Full List of The Legend Of Tarzan Episodes

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Below is a complete The Legend of Tarzan episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Legend of Tarzan episodes are listed along with the The Legend of Tarzan episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Legend of Tarzan episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Tarzan and the Lost Treasure” and “Tarzan and the Volcanic Diamond Mine.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Legend of Tarzan episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Tarzan and the Lost Treasure Oct 02 2001
Count Nikolas Rokoff hears about a treasure in the valley of the leopards and plans to find it. Tarzan doesn't want to help... until Nikolas threatens to kill Jane if he doesn't.
Tarzan and the Mysterious Visitor Oct 12 2001
This is a very interesting episode indeed. It starts off with this frustrated writer, named Ed, who needs to find inspiration. He happens across Dr. Philander's article about Tarzan possibly ...more
Tarzan and the Lost Cub Sep 05 2001
Jane finds a lost leopard cub and decides to keep it, but all know that Tarzan won't like having a leopard around.
Tarzan and the New Wave Oct 01 2001
This episode begins with Jane facing down a black mamba snake, so Tarzan wrestles the snake and thinks that Jane will be pleased. Jane, however, chastises Tarzan a bit because she said she'd ...more
Tarzan and the Enemy Within Sep 12 2001
Tarzan and Terk find an injured gorilla named Gobu in the forest. Little do they know, but he is under orders from his leader to lure Tarzan back to Gobu's family. Once the injured gorilla (who ...more
Tarzan and One Punch Mullargan Oct 04 2001
The arrogant and aggressive heavyweight boxing champion 'One Punch' Mullargan, along with his manager and personal journalist, visit the jungle while on safari. When Tarzan accidentally knocks ...more
Tarzan and the Lost City of Opar Sep 06 2001
Two leopard-men take the Professor to the forgotten city of Opar, where Queen La is hoping for a king. She refuses the Professor and has the leopard-men to do what they wish with him. Meanwhile, ...more
Tarzan and the Outbreak Sep 26 2001
A logger who cuts down trees only for the money gets a dangerous disease. Not only him, but his only child and friends, also. Tarzan nurses and does whatever he can for them, despite the logger ...more
Tarzan and the Silver Ape Sep 24 2001
The Professor learns about a spiritual silver ape that, supposedly, cures the injured of the jungle. Not believing this is a spiritual creature, he plans to study it more. But when Philander ...more
Tarzan and the All-Seeing Elephant Sep 30 2001
Tantor freaks out over bees and runs (and bounces) about until he ends up in the same pool where little Jabari and his mother are drinking water. Then Jabari says that it was the ""All ...more
Sep 07 2001
Manacled American deserters of the French Foreign Legion (a tall one, Hooft, and a chubby one, Hugo) flee southward into the jungles of Africa, assuming they'll do so unfollowed, as, to quote ...more
Tarzan and the Challenger Sep 25 2001
Tarzan's leadership of the gorilla family is challenged by a young silverback male named Moyo, who says that if Tarzan were forced to choose between caring for Jane and caring for the gorillas, ...more
Tarzan and the Jungle Madness Sep 18 2001
Tarzan and Jane return from a trip to the Waziri village (on a ""Jungle Cruise""-style steamer piloted by Hugo and Hooft) to find the Professor missing and his camp in ruin. ...more
Tarzan and the Rift Sep 16 2001
Poachers arrive in the jungle and are setting traps everywhere, so Tarzan warns everyone to be careful. Meanwhile, Terk encourages Tantor to act on his attractions to a female elephant named ...more
Tarzan and the Rough Rider Sep 21 2001
Tarzan and his jungle are visited by former President Teddy Roosevelt and, while on the hunt for animal specimens to study (which of course Tarzan heavily disapproves of), both are kidnapped by ...more
Tarzan and the Eagle's Feather Oct 08 2001
Tarzan and Jane attend a Waziri wedding (Basuli and his betrothed). Jane is startled at the Waziri custom for the groom to complete a challenge before he is alowed to wed, and she accidentally ...more
Tarzan and the Protege Sep 19 2001
Dr. Robin Doyle returns to the jungle with her nephew Ian, a bookish child with few friends who spends his time collecting butterflies. While Robin and the Professor spend some quality time ...more
Tarzan and the Seeds of Destruction Sep 23 2001
Disgusted by the decay near the elephant territory, Jane tries to use an English vine to cover up the scent. But the vines cover up everything and are too poisonous to eat. While Jane and the ...more
Tarzan and the Giant Beetles Sep 17 2001
When Terk and Tantor accidentally spill some of the fluid from the giant flowers the Professor was studying onto a few beetles, it makes them giant themselves. To stay out of trouble, they keep ...more
Tarzan and the Missing Link Oct 05 2001
In this episode, Philander blames all of his problems on Archimedes Porter and his ""missing link"" son-in-law, Tarzan. Then Philander even knocks his experiment table over ...more
Tarzan and the Race Against Time Sep 03 2001
Tarzan is bitten by a poisonous spider and the gang must go to the top of the waterfall to find the antidote. Meanwhile, Terk is having a hard time getting used to Jane.
Tarzan and the Silver Screen Sep 27 2001
While playing hide-and-seek, Terk and Tantor spy a band of hunters and rush the news to Tarzan and Jane, who are reading ""Frankenstein"", and learning the word ...more
Tarzan and the Face from the Past Oct 09 2001
Zutho, a shady mandrill from Tarzan's past, resurfaces, demanding a favor he claims owed for keeping a 20-year-old secret. Much of this episode takes place in flashback as Terk relates to Jane ...more
Tarzan and the Fountain Sep 13 2001
The Professor eagerly awaits the arrival of a Professor Doyle. Upon arrival, all are surprised to find that he's... a she? Professor Robin Doyle had come to Africa to study Keewazi's tribe with ...more
Tarzan and the Poisoned River - Part Two Sep 11 2001
Archimedes and Jane figure out that it's a mine that's poisoning the river and that Tarzan and the native warrior are in trouble. Meanwhile, Tantor (who has recovered) and Terk are on the search ...more