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TV Full List of The Kinetic Karnival Of Jearl Walker Episodes

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Below is a complete The Kinetic Karnival of Jearl Walker episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Kinetic Karnival of Jearl Walker episodes are listed along with the The Kinetic Karnival of Jearl Walker episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Kinetic Karnival of Jearl Walker episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Rotation” to “Fluid Flow and Friction” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Kinetic Karnival of Jearl Walker episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Forces and Collisions Walker is the stuntman, performing a few karate moves. Dressed as a samurai, he explains the physics behind breaking a board in half. Later in the program, he gets sandwiched between two beds of ...more

Rotation The program opens at Geauga Lake Amusement Park in Aurora, Ohio (just outside Cuyahoga County). Walker rides the rotor to explain ""centrifugal force."" In a neighborhood ...more

Fluid Flow and Friction The show opens, and the remote camera crew finds Walker in a bathtub. It's an opportunity for Walker to explain the myth of water draining in a certain direction–the ""Coriolis ...more

Viscosity Beginning with maple syrup on a plate of pancakes, Walker sheds light on viscosity and how it decreases with an increase in temperature. His second lecture is on non-Newtonian fluids, which act ...more

The Leidenfrost Effect Walker prefaces this show with a warning about some of the stunts he is about to do with the Leidenfrost effect. He dips his hand quickly into molten lead, pours liquid nitrogen into his mouth ...more

The Science of Cooking Jearl Walker's lab is now a kitchen, as he explains the molecular framework behind lemon meringue and crepes. He tenderizes pork with pineapple juice, inserts a steel rod filled with water into ...more