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Below is a complete The New Adventures of Robin Hood episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The New Adventures of Robin Hood episodes are listed along with the The New Adventures of Robin Hood episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The New Adventures of Robin Hood episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items, including “A Date With Destiny,” “Attack Of The Vikings” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The New Adventures of Robin Hood episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Marion To The Rescue Feb 17 1997 - Marion sets out to save her young cousin, Iris, from a marriage arranged by her evil sister-in-law, Lady Isabelle, to Lord Garth. Isabelle has told Iris that her intended, Thomas of Glockshire, ...more

The Legend Of Olwyn Feb 24 1997 - Robin meets a young boy, Patrick, who leads a group of orphans on the run from Prince John's soldiers. On taking the boy back to camp he discovers that he is a real hand full. The boy knocks ...more

The Arabian Knight Mar 10 1997 - Robin and his band encounter a harem of beauties owned by the wicked Francisco, a knight of Arabian descent, who is terrorising the local area and extorting money from its inhabitants, and who ...more

A Price On His Soul Feb 10 1997 - Baragon is an evil creature, more than 300 years old, who has to keep drinking the blood of the innocent to keep him young and strong. To break out of this cycle, he makes a pact with the dark ...more

Witches Of The Abbey Mar 03 1997 - Three beautiful, evil witches take Little John captive, and make him their slave. Robin's band cannot breech the catacombs of the abbey where the witches have taken him, because of the powerful ...more

The Birthday Trap Mar 17 1997 - Robin goes to the fiftieth birthday party of his step-mother, where he encounters an old girlfriend. But a band of thieves enter the castle and interrupt the festivities. They round up the ...more

Nightmare Of The Magic Castle Apr 07 1997 - A mysterious black castle, occupied by an evil creature, has the power to wreak havoc on the world and destroy it. Olwyn, the ancient magician, tells Robin he must discover the architecture of ...more

Miracle At Avalon Mar 24 1997 - The God of Healers sent her young daughter, Gwyneth, from Avalon to live amongst mortals many years ago. The beautiful young healer must return home before her twenty-first birthday, or all who ...more

Attack Of The Vikings Jan 20 1997 - A band of Vikings capture Prince John, to hold him for ransom, and Robin, who is out hunting with Little John. Robin and his men enable Prince John's escape, but will he live up to his promise ...more

Dragon From The Sky Mar 31 1997 - Marion sees a giant fireball fall from the sky into Sherwood Forest, and rushes off in search of what it has brought. When she reaches the site, she discovers a strange, diamond-encrusted ...more

A Race Against Death Feb 03 1997 - The Saxon Lord Sedgewick owes a large amount in taxes to Prince John, and if he doesn't pay, his granddaughter, Lady Pamela, will have to marry Sir Gilbert. So she requests Robin's help. Robin ...more

Rage Of The Mongols Jan 13 1997 - A village on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest is regularly raided by a horde of Mongols. Robin and his band rescue a maiden from the village who has been kidnapped, angering the Mongols. The ...more

Robin And The Golden Arrow Jan 27 1997 - On Prince John's orders, Captain Delouche, an evil knight armed with magic, impenetrable armor, rounds up many young women from the Sherwood Forest area for a beauty contest, with marriage to ...more

The Sceptre Oct 11 1997 - Robin is warned by a young boy that Merlin's sceptre is in the hands of the wicked magician Malenoch, who has returned from the dead and decided to take over the kingdom of England using an army ...more

The Mystery Of Druid's Grove Sep 06 1997 - The slavetrader Brand kidnaps Robin's friend Kemal and his bride, Princess Kadija, and plans to auction them. Marion also has a score to settle with him, from her distant past. Robin and his ...more

The Ultimate Army Jul 14 1997 - Little John feels worthless and second best to Robin, and leaves the camp to make his own way in the world. He enters a contest to join the ultimate army, not realizing it is being developed by ...more

Outlaw Express Oct 04 1997 - While on his way to the wedding celebrations of his friend Talbot, Robin meets his double, the wicked Jacobi, who has just broken out of a prison transport with five others. After overcoming ...more

The Road To Royston Aug 30 1997 - Robin saves a beautiful young woman, Gwynedd, disguised as a nun, on the road to the town of Royston. She has been searching for him to enlist his help in saving her sister, Bernadette, who is ...more

Your Land Is My Land Nov 08 1997 - The wicked Norman Lord Rupert uses his son Gregory to wage a campaign of terror to pressurise the Saxon farmers into handing over their land to him. The plan proceeds until he takes over some ...more

The Prey Aug 09 1997 - Robin and his men rob a gambling house, and make a mortal enemy of its owner, Simon Asher. Robin is overpowered and captured by a quartet of aristocratic huntsmen: Master Chu, Lord Henry, Lord ...more

Percy's Ghost Nov 01 1997 - Robin's friend Lord Hazelmere requests his help to forge an alliance of nobles to put an end to Prince John's tyranny once and for all. The time and place of the meeting must remain secret, but ...more

Justice For All Oct 25 1997 - The fanatical Father Dutton has sworn to end the old Celtic beliefs in England. He imprisons the druid priests of his village. But some of the villagers don't agree with this and help them. ...more

The Legion Jul 22 1997 - When Robin humiliates Prince John by stealing his money, Prince John vows to kill Robin once and for all. He trades one year of his life to the sourceress Mortiana so that she may bring back to ...more

Bombs Away Aug 23 1997 - Master Ika returns, and sets a bomb trap for Robin and his band. Sir Guy of Gisborne has returned from the crusades purporting to be a changed man, and saves Marion from being injured in a ...more

The Devil's Bride Jul 28 1997 - Marion is abducted by Brother Groliet, an evil member of the God of Death cult. She is intended to become the bride of Balor, the Prince of Darkness, to have a child and give him the power of ...more

The Legend Of The Amazons Sep 27 1997 - Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine has traveled with some of her Amazon warriors from Jerusalem where they found a fabled map. This map will help her to find the staff of Moses, which according to ...more

Body And Soul Nov 29 1998 - Robin plans a surprise birthday party for Marion, but is killed while defending her in a fight to capture some of Prince John's gold. Because he died too early, his soul is sent back to Earth, ...more

Assault On Castle Dundeen Dec 06 1998 - Friar Tuck's help is requested from his former teacher, Father Gedding, to treat Colin, the new young Lord Dundeen, who has been wounded with a poisoned sword. On arrival at Castle Dundeen, ...more

A Date With Destiny Nov 08 1998 - During an attack by Prince John's men on the village of Kingsgrove, Olwyn's acolyte Rowena accidentally sends Robin fifteen years back into the past, where he inadvertantly alters the course of ...more

Orphans Nov 15 1998 - Robin, Little John & Friar Tuck volunteer to escort a group of orphan boys to a new home in a town three days ride away. While underway, they discover that hiding amongst them is the young ...more

Sword Of The Samural Oct 11 1998 - The evil Count Frederick sends his mercenary soldier Geldon to Japan to steal an ancient magical samurai sword. He intends to use it to become King of England, but finds he cannot control its ...more

The Haunted Castle Sep 27 1998 - Robin and his band visit the market in a small town where they have many friends, including the sorceresses Rowena and Bathsheba. They learn that a local man, Jesse Galt, is missing, and was ...more

Robinville Oct 18 1998 - Robin and his band visit the annual Robin Hood Foundation awards in the village of Robinville, which was named after him after he freed it from the rule of the brutal Lord Argot. But Argot's son ...more

The Auction Dec 13 1998 - Friar Tuck holds a charity auction, in which one of the lots is a date with Robin. When Robin learns that his father may still be alive, he goes off in search of his father, but he turns out to ...more

The Giant King Oct 04 1998 - Ferris, the son of Lord Glister, who is an old friend of Robin's, is mortally ill. They seek out Jarnsaxa, the last of Femorians, the giants of Ireland, whose breath has the power to heal him. ...more

First Love Sep 20 1998 - Prince John is trying to make a fortress in the north of England, in case King Richard returns from the crusades. His Elite Guard and their commander Capt Hilts seize Lord Nicholas Beacon, the ...more

Vanishing Act Oct 25 1998 - After a day's fishing with Robin, Marion gets a ride back to the village with a passing tinker, but on the journey he overpowers her and takes her to be held captive with several other women. ...more

The Assassin Nov 22 1998 - Lord Cloughton arranges a summit with three important Normans to conspire with the Saxons against King John. Each member of Robin's band undertakes to fetch one of the participants, protecting ...more

The Hunter Nov 01 1998 - Robin and his band try to thwart the banditry of Patrick, Earl of Glenbauer, by protecting a village on his warpath. Rowena accidentally conjures up a monster, Cerradyn, who is a master ...more

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