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Below is a complete The Lost World episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Lost World episodes are listed along with the The Lost World episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Lost World episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Into the Fire” to “Stranded” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Lost World episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Original Pilot

The Adventure Begins The original pilot.


The Journey Begins Jan 01 1999 - A band of adventures sets off to prove the existence of dinosaurs deep in the forest of the Amazon. After an unfortunate accident leaves them stranded, they must put their trust in a jungle girl ...more

Stranded Apr 03 1999 - Marguerite makes a deal with a local chieftain to get off the Plateau. The deal is to hand over Veronica to the chief for marriage, something she wants no part of. Like all such schemes, things ...more

More Than Human Oct 02 1999 - Roxton is looking for the materials for a crossbow to bag a T-Rex, but when one actually interupts him in his labors, he runs in the direction opposite his fellow travelers to keep them safe. He ...more

Nectar Oct 09 1999 - Veronica and Summerlee are out gathering fruit and floral specimens when they are attacked by a huge bee, one the size of a man. Summerlee is stung, and it leaves him near death. The only cure ...more

Cave of Fear Oct 16 1999 - Challenger, Malone and Veronica are searching for sulfur, in order to make more gunpowder, when they walk into a burial ground. They are attacked by warriors in black and white paint who capture ...more

Salvation Oct 23 1999 - In this episode, Challenger, Summerlee and Veronica save a little girl from drowning and Summerlee has to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Tolmac, of the Christec people, brands Summerlee ...more

Blood Lust Oct 30 1999 - While wandering the plateau, Roxton is attacked by a young man, who bites him during the struggle. Roxton's infected with a disease whose symtoms are slightly bizarre ~ intense craving for ...more

Out of Time Nov 06 1999 - Roxton, Marguerite and Malone are mapping a series of caves, trying to find one that leads off the plateau without much luck. Marguerite, all the while, has been gathering gleaming gemstones in ...more

Paradise Found Nov 13 1999 - The aged guide who brought Veronica's parents to the Lost World dies in Challenger and Veronica's arms, humming ""Ode to Joy,"" leading the explorers to seek out a hidden ...more

The Beast Within Nov 20 1999 - While out in the jungle, Malone is hit in the neck with a poisoned dart and dies. A shaman, Lento, heals him and Malone is brought back to life, but Lento has been driven mad. He is sentenced to ...more

Creatures of the Dark Nov 27 1999 - Tracking a stream, Challenger, Veronica, Malone and Marguerite run into a group of Vantu headhunters. There is nowhere to run or hide, except in what looks like an overgrown cave opening. They ...more

Tribute Jan 15 2000 - Roxton saves Tayra of the Tinta people from a Hikari warrior who is chasing her. The two men fight and the Hikari man is killed. Roxton discovers that the Tintas live in fear of the fierce ...more

Absolute Power Jan 22 2000 - When he finds a powerful crystal, Professor George Challenger gains the powers of a God, putting himself and the other explorers in great danger.

Camelot Jan 29 2000 - Marguerite is the future Queen of Camelot as far as a boy King is concerned, but the explorers and Marguerite, as well as the King's crafty advisor don't agree.

Unnatural Selection Feb 05 2000 - Challenger, Roxton, and Veronica come upon an old friend of Challengers, who resembles the sadistic ""creator"" Dr. Moreau. Elsewhere, Summerlee, Malone, and Marguerite meet ...more

Time After Time Feb 12 2000 - Though the explorers find a gateway that can transport them back home, following them are enemies: one who doesn't want them to return, and one who does but wants them to bring a deadly virus ...more

Prodigal Father Feb 19 2000 - Veronica thinks she has found her father, but instead she has found an imitator, with deceit in mind.

Birthright Feb 26 2000 - Deep in the jungle, Marguerite, Challenger and Malone come upon a half-buried, mummified corpse. They are shocked when it shows signs of life. They learn the would-be corpse, Ramses, is Egyptian ...more

Resurrection Mar 04 2000 - After days of searching the mountains for a pass off the plateau, Roxton and Marguerite are camped for the night when they are taken by surprise by Norse warriors. Roxton is run through with a ...more

The Chosen One Apr 22 2000 - Teenage Gideon and his mentor Davos are on a mission to fulfill the boy's destiny of leading his tribe of Moya out of the bondage of the evil Goths. Roxton and Marguerite come upon them, just as ...more

Prophecy May 13 2000 - When the explorers rescue a fortune teller from her runaway horses, she tells them their future, which begins to come true little by little, but in a different way than they expect.

Barbarians at the Gate May 20 2000 - The explorers are caught in the middle of a war between Tribue, with gunpowder in toe, and Drakul and his barbaric raiders. One of them will be lost, possibly forever, when this battle reaches ...more

All or Nothing Oct 07 2000 - On a bridge spanning a deep gorge, a fierce battle unfolds with Drakul's raiders. Marguerite and Veronica watch as Summerlee is hit. Tribune, betrayed by Drakul, hurls a bomb that destroys the ...more

Amazons Oct 14 2000 - While looking for a way off the plateau, Roxton, Malone, and Challenger are saved by three Amazon women from an attack by a vicious flock of pterodactyls. Invited back to their camp, they find ...more

Tourist Season Oct 21 2000 - Challenger is trying to harness the energy of lightning when a gigantic bolt splits the sky. In a blinding flash, the ground is scorched, and by some miracle, no one is injured. In the silence ...more

Stone Cold Oct 28 2000 - While mapping an unexplored valley, Roxton is surprised by a terrified young woman, who after uttering an enigmatic warning, dies in Marguerite's arms. Roxton, Marguerite, and Malone head toward ...more

Divine Right Nov 04 2000 - A riderless horse approaches our explorers, as if on a mission. When Roxton saddles up, the horse carries him to a mountain tribe, who welcome him as their king. Roxton tries to decline, but ...more

Skin Deep Nov 11 2000 - When Marguerite starts being nice to everyone, they wonder what she's up to. Even when pushed to find out why she's acting this way, she maintains her uncharacteristic serenity. In the jungle, ...more

London Calling Nov 18 2000 - Our adventurers recover an ancient map showing the escape route from the Lost World. Knowing they will face sceptics in the scientific world to which they shall return, Challenger and Malone ...more

The Prisoner Nov 25 2000 - A mysterious old woman, a shape-shifter, appears to Veronica, convincing her that her lost parents are safe in El Dorado. The woman gives her the directions to its entrance in a rock wall, and ...more

The Games Jan 20 2001 - Empress Centuria has ordered her Lizardmen to hunt and kill Tribune, who flees to the treehouse for help. They track him there and overwhelm our heroes. Malone, Marguerite and Roxton are taken ...more

The Source Jan 27 2001 - The Lost World is in the grip of a crippling drought. Our adventurers are saved from a pack of thirsty Raptors by a magnificent young woman who begs them to escort her to her pueblo. She ...more

Trophies Feb 03 2001 - The Lost World is shattered by gunfire as trophy hunters try to capture a Troglodyte child. Veronica swings through the jungle to save him, and becomes the hunters' new target. She escapes to ...more

Voodoo Queen Feb 10 2001 - As mysterious drums sound through the jungle, Roxton is stalked and seduced by a beautiful woman, Danielle, who tells a harrowing tale of Trogs attacking and taking over her village. Seeking ...more

The Guardian Feb 17 2001 - Challenger is knocked unconscious by a falling pig trap while searching for medicinal herbs. The three young hunters who set the trap drag him back to their hidden village. Veronica and ...more

Under Pressure Feb 24 2001 - The explorers have a strange guest at the Treehouse who impresses Challenger with his knowledge of geology. Meanwhile something attacks Challenger's electrostatic accumulator. The explorers ...more

The Outlaw Mar 03 2001 - Roxton and Marguerite are out looking for a way off the plateau when they discover a promising looking crevice. Once through, they discover an old English village where they meet a masked woman ...more

Quality of Mercy Mar 10 2001 - Veronica and Malone are captured by an angry mob who need slaves to mine their quarry. They soon discover that their fellow prisoners are not human; they are machines who are helping aliens ...more

Mark of the Beast Apr 21 2001 - Roxton and Marguerite return to the treehouse to find it raided by a monkey. They follow the monkey to a cave where they find an amulet that leaves a mark of a dinosaur skull on their hands. ...more

Survivors Apr 28 2001 - Challenger and Marguerite discover an ancient Temple whose entrance is guarded by a carving of three armed warriors. When Marguerite falls into a pit of spikes, Challenger must leave her, to get ...more

The Pirate's Curse May 05 2001 - Marguerite and Roxton are enjoying an intimate moment, when suddenly the earth moves! They find themselves sprawled in the bottom of a pit, with a pirate's skeleton and his cursed treasure chest ...more

The Visitor May 12 2001 - When Malone is slashed by a beast in the jungle, he shoots wildly. While looking for the animal, he and Veronica come across Danu, her childhood sweetheart, wounded, and warning them of the ...more

A Man of Vision May 19 2001 - During a powerful thunderstorm on the plateau, all five of our heroes experience dreams and visions of their ""lost"" colleague, Summerlee, who had disappeared into a raging ...more

Into the Fire May 26 2001 - Our heroes are astonished to see a British Navy dirigible flying low over their plateau. Malone, working away from the rest, is close enough to catch the last rung of its boarding ladder and ...more

Heart of the Storm May 13 2002 - "Heart of the Storm" is the final episode of the television series Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World. "Heart of the Storm" is episode number 66 from season 3 and was ...more

Out of the Blue Oct 20 2001 - There's no escape for the Challenger Expedition when Captain Askwith's mysterious airship explodes in a fiery crash. But moments later, when Challenger, Roxton, and Marguerite appear on a ...more

The Travelers Oct 27 2001 - While searching for the missing Malone, Marguerite is saved from a cannibal attack by a dashing trio of bandits. Their leader, the elegant Francois Locke, invites her to join his band of ...more