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Full List of The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents Episodes

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Below is a complete The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes are listed along with the The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Bang! You're Dead,” “Wake Me When I'm Dead (aka. Murder Me Twice)” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Incident in a Small Jail

    May 05 1985
    When a man stops in a small town to get gas for his car, he runs into trouble.
  • 2
    A man proposes a weird deal: To win a sports car, a down and out gambler must light his...
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    Bang! You're Dead

    May 05 1985
    A little girl wants to play army with the boys, but they tell her she needs to have a gun...
  • 4
    A nurse decides to stay in a house on a stormy night. The nurse thinks that she is safe in the...
  • 5

    The Right Kind of Medicine

    Jan 12 1986
    A bank robber is wounded in a shoot-out, then forced to endure an excruciating wait for a...
  • 6

    The Jar

    Apr 06 1986
    An artist's years of failure are behind after he finds a jar which holds mysterious contents...
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    Final Escape

    Oct 27 1985
    A woman serving a life sentence for murder hits upon an airtight escape plan
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    The Gloating Place

    Jan 05 1986
    A withdrawn teenager is fascinated with the instant celebrity of a murdered classmate and...
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    Dec 01 1985
    After closing a major drug deal, a ruthless businessman is paralyzed in an auto accident, and...
  • 10


    Dec 08 1985
    Ironically, it's an escaped convict who brings a sense of liberation to a housewife: she...
  • 11

    Beast In View

    Jan 19 1986
    A psychiatrist is terrorized by menacing phone calls and the killing of her dog following her...
  • 12

    The Human Interest Story

    Nov 17 1985
    A TV reporter looks for the human interest story behind the short-lived takeover of the...
  • 13

    Enough Rope For Two

    Mar 09 1986
    A camping trip for two becomes a flight from murder full of twists and double-crosses when a...
  • 14

    Method Actor

    Nov 10 1985
    Paul Dano is a film star and has been nominated many times, but never won the big one. When a...
  • 15

    Night Fever

    Oct 06 1985
    A gun man injured from a robbery in which he killed a cop, tries to charm a nurse into helping...
  • 16

    Four O'Clock

    May 04 1986
    Time is running out for a judge who's surprised, bound and gagged by burglars in his house...
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    Sep 29 1985
    A professor spurns the legal system to seek revenge on the man who raped his wife
  • 18


    Dec 15 1985
    A gold digging groom makes short work of his middle-aged wife, but his attempts to round up...
  • 19

    Road Hog

    May 11 1986
    What can't go around comes around for a road-hogging salesman who won't allow a truck bound...
  • 20

    A Very Happy Ending

    Feb 16 1986
    A poor little rich boy who's deaf witnesses a murder, then blackmails the hit man into doing a...
  • 21

    Wake Me When I'm Dead

    Oct 20 1985
    Trial of a woman who killed her husband while hypnotically transported to a past life.
  • 22

    Deadly Honeymoon

    Apr 13 1986
    Following a whirlwind courtship, a new bride fears her luck's run out when she learns that her...
  • 23

    The Creeper

    Mar 16 1986
    A fashion designer is terrified that she may be the next target of the creeper who may have...
  • 24

    The Canary Sedan

    Mar 01 1986
    A woman goes to Hong Kong to be with her husband.
  • 25

    The Night Caller

    Nov 05 1985
    A divorce is driven to drastic retaliatory measures after being the victim of a series of...