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Below is a complete The Little Lulu Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Little Lulu Show episodes are listed along with the The Little Lulu Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Little Lulu Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “The Curse of the Thingamajig/House Guest Blues/The Monster Hunt” and “Bull Dozer Blues/Telethon of Fallen Stars/What's Fair is Fare.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Little Lulu Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Alvin's Record Player/Lulu's Television Debut/Crybaby Nov 12 1995 - Alvin's Record Player: Alvin buys a new record player that plays only one record: Mary Had a Little Lamb. With Alvin playing this over and over again, Mr. and Mrs. Moppet are about to blow their ...more

Snowball War/Jr. Detective Tubby/Picnic Pirates Nov 18 1995 - Snowball War: The girls are tired of Tubby and the boys pelting them with snowballs. So Lulu starts an all-girl army to beat the boys at their own game. Tubby and the boys met their match, and ...more

Business Girl/The Pet Duck/Lulu's Umbrella Service Nov 25 1995 - Business Girl: Lulu and Annie starts a lemonade stand. Unfortunately, they meet quick competetion and trouble when the boys open their lemonade stand around the corner. The boys pull pranks by ...more

Gilbert the Gorilla/Lulu's Snowbiz/The Case of the Egg in the Shoe Nov 19 1995 - Gilbert the Gorilla: An angrry zoo gorilla named Gilbert falls in love with Lulu after she wears a stinky perfume. Gilbert escapes the zoo and finds his way to Lulu's house. Lulu takes Gilbert ...more

Friends and Enemies/The Beauty Contest/The Rich Little Poor Boy Nov 26 1995 - Friends and Enemies: It's Lulu's birthday party, and she wants to invite everybody. She invites Tubby, Willie, Iggie, Alvin, Annie, and Jeannie and Joannie, but they can't make it. So Lulu ...more

Green Girl/Rainy Day Tag/Beautiful Lulu Nov 11 1995 - Green Girl: Lulu wants to sail her boat in the bathtub, but the water isn't green enough. So she uses all of Mrs. Moppet's green ink in the water. The next day, Lulu's skin is completely green, ...more

Special Delivery/Little Sew and Sews/Tubby's Doll May 24 1996 - Special Delivery: Lulu learns that the Inches are going to have a baby. Annie and Iggie both dread having another sibling. Annie states she'd rather have kittens, so Lulu and Annie put up signs ...more

Space Kids/The Case of the Disappearing Drum/From Hero to Zero May 11 1996 - Space Kids: The boys build a pretend spaceship, and claims they're really going to Mars. The rocket blasts off, and Lulu and Annie receive two telegrams from the sky that the boys are being ...more

The Fuzzithingus Poppie/Leaves for Everyone/A Moving Experience Jun 01 1996 - The Fuzzithingus Poppie: Lulu wants to present Mrs. Moppet with flowers for her birthday, but doesn't have enough money, so she decides to pick flowers. Lulu pickes what a man thinks is the rare ...more

The Popcorn Thief/The Little Tornado/She Flies Through the Air May 04 1996 - The Popcorn Thief: It's time for Annie's annual slumper party, but when ever the girls watch a movie, someone steal their popcorn. Lulu seeks the assistant of Tubby the Detective who goes ...more

The Case of the Missing Wig/Frog Legs/A Wrong Move May 18 1996 - The Case of the Missing Wig: While playing hide and seek, Annie's doll's wig is stolen. Tubby (once again as The Spider) instantly suspects Mr. Moppet, who is also once again sleeping on the ...more

Tiny Tots Syrup/The Night Before Christmas/The Piggie Bank Guard May 10 1996 - Tiny Tots Syrup: All kids hate Tiny Tots Syrup, a syrup they have to take to stay healthy. Lulu goes to the factory to make them change the flavor. Lulu is made the new Miss Tiny Tots ...more

Oh Christmas Tree/Santa's Snowman/The Snoopers Jun 02 1996 - Oh Christmas Tree: Mrs. Moppet wants Mr. Moppet to take Lulu with him to get a Christmas tree. Lulu wants to cut one down, so she and Mr. Moppet go into a field of pine trees to cut on down. ...more

The Dance/Locked Out/The Kissing Game May 31 1996 - The Dance: Gloria claims every boy in town is taking her to a dance. Lulu, Annie, and Margie don't give a hoot about Gloria. While walking down the street, Lulu, Annie, and Margie are asked to ...more

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Tuxedo Tango/The Football Star/Spook Delivery May 25 1996 - Tuxedo Tango: Mr. Moppet is receiving a medal from the horticultural society, and need to pick up his new tuxedo. Lulu and Tubby rush off the pick it up, and order a couple of sodas. It turns ...more

Cannon Bal Boy/ Noses Off/Hairy Day May 03 1996 - Cannon Ball Boy: Tubby, Willie, and Iggie put on a new stunt, Tubby is ""Cannon Ball Boy"". He steps inside a wooden cannon, the cannon fires, and he's seen minutes later ...more

The Old Master/Swat Shot Pops/Detective Story May 17 1996 - The Old Master: Master painter, Edgar Van Goof has finished his newest masterpiece to be sold the city museum. His painting is mixed up with Lulu's exact same painting, VanGoof's is hung on her ...more

Lucky Lulu/Hot Diggety Dog/Jumping Beans Jun 14 1996 - Lucky Lulu: It's almost time for Thanksgiving, and funny coincidence for Mr. Coldcuts prized turkey to be on the loose. Lulu, and the gang go out in search for it. Lulu and Annie want to return ...more

Prisoner Exchange/The Balloon Derby/Dummy Skeleton Jun 21 1996 - Prisoner Exchage: The police department capture the evil Marty the Midget, a felon wanted for burglary, kidnapping, grand theft auto, and worst of all not looking both ways before crossing. Once ...more

Valentine's Day/Gertie Greenbean/Stop Fiddling Around Jun 08 1996 - Valentine's Day: It's Valentine's Day, and Lulu bets Gloria she'll get more valentines. Lulu finds two dollars on the sidewalk, and learns it's Willie's money. Lulu gives it to him, and he in ...more

Potato Kids/The Ventriloquist/Bunny Fun Jul 04 1996 - Potato Kids: When Lulu and Mrs. Moppet peal potatoes, she finds one that looks exactly like Tubby. When she goes to show it to him, everyone thinks she's trying to harrass him. Tubby then gets ...more

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The Big Jewel Robbery/Pot Luck/The Spook Tree Jun 07 1996 - The Big Jewel Robbery: Lulu and Annie buy jewelry, Tubby and the boys buy 100 pieces of Mango Madness Fizz candy, and a crook steals jewel identical to Lulu and Annie's, and hides it in the ...more

Alvinsitting/Two Lulus/The Hat Jun 15 1996 - Alvinsitting: Lulu finds herself in a life threating situation: baby sitting Alvin! The bratiest little kid on the whole block. Lulu arrives, and then Alvin starts causing trouble by juggling ...more

Lancelot Jr./Lucky Lady/Five Little Babies Jun 28 1996 - Lancelot Jr. Mr. Van Snobbe buys an old suit of armor that was once worn by Lancelot Jr.. Legend has it when the three suits of armor are reunited, the spirit of the Lancelot family process the ...more

The Bear Trap/Shirley the Shadow/A Dog's Life Saver Jun 22 1996 - The Bear Trap: Wilbur is such a pest, he makes Tubby's paper delivery job such a problem. Lulu sneaks into the Van Snobbe mansion to recover Tubby's money, only to be chased by Wilbur. Lulu ...more

The Bogeyman/Tatoos/Mimibur Jun 27 1996 - The Bogeyman: Alvin sneaks into Lulu's house during the middle of the night, because he wants a story to help him sleep. So Lulu tells him the story of how one night she ran into a guy with a ...more

Polly Patrol/Money Problems/The Tubby 2000 Dec 27 1998 - Polly Patrol: Lulu is given the responsiblity of taking care of Miss Feeny's bird, Percy for the day. After Lulu brings him home, Tubby lets him escape from the cage. Percy flies all over town, ...more

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First-Aid Brigade/Matinee Madness/It's a Dog's Life Jan 04 1999 - First-Aid Brigade: Lulu and the gang are all members of the local Squirrel Scouts. Today, everyone gets the chance to earn a ""first-aid badge"". They go through various ...more

Lulu Stays Put/Shoeless Lulu/Star Search Jan 05 1999 - Lulu Stays Put: Mr. Moppet has trouble trying fix the plumbing. When he gets desparate, he dreads having to pay a plumber. He claims ""buying a new house is cheaper than paying a ...more

Breakout/The Great Golf Club Chase/Jumpin' Jellybeans! Jan 12 1999 - Breakout: Marty the Midget, who was last seen in ""Prisoner Exchange"", requestes a parole, but is denied after many escape attempts, including the one where he masquerades ...more

Iggy and the Ice Cream Factory/Game Show Gaffe/Art Frenzy Jan 17 1999 - Iggy and the Ice Cream Factory: Iggie finds a a notice in his ice cream wrapper claiming he won a free tour of the ice cream factory. Lulu, Tubby, and Iggie finds themselves touring the ice ...more

Dancin' Fools/Hop Hazards/School Play Jan 31 1999 - Dancin' Fools: It's time for the annual Elmridge School Dance. The first prize is a free dinner for two at the all you can eat buffet. The only ones who want to dance are Wilbur, Gloria, and all ...more

Bowlfingers/The Great Tubbini/Shiney, Sheeny, Bouncy-Cleany Dec 22 1998 - Bowlfingers: Tubby has put off his fence painting job for weeks now, but when he is needed for Lulu and Iggie's bowling match, he figures whats a couple more hours? While at the bowling alley, ...more

No Pain, No Gain/On the Job/Tragic Magic Dec 28 1998 - No Pain, No Gain: Lulu and the gang play a game of hockey, but when she knocks Tubby out of the way, he twists his ankle. The doctor says everything will be fine, but Lulu still thinks its ...more

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Blackout/Mind You Manners/To Tell the Truth Dec 15 1998 - Blackout: On a stormy winter's night, the city experiences a blackout. Annie and Tubby are visiting Lulu when the lights go out, and find themselves having to spend the night. Lulu and Annie ...more

Spaced Out/Switched at Birth/The Great Outdoors Dec 21 1998 - Spaced Out: Lulu, Annie, Tubby, Willie, and Iggie take a trip to the planetarium. While Lulu and Annie are eager to learn about outerspace, Tubby, Willie, and Iggie feel like getting into ...more

Bicycle Built for Too Many/Tax Time Trouble/Mayor for a Day Jan 24 1999 - Bicycle Built for Too Many: Tubby's bike is stolen, and he posts reward posters all over town. Lulu and Tubby walk down the street, to see what looks like Butch, of the Westside Boys, with ...more

Hooky Holiday/Red Tape Runaround/Country Clubby Tubby Jan 25 1999 - Hooky Holiday: Tubby erges Lulu to play hooky with him. Lulu agrees when she realizes that instead of doing a math test, they have a geography test. Lulu and Tubby have trouble not being seen by ...more

Order in the Court/Maybe Use Sugar/Road Trip Jan 18 1999 - Order in the Court: Annie and Iggie have a dispute during recess. Miss Feeny decides to settle this like adults. Next thing you know, Miss Feeny's classroom is a regular ""court ...more

Bull Dozer Blues/Telethon of Fallen Stars/What's Fair is Fare Feb 07 1999 - Bull Dozer Blues: A business is getting ready to expand with a new office building, but they have no idea where to build it. They discover the perfect vacant lot, and soon everything is set in ...more

Wild Boy/The Whistle Blower/Elephant Ride Dec 07 1998 - Wild Boy: A highly intellegent monkey has escaped from a scientist/explorer. As the search for the monkey goes on, a dispute over an apple tree goes on between Lulu and the fellers. To keep Lulu ...more

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The Beast in the Clubhouse/Gone Fishin'/Out, Out! Darned Spot! Dec 28 1998 - The Beast in the Clubhouse: Tubby and the fellers are locked out of their clubhouse, because a crazed bird has taken over. Lulu invites them to have their meeting at her house. They make ...more

The Big Egg/The Little Girl Who Never Heard of Ghost/The Case of the Missing Per Dec 01 1998 - The Big Egg: The fellers are entering the local go-kart derby. When they test out their go-kart, they end up crashing, and don't enough money to buy new material. Iggie finds a giant rock that ...more

Tubby Kicks the Habit/How the West Was Lost/Infomercial Feb 02 1999 - Tubby Kicks the Habit: Lulu and Mrs. Tompkins are concerned about Tubby's obssession with TV. Lulu makes a $5.00 bet to go a whole week without TV. Tubby claims this'll be the easiest $5.00 he ...more

Tubby on Ice/Dr. X's Xtremely Xelent X-Ray Spex/Iggy's New Leaf Feb 15 1999 - Tubby on Ice: Tubby skis down the a danger snow covered hill, that no one has made it down alive. Tubby amazingly makes it down alive, but is trapped by an avalanche. When Tubby awakes, he finds ...more

The Curse of the Thingamajig/House Guest Blues/The Monster Hunt Dec 14 1998 - The Curse of the Thingamajig: Lulu and Tubby go on an archeological dig, when they find a mysterious silver object. Tubby dubs it, a Thingamajig, and the two go to the library to do research. ...more

The Unnatural/The School Election/Super Lulu Feb 01 1999 - The Unnatural: While practicing for a soccer game, the coach is fascinated by the kicking ability of Arland, a chess club boy, who has never played sports. Arland is the team's new secret ...more

The Great Escape/You Do the Math/The Little Lulu Show Feb 21 1999

The Haunted House/The Lucky Gold Piece/Very Little Lulu Nov 30 1998 - The Haunted House: Tubby and the fellers dare Lulu to enter an empty house, which is known to be haunted. That night, Lulu complies, while Lulu enters the house, Tubby and the fellers dress up ...more