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Below is a complete The Most Extreme episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Most Extreme episodes are listed along with the The Most Extreme episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Most Extreme episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Athletes” and “City Slickers” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Most Extreme episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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Fighters Aug 25 2002
Which animals are the most extreme fighters? The bombardier beetle squirts out boiling hot acidic liquid which quickly neutralizes any attack. Praying Mantids are effective fighters that they ...more
Meet animals with jumping power that can put NBA pros to shame. Sure, rabbits can hop, but the klipspringer can out-jump any bunny. Prepare to be amazed as little-known creatures rise to the top ...more
If you think humans will go to great lengths to find love, wait to you see what mating means in the animal world! Love is definitely in the air with these true lovebirds and ...spiders?! Which ...more
At 60 mph, the cheetah is fast, but watch these other speedy creatures fly! The basilisk lizard runs so fast that it can walk on water and the ostrich is just about the fastest animal on two ...more
Come to grips with the strongest animals on Earth! The gorilla can lift ten times it's own body weight, but, pound for pound, the African crowned eagle carries more than a cargo plane. Meet the ...more
We call our buildings skyscrapers, but when it comes to construction the really high rises can be found in the animal kingdom. Take a look at the top ten animal architects and compare them with ...more
When it comes to sorting out some of the toughest problems, animals may just have an advantage over humans. Bees tell other members of the hive where food is by doing a special dance and octopus ...more
Horrors Sep 08 2002
Creatures with sharp teeth and long claws make the skin crawl. Why does the eerie howl in the night send shivers up the spine? How did the movie ""Jaws"" prey on our ...more
Nobody likes a cheater but in the natural world it's the cheaters that get ahead of the game. Animals use camouflage and false signals to lure prey close so they can move in for the kill. Nobody ...more
Some animals are so greedy that they put pigs to shame. Tiger sharks swim around with just about anything in their stomachs and the Tasmanian Devil can swallow 40 percent of its body weight in a ...more
Humans have long pushed themselves to explore extreme environments but which animals are the most extreme survivors? Camels can go days without water in the blazing desert and cockroaches have ...more
Some animals are extreme in the amount of young they can produce, while others create some of the biggest babies on earth! Join Animal Planet for a countdown to the most extreme births from the ...more
With so many animals sharing the planet, someone is bound to get bitten sooner or later. Mosquitoes cause millions of deaths a year, and vampire bats live off of animal blood. The Komodo dragon ...more
Body Parts Sep 07 2003
Humans have long pushed themselves to explore extreme environments but which animals are the most extreme survivors? Camels can go days without water in the blazing desert and cockroaches have ...more
Dads Jun 15 2003
How do the paternal instincts of the animal kingdom match up to those of the human world? Could some of the macho males of the wild also be sensitive new age fathers? The Most Extreme: Dads ...more
Disguise Jun 29 2003
The world is not as it seems! Sit tight as we reveal the top ten most extreme cover-ups of the animal kingdom and compare them to the ultimate human masters of disguise. Hiding in the countdown ...more
Moms May 11 2003
How do the Moms of the animal kingdom compare to those of the human world? Do some of the deadliest predators have maternal, as well as killer instincts? The Most Extreme Moms goes in search of ...more
Arcatechture Apr 06 2005
Venom Jun 02 2003
What is the deadliest animal on earth? With all stings considered, it's got to be an animal that gives lethal injections. We're counting down the top ten most extreme venoms in the animal ...more
Swarms Jul 13 2003
Feeling a little cramped? Well just meet our line-up of animals that swarm in the millions, and you'll soon realize space really isn't an issue for these mobsters. The Most Extreme: Swarms hunts ...more
Stinkers Sep 21 2003
Super Senses Sep 28 2003
Eaters Nov 23 2003
Daredevils Nov 30 2003
Defenders Dec 07 2003