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Below is a complete The Land Before Time episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Land Before Time episodes are listed along with the The Land Before Time episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Land Before Time episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “The Brave Longneck Scheme” and “The Mysterious Tooth Crisis.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Land Before Time episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Time of Great Giving Dec 15 1995 - The gang is in some trouble with bullies, but then a much bigger problem appears. The Thundering Falls stop and the valley starts drying out. To make things even worse (for the main characters) ...more

The Great Valley Adventure Dec 23 1994 - Soon after arrival in the Great Valley, the little dinos chase some Egg Stealers into the Mysterious Beyond and discover an egg from which a Sharptooth hatches. They call him Chomper, and all is ...more

Journey Through the Mists Dec 10 1996 - A herd of farwalker longnecks visits the valley, telling that their homeland was transformed into the Land of Mists. Grandpa Longneck then becomes mortally ill and Littlefoot, along with a young ...more

Invasion of the Tinysauruses Jan 11 2004 - It is almost time for the Great Valley herd to have some of the tree sweets. Something knocks them down and it is discovered some tiny dinos have moved into the Great Valley. Littlefoot makes ...more

The Great Longneck Migration Dec 02 2003 - Littlefoot has odd dreams. He finds out his grandparents have also and it means they must set out and travel to a destination they have not seen. His friends set out after he has left to catch ...more

Wisdom Of Friends Nov 27 2007 - Some Cocky Yellow Bellies, Loofah, Doofah, and Foobie appear in the Great Valley. They are trying to find their way to Berry Valley. The gang sets out to help them find their way there. ...more

The Mysterious Island Dec 09 1997 - Leaf gobblers appear and eat all of the green food in the Great Valley and the herds leave. The gang set out to find green food so their herds will not break up after a disagreement. While doing ...more

The Land Before Time Nov 19 1988 - An earthquake separates the main characters from their families, and they set off to reunite with them as they embark on an adventure to The Great Valley. They face dangers such as starvation, ...more

Journey to Big Water Dec 10 2002 - During a bad rainy season more rain than usual falls upon the Great Valley, so much that it floods part of it. Littlefoot meets a happy, funny talking little fish named Mo, who lives there but ...more

The Great Day of the Flyers Feb 27 2006 - It is an important time for Petrie, and possibly emotional time showing he can fly with his family. Also Cera learns some news concerning her family: a new baby, Tricia! While this occurs they ...more

The Secret of Saurus Rock Dec 01 1998 - A large longneck named Doc appears in the valley, and Littlefoot believes him to be the Lone Dinosaur of legend. Later Littlefoot and his friends accidentally break off one of the stone teeth of ...more

The Stone of Cold Fire May 12 2012 - Littlefoot sees a strange flying rock one night while everyone is sleeping. The valley has some visitors, among them Petrie's uncle Pterano and some rainbowfaces that seem to talk in riddles and ...more

The Big Freeze Feb 04 2001 - Some spiketail farwalkers visit the valley. During their visit snow falls upon the valley. Spike, who has befriended Tippy, goes with the spiketails. Ducky sets out to bring Spike back and the ...more

The Brave Longneck Scheme Mar 09 2007 - Ali's herd returns to the valley, and a new dinosaur named Rhett claims sharptooth's fear him, so the gang decides to bring in Chomper to see if he is a liar.

Search for the Sky Color Stones A rainbow is mistaken as being sky stones. When it disappears, the gang decides to see where it has run off to.

The Hidden Canyon Mar 19 2007 - The kids discover a canyon of fruit trees and decide to keep it secret, but things may have to change when the Sharp Teeth decide to use it as an entrance to the canyon.

Missing Fast-Water Adventure Sep 02 2007 - After an earthshake dries up the fast-water, the dinosaur kids try to fix the problem by removing the rocks. On the way, they meet their old friend Mo.

The Lone Dinosaur Returns Doc returns to the great valley, in search of a lady friend. But when he finds out Littlefoot is friends with a sharptooth, their friendship gets strained.

The Big Longneck Test Littlefoot's father and Shorty travel to the Great Valley to give Littlefoot the news that he will be taking the "Big Longneck Test", a three-stage test to see if a Longneck is capable ...more

Mar 13 2007 - Ducky invents a new game while trying to get a tree sweet, and now everyone is anxious to see who can win the log-running cmopetition.

The Amazing Three-Horn Girl When Cera accidentally makes falling rocks scare away a group of Belly-Draggers, the dinosaurs think she is a hero. Cera loves the attention, but things get out of hand when the Belly-Draggers

March of the Sand Creepers A herd of sand creepers (crabs) comes to the Great valley, so the gang decides to investigate why they are there.

Through the Eyes of A Spiketail A freeze has come to the Great Valley, so Mr. Thicknose decides to tell everyone about a mysterious treat known as Hard Water Sweets (which are frozen grapes). The gang desires to taste this ...more

Mar 16 2007 - An earthshake traps Ducky and Chomper on a ledge with the sharptooth Thud, who is pinned down by rocks. In the end, Chomper and Thud discover which of them is the "bigger" sharptooth!

The Meadow of Jumping Water Mar 12 2007 - Ruby and Chomper tell the other kids about a place where water jumps out of the ground, and they head out to see it. Meanwhile, Petrie frets that the tree stars Spike ate will bring them bad

The Cave of Many Voices Mar 05 2007 - Chomper's cave starts leaking, so the gang searches for a new cave Chopper can stay in while he lives in the valley.

The Hermit of Black Rock While trying to learn how to fly Guido is blown into a cave with Petrie, and they encounter a blind old flyer called Swooper.

The Bright Circle Celebration Mar 15 2007 - Everyone except Cera and her father are excited for the bright circle celebration, but when fire threatens everyone only Cera and her father can save the day.

Stranger From the Mysterious Above When Spike falls down a hole, he encounters a colony of mammals who thinks of him as the 'Big One' from the Mysterious Above. Meanwhile, his friends try to save him but only find trouble when Mr ...more

The Great Egg Adventure The series finale. Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie and Chomper (followed by Hyp, Nod and Mutt) find a nest of Fast Biter eggs. They decide to carry the eggs away from the valley so the baby sharpteeth ...more

The Mysterious Tooth Crisis Mar 08 2007 - The gang tries to find someone who can help explain why Chomper has lost a tooth to see if it's normal.

The Legend of the Story Speakers Mar 14 2007 - When Grandpa Longneck's old friend Saro comes to visit, the kids discover that Grandpa used to be a legendary Story Speaker.

The Spooky Nighttime Adventure One night, Ruby tells the group a scary story about an invisible dinosaur named 'Hidden Runner and gives everyone scary sleep stories. They see Mr Thicknose to tell him that she made up the ...more

The Forbidden Friendship Tippy and his family return to the great valley, much to Spike's delight. But a dispute over food leaves them being forbidden to play with one another.

The Canyon of Shiny Stones Mar 06 2007 - Cera accidentally loses Tria's shiny stone, so the gang travels to the Canyon of Shiny Stones looking for a new stone to replace the lost one.

Return to Hanging Rock On the day of the Falling Rocks of Many Nights (meteor shower), Ruby remembers a memory of her family meeting at Hanging Rock when she lived in the Mysterious Beyond. Ruby adventures alone to ...more

Mar 21 2007 - A storm destroys Petrie's nest, and Ducky tries to teach Tricia how to swim.

The Star Day Celebration Mar 07 2007 -

The Lonely Journey Sep 01 2007 - It's lonely being the only Sharptooth in the Great Valley. Chomper decides to go to the Mysterious Beyond to teach the Sharpteeth how to be friends. But the Sharpteeth he meets aren't very ...more