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Below is a complete The Pallisers episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Pallisers episodes are listed along with the The Pallisers episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Pallisers episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “The Eustace Diamonds (2)” and “Can You Forgive Her? (2).” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Pallisers episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Interview with Susan Hampshire (3)

Interview with Susan Hampshire (1)

Interview with Susan Hampshire (2)

Phineas Redux (3) May 11 1974 - Bonteen is livid at being denied the Exchequer. He vows revenge on all. But, in the meantime he goes to Prague to find Emilius' first wife. Phineas speaks well against the Conservatives, but is ...more

The Prime Minister (3) Jun 15 1974 - We come in on the Lopez's honeymoon in Rome. At the same time Silverbridge and Tregear are in Venice where they meet Lady Mabel Grex and Miss Cassewary. Ferdinand begins to show his true colors ...more

Can You Forgive Her? (1) Jan 19 1974 - We come in on a garden party at Gatherum Castle hosted by the Duke of Omnium. We are introduced to Glencora M'Cluskie and Plantagenet Palliser, both of whom are occupied with the person who ...more

Can You Forgive Her? (2) Jan 26 1974 - After an opening wedding sequence, we follow the Pallisers on their honeymoon to Switzerland, where Glencora can't hide her unhappiness. The Vavasors are also in Switzerland, with John Grey, ...more

Phineas Finn (1) Mar 02 1974 - Plantagenet has achieved his goal and is hosting his first party as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, although it is actually Glencora that is key to its success. Mr Finn arrives soaked from the ...more

Phineas Finn (3) Mar 16 1974 - Phineas continues to juggle his women. Meanwhile the Duke of Omnium continues his pursuit of Madame Max, she handles him with extreme skill and grace. Laura has become so miserable that she asks ...more

Phineas Redux (2) May 04 1974 - Lizzie has taken refuge with the Bonteen's to escape the cruelty and profligacy of her husband. A Palliser cousin, Adelaide, is coming to stay and Marie and Glencora plot on who to pair her up ...more

The Eustace Diamonds (1) Apr 06 1974 - The recovering Duke is buoyed by gossip of Lizzie Eustace and her diamonds. They have become a bone of contention between her and the man she is engaged to, Lord Fawn. He wants them to be in the ...more

The Prime Minister (4) Jun 22 1974 - Plantagenet has worries aplenty in the form of resignations and scandal. Phineas is named the First Lord of the Admiralty and his wife will accompany him on his tour of the Navy, taking away ...more

Can You Forgive Her? (4) Feb 09 1974 - Alice's grandfather begins to ease his feelings toward George, but her father remains adamantly opposed. He even goes so far as to enlist Mr Grey in helping to protect her interests. This ...more

Phineas Finn (2) Mar 09 1974 - A fight over the secret ballot threatens to split the Liberal party. Finn is called on to ad lib his first speech and he refuses, temporarily setting back his aspirations. We begin to learn the ...more

The Prime Minister (1) Jun 01 1974 - It is four years since the end of last episode. The Liberals are returning to power, sort of, in a coalition with the Conservatives until the country's money woes can be sorted out. The Prime ...more

The Prime Minister (5) Jun 29 1974 - Phineas comes close to being the first official victim of the Lopez affair as a vote of censure is called against him in Parliament. It is roundly defeated. Even so, Plantagenet's time as Prime ...more

Phineas Redux (1) Apr 27 1974 - Despite Barrington's warning Phineas does go to see both Kennedy's. Robert is crazed with religion and Laura, we come to learn, is a bit obsessed with Phineas. As the Duke of Omnium declines ...more

Phineas Finn (4) Mar 23 1974 - We begin with the duel between Phineas and Chiltern. Finn takes a wound in the shoulder. But, the bullet does not do as much damage as the smear campaign that Snide begins in 'The People's ...more

The Eustace Diamonds (3) Apr 20 1974 - Lord Fawn's sister continues to push him toward Marie in no uncertain, and very military terms. The banter between them is delightful. Tragedy strikes Phineas as his wife and child do not ...more

The Duke's Children (1) Oct 26 1974 - Silverbridge is bringing the Boncassen's to tea. We are allowed to enjoy a mystifying explanation of the British caste system. Glencora has a razor insight as to why her son has chosen to run, ...more

The Duke's Children (2) Nov 02 1974 - Glencora's health is of concern to all (including us as viewers). She is determined to make sure that her children, especially Mary, have the ability to control their own future. Nothing can ...more

Can You Forgive Her? (6) Feb 23 1974 - Still on their trip Glencora begins her new career as a matchmaker by trying to get Alice to relent in her attitude toward Mr Grey. With her previous anxieties eased, Glencora becomes pregnant, ...more

Can You Forgive Her? (5) Feb 16 1974 - Glencora makes her feelings known to Plantagenet, again his response surprises her. Squire Vavasor has passed away and George assumes that he will, at last, come into his own, but his past ...more

The Eustace Diamonds (2) Apr 13 1974 - Lizzie receives her demand to bring the necklace to London for a final decision. On the train Lizzie gets several recommendations, mostly nefarious, on what to do with her diamonds. The ...more

Phineas Redux (5) May 25 1974 - Mr Chaffanbrass begins his defense of Finn by showing that there was another who had a stronger motive for murder, and by pointing out that no one saw who actually committed the murder. Mr Monk ...more

Phineas Redux (4) May 18 1974 - We open with the forces of the Liberal party discussing what to do about Finn. While most of them feel he is innocent, they also feel that they can't stand in the way of a trial. Marie pledges ...more

The Prime Minister (2) May 08 1974 - We open at a reception where we see that it will be Glencora's ability that keeps the coalition together by smoothing over any feelings that Platagenet's natural indifference may ruffle. ...more

Phineas Finn (5) Mar 30 1974 - Christmas day finds the Kennedy's arguing worse than ever. Laura has brought Chiltern and Violet together and they finally admit their love for each other. Monk finally declares the fight for ...more

Can You Forgive Her? (3) Feb 02 1974 - Alice comes to stay at Matching to keep Glencora company. We are introduced to the bigwig end of the Liberal Party, especially the delightful presence of the Duke of St Bungay. Lady Monk, who is ...more