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Below is a complete The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams episodes are listed along with the The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Adam's Cub” and “The Stranger.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Adam's Cub Feb 09 1977 - Eliza Bowker (Kristen Curry), a young girl traveling west with her parents (Hank Kendrick and Lucky Hayes) in a covered wagon, gets lost in the vast mountain wilderness. While her parents search ...more

Blood Brothers Feb 16 1977 - Adams recalls how he met Nakoma, a Native Indian. We're taken back in past to find out how Adams found Ben, how Indian fought with a lion and much more.

The Fugitive Feb 23 1977 - Adams saves Will Boker, an entertainer and a magician, from drowning in a river, and takes him back to his cabin. Boker claims that he lost a bag full of his possessions when he was drowning, so ...more

Unwelcome Neighbor Mar 02 1977 - When a man named Cartman and his son make a camp at the valley in the mountains, Adams wants to become a great neighbor, but Cartman doesn't want any help from Adams. Things get complicated when ...more

Howdy-Do, I'm Mad Jack Mar 09 1977 - Mad Jack accidentally becomes trapped on a raft in rapids and Adams sets up to find the man, but when he finds his personal belongings, Adams is convinced that Mad Jack is gone, and he recalls ...more

Adam's Ark Mar 16 1977 - Mad Jack accidentally runs into Pinkerton, a man who wants to bring Adams back to the town for the trial. He rushes off to warn Adams, while that mountain is in danger when a volcano becomes ...more

The Redemption of Ben Mar 23 1977 - While trying to rescue a raccoon, Adams is accidentally buried by a rock slide. Nakoma and Mad Jack believe that he is died, and they leave him under the rocks. Ben sadly wonders off, Nakoma and ...more

The Tenderfoot Mar 30 1977 - Mad Jack meets a young tenderfoot named Teddy in the wilderness, and believes that he is just a clumsy novice, which turns out to be true, when Teddy, or let's say Theodore Roosevelt, attacks ...more

The Rivals Apr 06 1977 - While escorting Sumi, a young Indian maiden back to the reservation, Mad Jack is stunned to learn that his burro, Number Seven, found a stone of gold. Meanwhile, Nakoma meets Sumi and thinks ...more

The Unholy Beast Apr 20 1977 - Adams, Jack and Nakoma set off into the woods to find a monster, a strange creature that Mad Jack saw in the wilderness, a beast that makes Ben act uncomfortable. Soon they learn that the best ...more

Beaver Dam Apr 27 1977 - Adams' cabin is in danger when a group of beavers, after their valley was destroyed by a forest fire, move into Adams' valley. Mad Jack suggests that Adams' should get rid of them, but he has ...more

Home of the Hawk May 05 1977 - A tough old settler named and his daughter travel west into the rugged mountain territory, and after a small accident, they end up in Adams' cabin.

The Storm May 12 1977 - Ben and Adams prepare to welcome Mad Jack and Nakuma for the annual feast and celebration, but their preparation is interrupted when an Indian woman arrives, looking for help. Her daughter is


Hot Air Hero Sep 28 1977 - An accident happens during an experimental ballon flight, which causes an unexpected visitor to end up in Adams' cabin--Monsieur Andre Gerard, a balloonist trying to speed up the Pony Express ...more

Survival Oct 12 1977 - Robbie Cartman returns to the mountain, and wants Adams to cure his sick pet deer named Ginger. Adams decides to help him and goes into the woods to get medicine, and ends up heavily injured. He ...more

A Bear's Life Oct 19 1977 - Adams, Mad Jack, Number Seven and Ben are enjoying their days, and are doing as much work as they can. Meanwhile, Ben decides to enjoy a sunny day in a way only a bear knows.

The Trial Oct 26 1977 - It is hunting season, a time when tribesman have to prove their manhood. A Indian orphan named Tumaqua catches more fish than anyone else, but a pesky otter eats everything that Tumaqua caught. ...more

The Orphans Nov 02 1977 - Adams and Mad Jack are busy with watching two orphan children, Michele & Eugene, who are bored by the rules around the mountain, and decide to do something reckless.

The Search Nov 09 1977 - Trapper Tom, a man known for trapping grizzly bears and taking them to the city zoo, returns to the mountain. Mad Jack realizes that he put new traps around the mountain, so Adams and Nakoma ...more

Gold Is Where You Find It Nov 23 1977 - Two schemers search for gold on the mountain with a map they bought for ten dollars. They eventually find another more honest way to make their living.

Track of the Cougar Dec 14 1977 - Nakoma is looking for a cougar who destroyed his village, and tore apart some of his lodges. Adam realizes that it's Sekota, a cougar he raised in his own club.

The Choice Dec 21 1977 - Robbie Cartman takes his friends' advice and decides to take his deer Ginger back to the wilderness, where Ginger belongs. Even though Robbie hates to give up his deer, he let's Ginger go. ...more

Woman in the Wilderness Dec 28 1977 - The hunters in the mountain are surprised when a lady appears at the mountains asking for information about black bears. It's Mrs. Kate Jackson, a writer. Adams finds out the truth--Kate is a ...more

The Spoilers Jan 04 1978 - The people at Hoot Owl Creek find out that the fish is dying off and the animals are suffering from some kind of an epidemic, and it's obvious that someone is poisoning the creek. Mad Jack, ...more

Marvin the Magnificent Jan 11 1978 - Marvin the Magnificent, an elderly man, stays at Adams's place with his wonder bear named "Babe," when the bear gets sick.

A Time of Thirsting Jan 18 1978 - A lack of moisture in the mountains brings problems to the inhabitants, who are worried about their animals. Adams and Mad Jack decide to put drip sacks along the mountain trails. Meanwhile, ...more

The Seekers Jan 25 1978 - When Master Sargent Monahan arrives at the mountain, Mad Jack mistakes him for Maurice, a half-bear, half-bull. Meanwhile, the mountain is about to be hit by a storm.

A Gentleman Tinker Feb 08 1978 - Mad Jack is convinced that he found a genuine leprechaun, and overhears Tinker talking about gold. Thinking that it's the luckiest day of his life, Mad Jack wants to prove that he found a ...more

The Runaway Feb 22 1978 - On his way to the river, Adams sees a black man in shackles, named Isaac, who runs away as soon as he sees Adams, but later he faces him, and Adams takes him to his cabin. Mad Jack thinks that ...more

The Great Burro Race Mar 01 1978 - Mad Jack is visited by his old pal Gus Thackery and his wife Gerty, who are glad to see him again, but when Gus shows that he is still the same old competitive person, Mad Jack will be ...more

The Littlest Greenhorn Mar 15 1978 - The animals in the mountains are acting strange, and Mad Jack tells Adams about the reason---a big gorilla was seen in the forest. But, the gorilla will turns out to be something else.

The Renewal Mar 22 1978 - It's Easter, a special times for Adams' and the entire mountain. The guys, along with Robbie, are about to go pick up some things for the celebration, when they meet two strange guys, and then ...more

The Quest Apr 26 1978 - While Adams and Ben have to take care of a hawk, Mad Jack comes upon Mr. Milton Wright, and a few more people, who wants to get a glider to fly. Mad Jack is convinced that the "glider" ...more

The Skyrider May 05 1978 - Mad Jack & Adams' friendship is put under a test when Mad Jack returns to the mountain with a fever that causes him to hallucinate. Mad Jack thinks he is the world's greatest bounty hunter, ...more

The World's Greatest Bounty Hunter May 12 1978 - In the Christmas Special, the mountains are safer than ever. The show is falling, and the entire mountain is covered in snow. While Adams is spending time with Ben the bear, digging up a tree ...more

Once Upon a Starry Night Dec 19 1978 - A few years have passed since James "Grizzly" Adams had hidden in the mountain, and it's time for him to face truth. He must clear himself after all these year, prove that he is not a ...more

The Capture of Grizzly Adams Feb 21 1982 - A few years have passed since James "Grizzly" Adams had hidden in the mountain, and it's time for him to face truth. He must clear himself after all these year, prove that he is not a ...more

The Legend of Grizzly Adams Apr 25 1981 - After defending his innocence, Adams returns to the mountain to live with Ben the Bear and start new adventures.

The Stranger Apr 05 1978 - Captain Ulysses S. Grant, a famous person arrives at the mountains, and explains how he is writing a book, and talks to them about how he could never live in the mountains and survive on his ...more