CBS Full List of The Odd Couple Episodes

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Below is a complete The Odd Couple episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Odd Couple episodes are listed along with the The Odd Couple episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Odd Couple episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “That is the Army Mrs. Madison” to “The Rent Strike” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Odd Couple episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Tony Randall on The Mike Douglas Show Sep 09 1970 - Interview with Tony Randall on the Mike Douglas Show before the premiere (on season 1, disc 1 DVD)

Tony & Jack On Stage in Mar 13 1993 -

Tony Randall & Jack Klugman on the Mike Douglas Show Nov 19 1970 - Interview with Tony Randall and Jack Klugman on the Mike Douglas Show (on season 1, disc 2 DVD)

Gag Reel

Emmy Presentation Mar 13 1971 - Jack Klugman - Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role - (1971)

Together Again (TV Movie)

Tony And Me

The Breakup Oct 22 1970 - When Oscar throws Felix out of the apartment, he moves in with Murray, then Vinnie, and then the Pigeon sisters.

Felix Gets Sick Oct 08 1970 - Oscar's date with a stewardess is interrupted by Felix's sickness.

The Jury Story Oct 15 1970 - Oscar and Felix flashback, and tell the Pigeon sisters how they first met.

The Laundry Orgy Sep 24 1970 - Felix and Oscar try to break up their poker game so that they can go out with the Pigeon sisters.

The Big Brothers Nov 19 1970 - Oscar and Felix become big brothers to a fatherless boy.

The Fight of the Felix Oct 01 1970 - A tough hockey player challenges Felix to a boxing match.

Oscar the Model Nov 12 1970 - A monster is created when Felix shucks Oscar into posing for a cologne ad.

I Do, I Don't Nov 05 1970 - When Felix feels he's responsible for the separation of a young couple on the very day of their wedding he tries to get the stubborn couple back together

Oscar's Ulcer Oct 29 1970 - Oscar's ulcer begins to flare up again.

Trapped Mar 26 1971 - In this episode, we find out why Oscar, Felix, and Nancy were arrested.

They Use Horseradish, Don't They? Jan 07 1971 - Felix's determination to win a cooking contest drives Oscar nuts.

Lovers Don't Make House Calls Jan 29 1971 - Oscar is smitten by Dr. Nancy Cunningham, who is treating Felix's allergies.

A Taste of Money Feb 26 1971 - Oscar and Felix's neighbor might very well be a bank robber.

Dec 10 1970 - Felix goes missing, and Oscar thinks his buddy is dead.

The Blackout Dec 24 1970 - Oscar's poker buddies believe that the eternally-strapped Oscar swiped fifty dollars out of the kitty during a building-wide blackout; Oscar fights to prove his innocence. (Contributor: Pushover ...more

You've Come a Long Way, Baby Feb 19 1971 - A baby causes one heck of an evening.

What Makes Felix Run Mar 12 1971 - Flashback Episode: Oscar helps Felix try to get over his neatness, which includes a flashback to Felix's childhood--a neat one to be exact.

Scrooge Gets an Oscar Dec 17 1970 - In a parody of A Christmas Carol, Oscar dreams he is haunted by Felix's ghost.

Bunny is Missing Down by the Lake Feb 12 1971 - A weekend at a mountain cabin proves horrendous.

Oscar's New Life Mar 05 1971 - After being fired from the newspaper, Oscar seeks employment at a girlie magazine.

It's All Over Now, Baby Bird Dec 03 1970 - Humorous story about Felix's "dead" parrot.

The Hideaway Jan 14 1971 - Felix gets angry when an Eskimo quarterback is exploited.

Engrave Trouble Feb 05 1971 - A thug helps Felix find a stolen watch.

What Does a Naked Lady Say to You? Mar 19 1971 - Oscar and his buddies go to a play featuring Felix's "librarian" girlfriend that bares "the naked truth."

The Fat Farm Nov 12 1971 - Oscar and Felix check into a fat farm.

Felix the Calypso Singer Dec 24 1971 - Nancy cannot go away with Oscar on their trip, so he talks Felix into joining him. "Oscar, Oscar, Oscar."

Murray the Fink Oct 29 1971 - Oscar and Felix are arrested after Murray raids the poker game.

Natural Childbirth Sep 17 1971 - A pregnant relative shows up at Oscar and Felix's door, and they try to help her through her impending delivery.

Hospital Mates Oct 01 1971 - Felix is complaining about his nose and decides to get an operation. Oscar is ready to go out with Nancy when he lands on his ankle. Felix and Oscar both end up in the same room at the hospital. ...more

Being Divorced is Never Having to Say I Do Dec 10 1971 - Oscar is happy that his ex-wife is remarrying, and there would be no more alimony. But Felix wants to stop the marriage.

Sleepwalker Oct 08 1971 - Oscar begins sleepwalking and annoys Felix.

The Odd Couple Meet Their Host Nov 19 1971 - A TV talk show is the setting for the Oscar/Felix sloppy/neat showdown.

Does Your Mother Know You're Out, Rigoletto? Nov 05 1971 - In Rigoletto, Oscar is the court jester and Felix is the maestro of the production.

Felix's Wife's Boyfriend Sep 24 1971 - Felix returns from a photo shoot, and his jealousy appears at the same time his ex-wife shows up with her boyfriend.

Dec 17 1971 - Oscar chooses between a poker game and a birthday party for Felix's daughter.

Dec 31 1971 - Oscar and Felix fight over what to do with a greyhound. Oscar wants to use it as a race dog while Felix wants it as a pet.

Win One for Felix Dec 03 1971 - Felix coaches a youth football team.

Security Arms Jan 07 1972 - Oscar and Felix move into a San Quentin-style building.

Oct 15 1971 - A story about Felix searching for a final resting place.

Oscar's Promotion Feb 25 1972 - Oscar gets a big chance to cover a wrestling match between the United States and China.

Good, Bad Boy Feb 11 1972 - Felix overreacts when his daughter dates a reform school inmate.

Where's Grandpa Jan 28 1972 - While Felix is out of town, his grandfather runs away from the old folks home to the apartment, and proves to Oscar to be just as big a pest as his grandson.

Partner's Investment Feb 04 1972 - Oscar, Felix, and Murray run a Japanese restaurant.