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Below is a complete The Koala Brothers episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Koala Brothers episodes are listed along with the The Koala Brothers episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Koala Brothers episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “Mitzi's Vacation” to “Alice And The Poet.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Koala Brothers episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Christmas The Koala Brothers invite everyone to spend Christmas Day with them.

Archie's New Home Oct 01 2003 - Archie is the Koala Brothers' new neighbour and he's keen to make friends. He organizes a party, but nobody comes! Could it be something to do with a creaky door and rumours of his house being ...more

Sea Captain Ned Oct 08 2003 - Ned finds an abandoned rowing boat right smack in the middle of the outback! But how can he make it seaworthy? And how will it ever reach the ocean? Luckily, the Koala Brothers, Frank and ...more

The Thirsty Penguin Oct 15 2003 - A lost penguin finds shelter with Frank and Buster.

Oct 22 2003 - George the postman delivers letters but finds out that he, ironically, doesn't get letters addressed to him! How can his friends help him feel not so left out?

Josie's Big Jump Oct 29 2003 - Josie can't skip but wants to go skipping with Mitzi and have a good time! Can the Koala brothers come to her aid and get her skipping in no time?

Alice Can't Remember Nov 05 2003 - Alice the messenger can't seem to remember something even though she has a string around her finger! Will she be able to remember with the help from the Koala Brothers?

Ned's Scary Night Nov 12 2003 - A very windy night produces noises that are scary to Ned! He seeks help from the Koala Brothers in allaying his fears.

What Mitzi Wants Nov 19 2003 - Mitzi sees a toy in Sammy's shop that she really, really, REALLY wants! But it turns out she doesn't have enough money to buy it. What's she going to do? Of course, she gets help from the Koala ...more

Ned the Policeman Nov 26 2003 - Ned becomes a stickler for the rules after taking a new job as policeman.

Sammy's Bumpy Ride Dec 03 2003 -

Archie's Loose Tooth Dec 10 2003 - Poor Archie! He's tortured by the idea of having a loose tooth, it's very distracting for him. Ouch. His friends rally around him to give support and help!

Penny Comes to Stay Dec 17 2003 - Penny visits the homestead for a couple of days.

Lolly Comes to Town Jan 07 2004 - The Koala Brothers repair Lolly the ice cream vendor's van in a very hot day.

George and the Parcel Jan 14 2004 -

Sammy and the Moon Jan 28 2004 - Sammy longs to be on the moon. No wonder he's delighted when the Koala Brothers are willing to help him! But how can it be done?

George's Day Off Feb 04 2004 - George's taking a day off! But what's an old, dedicated postman like him to do? He needs a hobby and eventually finds one... what is it? Watch and find out!

Archie to the Rescue Feb 11 2004 - Archie wants to be a hero and rescue someone. Being a superhero is such hard work! Guess to who he finally becomes a hero?

Alice Rides Again Feb 18 2004 - Ouch! Alice takes a hard fall from her scooter and is afraid to ride again. With the Koala Brothers' help, she might overcome her fear and ride again!

Ned the Pilot Feb 25 2004 - Ned decides to become a pilot, but he is afraid of heights.

Mitzi's Big Adventure Mar 03 2004 - Mitzi finds out that being in charge on an adventure is fun and she gets to tell others what to do! That is, until she finds out just how responsible she has to be to be a good leader.

Ned's Visitor Mar 10 2004 - Ned feels left out when his friends are invited by one another for a variety of reasons. So he makes friends with the mysterious Big Benny.... Who is he, anyway? Find out!

Lolly's Bell Mar 17 2004 - Lolly is upset that the bell on her ice cream van isn't working anymore! How can she let everyone know that cool refreshing ice cream is around?! Can the bell get fixed?

Ned Catches a Cold Mar 24 2004 - Ah-ah-achoo! Poor Ned, he caught a cold. Now who's going to take over his place in helping the Koala Brothers with their airplane? And would Ned feel left out?

Josie Can Dance Mar 31 2004 - Josie really wants to dance! But she's got no confidence. To find it, she'll need help from her friends...

Penny Knits a Jumper Mar 31 2004 - Penny wants to knit a jumper (scarf) for a friend. Alas, no materials! With her friends' help, will she be able to knit something?

Mitzi's Vacation Jan 21 2004 - MItzi is taking a vacation... and she wants to take ALL her belongings with her because she misses them! Can the Koala Brothers convince her to reconsider?

Sammy and the Bee Jan 07 2005 - Sammy's not only a shopkeeper but he's also a beekeeper and collects honey! When one of his bees goes missing, he and his friends go on a frantic search. One of the searchers tries to overcome a ...more

Alice Gets the Hiccups Jan 07 2005 - Hic... hic... HIC! Alice has the hiccups and endures a few suggestions on how to cure it, with funny results! You also get to see Frank and his little airplane perform cool aerial stunts in this ...more

Lolly's Long Goodbye Jan 04 2005 - Lolly has a hard time saying goodbye.

Ned's Buried Treasure Jan 04 2005 - Ned decides to be a pirate!

Mitzi's Special Photos Jan 26 2005 - Mitzi decides to take some special pictures to put in a show.

George's Big Mistake Jan 26 2005 -

Ned the Knight Jan 26 2005 - Ned wants to become a knight, but there's one problem he needs to slay a dragon to become a real knight.

Archie Goes Camping Jan 26 2005 - Archie decides to go camping by himself.

Plane Crazy Ned Jan 26 2005 - Ned gets a remote controlled airplane as a gift! He's excited and declines help in assembling it, diappointing some folks in the process. Watch to see what happens next!

George's Big Race Jan 26 2005 - Slow-paced George and athletic Archie compete in their own version of the famous ""Turtle and the Hare"" tale! You probably can predict the result but watch anyway and root ...more

Sammy's Bad Day Jul 26 2004 - Oh, dear. After a bad day, Sammy decides to close his store.

George's Little Plant Jul 26 2004 - George starts to neglect his responsibilities as a postman when he starts taking care of a little plant.

Archie Tennis Ace Jan 26 2005 - Archie's too good at tennis for everyone which causes a little problem. Participation and knowing that being a winner isn't everything are the morals of this story.

Josie's Little Accident Jan 26 2005 - Oh, no! Josie accidentally breaks Sammy's favorite mug! She finds a way to make it up to Sammy with the help of a few of her friends. Including the Koala Brothers, of course.

Penny's Big Game Penny improves her cricket skills for the game.

Mitzi's Busy Day Mitzi promises to help with a tea party, but every time she keeps a promise to somebody she runs out of time.

George Goes Faster After a disappointment from Mitzi for not delivering the chocolates in time, George decides to go a little quicker.

Ned Finds His Whistle Everyone can whistle except for Ned who is having trouble on his whistle.

Josie's New Tune May 10 2005 - Archie insists on fixing a broken toy by himself but everytime he tries, he doesn't listen.

Sammy's Cuckoo Clock May 10 2005 - Sammy leaves Josie alone to run the shop.

Archie Doesn't Listen May 11 2005 - When Penny came to visit a day early for her birthday, Frank tells Buster to keep Penny from ruining her birthday surprise.

Josie In Charge May 11 2005 - Uh-oh! George loses the town's mail when his satchel rips and the letters felled out of his ripped satchel and then later the Koala Brothers found the missing letters and delivered them before ...more

Penny's Birthday Surprise May 12 2005 - Lolly is making a new flavor of ice cream and hired Ned to be her taste tester, but all the flavors tasted horrible.