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Below is a complete The Lucy Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Lucy Show episodes are listed along with the The Lucy Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Lucy Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Lucy Plays Florence Nightengale” to “Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Lucy Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Lucy in London Lucy Carmichael (Lucille Ball), an American secretary, arrives in London to claim a free day trip that she won in a dog food jingle contest. She is expecting a luxury limousine tour of the city, ...more

4 Classic Episodes

4 Classic Episodes

Excerpt from My Favorite Husband Jun 04 1950 -

The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour (AKA Mr. and Mrs.) Apr 19 1964 - Lucy stars as herself in a fictional setting, Lucille Ball the star-studio President whom nasty banker-investor Mr. Harvey (Gale Gordon) is trying to force out of her position as production head ...more

Excerpt from My Favorite Husband Jun 11 1950 -

Excerpt from Lux Radio Theater Sep 10 1951 -

Lucy Buys a Boat Apr 29 1963 - Lucy invests in a boat.

Lucy Digs Up a Date Oct 08 1962 - Eager to ask Jerry's handsome math teacher to take her to a dance, Lucy steals the teacher's driver's license to find out whether he's married, then ends up in the teacher's fencing outfit to ...more

Lucy Becomes an Astronaut Nov 05 1962 - After Lucy and Vivian successfully spend 24 hours in a simulated space ship, Vivian decides to deflate Lucy's ego by convincing the red-head that she has been selected as the first woman ...more

Lucy and the Runaway Butterfly Apr 22 1963 - After Jerry's white butterfly escapes, Lucy tries to find him s new one.

Lucy Misplaces $2,000 Oct 22 1962 - When the bank accidentally gives Lucy a check for $2,000 instead of $20, Lucy decides to hide the money in a candy box for a few days to give the persnickety banker a good scare.

Lucy and the Little League Apr 15 1963 - Lucy and Viv become spectators at a Little League baseball game.

Lucy Is a Chaperone Apr 08 1963 - Lucy is prepared to chaperone her daughter Chris and some of her school friends for a week at Sandy Cove. When Chris' school principle decides that one woman can't possibly chaperone all those ...more

Lucy Is a Referee Oct 15 1962 - Lucy referees for a football game at Jerry's school.

Lucy Buys a Sheep Oct 29 1962 - Left with no one to tend the lawn, Lucy buys a sheep named Clementine to take care of the grass. Unfortunately, weather and circumstances make Clementine an unwelcome house guest, and Lucy ...more

Lucy Waits Up for Chris Oct 01 1962 - When Lucy waits up for her daughter Chris to return from a date, the fourteen-year old girl is mightly embarrassed. Lucy promises never to do it again, but can't help herself. To not be ...more

Lucy Is a Kangaroo for a Day Nov 12 1962 - To make money to buy a bike for Jerry, Lucy takes a job as a kangaroo.

Lucy and Viv Take Up Chemistry Apr 01 1963 - Lucy and Viv join a chemistry class.

Lucy Visits the White House Mar 25 1963 - The ladies escort a local cub scout troop on a trip to Washington.

Lucy and Her Electric Matress Dec 17 1962 - Lucy plans to surprise Vivian with a new mattress and a redone room while she's on vacation, but the electric mattress Lucy bought her malfunctions (it moves around the room when the motor is ...more

No More Double Dates Feb 18 1963 - Lucy and Viv quarrel about where to go for their double date.

Lucy Builds a Rumpus Room Dec 10 1962 - Lucy and Viv decide they need an extra room where they can entertain visitors.

Lucy Becomes a Reporter Jan 21 1963 - Lucy get a temporary job as a society reporter.

Chris's New Year's Eve Party Dec 31 1962 - The women allows Chris for a New Year's Eve Party without begin annoyed.

Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower Jan 28 1963 - Tired of her daughter Chris hogging the bathroom all the time, Lucy asks her neighbor Harry to install an extra shower for her. Not wanting to do the job, he hires a plumber to do it instead. ...more

Vivian Sues Lucy Dec 03 1962 - After tripping over one of Jerry's toys, Viv decides to sue Lucy.

Lucy and Viv Are Volunteer Firemen Jan 14 1963 - Lucy and Viv organize the local women into a volunteer fire brigade.

Lucy, the Music Lover Nov 19 1962 - Lucy causes a doctor's hand to be injured so that he can't play the violin.

Lucy Is a Soda Jerk Mar 04 1963 - In order to get the money for a parade uniform, Chris applies for a job as a soda jerk.

Lucy Drives a Dump Truck Mar 11 1963 - Lucy joins a drive to gather newspapers to buy new uniforms for the local firefighters.

Lucy's Barbershop Quartet Feb 04 1963 - When one of the members of Vivian's Barbershop Quartet drops out, Lucy naturally wants to take her place. Vivian agrees, and now it's up to Lucy to learn how to sing before a big singing contest ...more

Together for Christmas Dec 24 1962 - Lucy and Viv argue about how best to spend Christmas together.

Lucy's Sister Pays a Visit Jan 07 1963 - Lucy tries to convince her siser to have a fancy second wedding.

Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna Nov 26 1962 - Lucy and Viv try to replace the TV antenna on the roof.

Lucy and Viv Become Tycoons Feb 11 1963 - Lucy convinces Viv to start selling her caramel popcorn.

Lucy and Viv Learn Judo Feb 25 1963 - Lucy and Viv decide that they should take judo lessons for self-protection.

Lucy Goes Duck Hunting Nov 07 1963 - Enamored with her handsome, wealthy blind date, Lucy agrees to go duck hunting. After frightening all the ducks away, Lucy creates her own duck call, luring swarms of ducks.

Lucy Is a Process Server Apr 20 1964 - Lucy takes a job as a secretary at a law firm and is horrible at it so they demote her to process serving. So she has to serve a sapenna to Mr. Mooney!

Lucy Enters a Baking Contest Apr 27 1964 - When Vivian makes some comments about Lucy's baking ability, Lucy enters a baking contest to prove her otherwise. Lucy then swaps hers and Vivian's entries in the contest, which leads to a food ...more

Kiddie Parties, Inc. Oct 07 1963 - One of the kids needs money for a birthday party they're going to, but Lucy and Viv don't have it. To solve they're money problem they start up a birthday party, throwing business. At their fist ...more

Lucy and the Safe Cracker Oct 28 1963 - Lucy accidentally locks Mr. Mooney in the bank vault and finds a ""can opener"" turned candy store owner to open the vault. Once he opens the vault, he goes back to his old ...more

Lucy and Viv Play Softball Oct 14 1963 - Lucy and Viv have an after season softball match for the womens volunteer fire department. Lucy is benched until another player gets dilusional and Lucy catches the winning ball in her huge and ...more

Lucy Plays Cleopatra Sep 30 1963 - The Danfield Womens Volunteer Fire Fighters do the play Cleopatra for their annual thearter group play. Lucy gets cast as Cleopatra and no man in town wants to be in the play, except for the ...more

Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault Oct 21 1963 - Lucy follows Mr. Mooney into the bank vault and then closes the door for privacy, causing them to be locked in until the next morning.

Lucy and the Military Dec 09 1963 - Lucy tries to sneak into a Military Academy disguised as a cadet to visit her son, Jerry, before visitor's day.

Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman to Sing Feb 03 1964 - When Lucy happens upon Ethel Merman at the bank, then Ethel and Mr. Mooney must make up a fake name and tell Lucy that she only looks like Ethel Merman. Soon after, Lucy is in need of money, as ...more

Chris Goes Steady Jan 20 1964 - Chris decides to go steady with a boy who turns out to be Mr. Mooney's son. Lucy and Mr. Mooney don't like it and team up to show the kids a lesson by teaching them the real responsiblities of a ...more

Lucy and the Bank Scandal Nov 11 1963 - When Lucy finds a note in Mr. Mooney's office that reads ""ten thousand dollars buried in back yard,"" she and Viv spend the night digging up Mr. Mooney's backyard.

Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank Dec 02 1963 - When Mr. Mooney and the town finance commitee refuse to fund the incompetent Danfield women's volunteer fire department, Lucy sets off a smoke bomb in the bank so the volunteers can rush in and ...more