out that Jordan is really rich, but the ...more

Eenie Meenie The girls get excited when a new ping-pong table is introduced to the playground, but deciding who gets to play first causes problems as each method of choosing meets with conflict from everyone ...more

Bing, Bing, Bing and a Shot The Squirrel Girls hold their annual cookie-selling contest for two girls to win places at Squirrel Camp, but Nancy's ruthless tactics to go on camp with Penny end up forcing Penny out of the ...more

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Nancy persuades all of the other girls not to try out for a babysitting job so that she is sure to get it, but soon she and little Lara Johnston find out that they hate each other and Nancy gets ...more

The Low Sodium, Adult Swim Only, Early Bird Summer Vacation Nancy is thrilled to be going to her grandparent's in Miami for summer vacation, but when she arrives she soon finds that things aren't as great as they seem. The other guests are boring, the ...more

Jessie Magoo Jessie is worried about failing the eye-test, but his attempts to cheat end up with him having to wear glasses, making it hard for him to see anything. Meanwhile, Nancy and Charlie are competing ...more

Your Body is Changing The kids all get excited about the chance to see the ""Your Body is Changing"" film, until they learn that they have to go with a parent. Jessie thinks he's got away going ...more

I Got a Boyfriend Nancy and Vinny start going out after they find they like each other while cleaning the classroom, but as Nancy thinks everything is going perfectly she discovers that Vinny is cheating on her ...more

The Peep and the Sheep As Haloween approaches, all the kids are excited about what costumes they are going to be wearing. Vinny and Jessie both agree not to go as Space Beasts, but both then break their promise, ...more

The School Fair All the kids are excited as the school fair approaches and every one of them is determined to get their hands on the two bikes up for grabs. As the stalls get under way, it seems that every kid ...more

A Visit to Nana and Pop-Pop's After tricking Mr Besser with a dollar tied to a piece of string, Vinnie and Jessie are both sentenced to be his helpers. As well as the horror of doing the principal's duty, Jessie also has a ...more

Chi Whiz The other kids are all amazed when Jordan's baseball skills suddenly start improving and she explains that it is due to Feng Shui and positive chi. Intrigued by the spiritual lifestyle, Nancy ...more

Simon of London All of the girls get excited when they see the new Cleopatra hair-style by Simon of London and in an attempt to become more popular, Nancy tells the others that she is going to get her hair cut ...more

The Dumb Bunny Shocked by Jessie's consistently poor maths scores, Miss Graves recommends him for the remedial program, but rather than attending the lessons Jessie spends the time bowling and going to the ...more

In order to not have to perform Mr Flop-Flop the Christmas Bunny at the school play, the kids band together to force Mr Besser to hand over control to them, however the ensuing arguing ends up ...more

Mr Beeser the Liver Butcher Miss Graves is called to the doctors when it is believed that she has medical problems until it is revealed that it was just a mix-up, however rather than returning to school she decides to take ...more

The Election Story As election fever hits the school, everybody seems to be running for class president except for Polly who is off ill. When Nancy is made to go round and see how Polly is, she lets slip about the ...more

The Clique In an attempt to become one of the popular girls, Nancy befriends one of the girls and quickly becomes part of the clique, much to the annoyance of her classmates. However the other girls soon ...more

The Gazotski Relentless in her attempts to incorporate Lithuanian Studies into the curriculum, Polly insists that the school hold a traditional Gazotski folk dance and after much consideration chooses Sanjay ...more

The Sidewalk Boys Determined to get tickets for the Sidewalk Boys concert, Nancy turns to Arthur for help and the two weave a plan to get in by pretending to be members of the press. However once inside the two ...more

Uncle Bonehead Vinnie is horrified when he finds out that Mr Besser has married his Aunt Cookie, especially when the two move in and the kids at school find out. However when Vinnie's aunt finds out that Mr ...more

Squirrel Girls and Boys The kids are all excited about going to Squirrel Camp until they learn that Miss Belanchof is covering for their normal Squirrel Girl leader. While Penny, Nancy and Polly try for their ...more

Don't Know, Don't Care, Smells Miss Graves asks Nancy and Polly to perpare reports on the cultures of other kids in the class and while Nancy pairs up with Sanjay, Polly ends up choosing Jordan to do her report. While Polly ...more

Don't Put Your Fingers in the Light Socket After Jessie terrorises all of the local babysitters, his mom is forced to look for a new sitter and ends up hiring Polly to look after her baby boy. Jessie begs Polly not to tell the other ...more

Squeezed Out Nancy is the best kid in the Gardening Club until she has to go to Miami while her grandma has an eye job to make her look younger. While Nancy finds Miami life more exciting than last time, ...more

By Invitation Only Fed up with her daughter's lack of respect, Miss Belanchof grounds Melanie and stops her from going out after school. In an attempt to get out of being grounded, Melanie starts sending herself ...more

It Takes Your Breath Away Nancy is embarrassed to learn that she has asthma and tries to hide it from her classmates, but soon finds that she is worried about every little thing that could cause her problems. She goes to ...more

No Refunds, No Exchanges Jessie signs up for the Student Exchange program, hoping that he will be paired with a smart kid who he can copy off. But when Lars arrives from Outer Maledonia, Jessie realises that the echange ...more

The Slam Book Fed up that the other kids don't like her, Melanie starts up a Slam Book where people can write comments about each other. To start with, the girls are only writing good things about each other, ...more

The Big House Nancy finds Mrs. Graves grade book in her backpack and she is determined to find some way of sneaking it back. All Nancy can think about is finding the grade book and about going to the ...more

King Arthur Jesse ends up losing a bet to Arthur and has to do anything Arthur says for a whole week, Jesse is at first miserable until he finds out Arthur cheated and Arthur becomes Jesse's slave.

For Whom the Bell Tolls Nancy, Jordan and Gabrielle all see the new Amber Amberset video and come to school dressed like her the next day, but their skimpy dresses and bells infuriate Mr Besser who decides to introduce ...more

Believe It or Not Miss graves starts driving Nurse Pitts to school, but soon fnds sitting in a car with the nurse is no better than working with her. As the strain of the journies begins to show, Jessie and ...more