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Below is a complete The Letter People episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Letter People episodes are listed along with the The Letter People episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Letter People episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Sentences, Part One” to “Meet Mr. X.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Letter People episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Meet Mr. M Mr. M tells of a story in which his munching mouth (which is how he gets his sound) got him into trouble at the market. Later Sam Gump puts Mr. M to the test: Can he recognize words that start ...more

Meet Mr. T Mr. T retells the time he talked his way out of a confrontation with a bully called Terrible Tough Tony. It seems tall tales accompany Mr. T's tall teeth (which is how he gets his sound) ...more

Meet Mr. F Mr. F can't find the right shoes to go with his funny feet (which is how he gets his sound).

Meet Mr. H Mr. H is afraid of the barber shop. He thinks haircuts hurt. That is why Mr. H has that horrible hair (where he gets his sound).

Meet Mr. N Mr. N causes a disturbance during story hour at the library, and helps Nardo the detective tame a Nasty, who turns into a Nice Nasty. Mr. N sings ""Meet Mr. N"". STARRING MR. ...more

Meet Mr. B Its Mr. B's birthday, and he meets Boris the Bulletin Board (who sounds just like Boris Badenov). The Letter People play party games. Mr. B sings ""Meet Mr. B"" STARRING MR. ...more

Meet Miss A Miss A arrives in town with a deceptive sneeze (hers is the same sound that starts ""A-choo""). She plays a carnival game in which her sound appears in all four parts.

What's the Catch? A new television station is starting up in Letter People Land. All sorts of dreams fill the heads of the Letter People, as they try songs, jokes, and juggling. But their truest talent is in ...more

The Tryout All the Letter People show up at the new TV station to try their sound catches on Monty Swell. For the first time, all six Letter Boys make their sounds catch with Miss A. At Monty's suggestion, ...more

The Catching Game Clue A presents Monty Swell with a set of rules for The Catching Game. Each Letter Person can only make a sound when he or she is in a ""clue box."" Of the three clue boxes, ...more

Meet Mr. Z Mr. Z dresses in a coat lined with ""zipping zippers,"" which is where he gets his sound. He takes the advice of Zero the Owl to go to Letter People Land, but that means ...more

Meet Mr. P A rustic Western setting provides the drama as Mr. P tries to get his food back from the Purple Peek-a-boo Palookas.

Meet Mr. S Mr. S is a superhero residing in a secret sock cave. He needs to find the starter for his car, the Sockmobile, to drive his friend Slaw to the studios of The Catching Game. Trouble is, the ...more

Meet Miss E Miss E drops in (literally) to Mr. Z's apartment. It's apparent that Miss E is the strongest of the Letter Girls, since her sound comes from the same sound that starts ...more

Meet Miss I Nardo the Detective returns. This time, he needs Miss I to help catch Ingrid, the pilferer of indigo ink. Miss I is the perfect right-hand Letter Girl for the job, as her skin is irritated with ...more

Meet Miss O Miss O is the most obstinate Letter Person around, and that's where she gets her sound. She stubbornly refuses to alter her strange opera about an ostrich and an omelet. Along the way, all the ...more

Meet Miss U Just what are the Unforgettable Underground Uglies? Miss U's uncle believes they took his baseball. But the Uglies want more from Miss U, whose sound is the same sound that starts ...more

Meet Mr. V A vandal has defaced Mr. V's violin and other objects that start with the same sound that starts ""violet velvet vest."" Both Mr. V and Mr. B plot strategy when the vandal

Meet Mr. L Mr. L is ready to open up a lemonade stand on the beach, but he'll have to contend with two villains first.

The Story of Mr. V; The Story Of Mr. S Mr. B, Mr. P, and Mr. Z try to add their trademark clothing items to Mr. V, tearing his favorite vest in the process. In an act of vanity, Mr. V says he will never end a word so that no one will ...more

The Squoosh Mr. V goes to the set of The Catching Game to explain his restriction (see Episode 20) to Monty Swell. He and other Letter People try to make the word ""vest,"" which is not ...more

Meet Mr. D Dolly the Dragon has escaped from her lair. Her owners get help from Mr. D, whose sound is the same sound that starts ""delicious doughnuts.""

Meet Mr. G A ghost has rid the corner grocer of all his green grapes. This calls for only one man: the newly-arrived Mr. G. His sound is the same sound that starts ""gooey gum,"" which ...more

Meet Mr. C A carnival passes through town, filled with everything starting with the same sound that starts ""cotton candy."" A camel named Claude is part of the retinue, as is Mr. C, ...more

Meet Mr. K The Grand Shish of Kebab asks Mr. K to rescue the nation's King, an expert kazoo player, from the clutches of a kazoo detractor. Mr. K, donned in leather football gear, heads off amidst a storm ...more

The Story of Mr. C and Mr. K All the other Letter People discover what Mr. C knew all along: he and Mr. K have the same sound. Both of them go to Miss I's Itsy Witsy Ice Cream Club where, grudgingly, they try to settle ...more

Meet Mr. W Mr. W needs to get back his wonderful wink (which is how he gets his sound). An impatient man unknowingly helps Mr. W get his wink back.

Long Sounds The Letter Girls know well that they have to appear in every word that Letter People make. Miss A suggests that each of them adopt new sounds to go with their names. Before they know what hits ...more

Silent E With each Letter Girl now bearing two sounds, how will people know which sound she is using? This question hovers over the planned melodrama. Quickly, the Letter People devise new rules: (A) a ...more

Two Vowels Standing Side By Side Nardo the Detective gets an urgent message from millionaire heir Poopsie. It seems Poopsie can't read a note that begins, ""Come to the B-O-A-T."" In a meeting at Nardo's ...more

The Hall of Fame: A Review of Short Vowels Nardo the Detective has become a night watchman at The Letter People Hall of Fame. Walking through the halls and seeing displays of the Letter Girls, brings back wonderful memories of sounds and ...more

The Hall of Fame: A Review of Consonants and the Squoosh Nardo observes the displays honoring Mr. T and Mr. N, among other Letter Boys. He hints to the events of Episode 20, involving Mr. V's torn violet velvet vest. If it weren't for the word ...more

The Hall of Fame: A Review of C and K Nardo retells the stories of Mr. C and Mr. K, their separate arrivals, their identical sound, and their eventual ""agreement"" of who stands before what vowel.

The Hall of Fame: A Review (4) Nardo provides flashbacks of all the Letter Girls' uses of long sounds. This includes the Cooperation rule from Episode 29.

Meet Mr. Y Newcomer Mr. Y is putting everyone to sleep with his yawning. Sure, it's how he gets his sound, but he and some other Letter People are needed. There's a creature up in the mountains called the ...more

Y as a Consonant and a Vowel Before their outdoor Sound Festival, the Letter People split into factions over the tiring Mr. Y. Miss I intends to give Mr. Y her sound so that he can appear in the middle or end of words. This ...more

Meet Mr. J Officer Jabberwocky informs Mr. J he must clear out his jumbled junk—which is how Mr. J gets his sound.

How Mr. G Got Another Sound The Genius Gem is missing from the museum. It ends up in Mr. J's junkyard. Mr. G touches the gem and disappears. Now Mr. J and Officer Jabberwocky must follow a set of instructions that gives ...more

Meet Mr. R Mr. R has no rip in his ripping rubber bands. Can he trust the repair service of Roscoe and Ringo? Those two renegades are more interested in comedy revue.

Star Trip, Part One: AR and the Divided Catching Clue Box For a week—ever since Miss A had disappeared, the Letter People Space Agency has received signals from a faraway planet. Mr. R has been assigned to rescue Miss A. This leads to the most ...more

Star Trip, Part Two: The OR Sound Miss A returns to Letter People Land, but not before another spaceship whisks a willing Miss O to the planet Snickers. Together she and Mr. R enter the Divided Catching Clue Box to make the OR ...more

Star Trip, Part Three: The ER Sound Empress Mung is truly merciless. She has coaxed Miss E, Miss I, and Miss U into one of her spaceships bound for the planet Snickers. Will the Empress get more wondrous sounds out of the Divided ...more

The Hall of Fame: A Review (5) Nardo provides flashbacks of the adventures surrounding Mr. Y, Mr. J, and Mr. R—including the Star Trip trilogy.

Meet Mr. X Things seem to be going wrong: Mr. B loses his voice, Mr. H's head looks even more horrible, and Miss U's goat is cursed into not bleating. All these things occur when anyone is tagged with a ...more

Meet Mr. Q Miss O loses her voice prior to her engagement at the opera house. She and an assemblage of Letter People must go to the laboratory run by Mr. Q. Before Mr. Q can help the Letter People, they ...more

Runaway Words A professor's Word Machine goes haywire when the letters Miss O feeds it, make unconventional sounds. All these words will not change their sounds for anybody. They will run havoc for the next ...more

Meet the Chewy Cherry Choo-Choo Mr. C convinces Mr. H to make more than one sound. They agree to make the sound that starts ""chewy cherry,"" but Mr. H holds out for one clause: ""Only if we get

Meet The Thing An old theater in Letter People Land has been haunted since 1930 by a creature called ""The Thing."" Turns out The Thing is the only creature, other than a Letter Person, to

WH and SH Mr. H loses a bet and agrees to make a new sound with Mr. W: the same sound that starts ""whistle."" It's a loud sound, prompting Mr. S to ask for quiet. He gets to make a

The Hall of Fame: A Review (6) This final visit to The Letter People Hall of Fame gives flashbacks on the previous six shows. We see pictures of Mr. X and the ever-rare Mr. Q.