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Below is a complete The Patty Duke Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Patty Duke Show episodes are listed along with the The Patty Duke Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Patty Duke Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Poppo's Birthday” and “Ross, the Peacemaker.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Patty Duke Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Reunion Movie Special Apr 27 1999 - The original cast members from the classic television series resurrect their characters, including Patty Duke in her legendary dual role as identical cousins Patt and Cathy Lane. This time the ...more


Season 2 DVD Extras

Chip Off the Old Block Feb 11 1964 - In order to buy a gift for his parents wedding anniversary, Ross enters Patty's photo in a teenagers beauty contest.

The Song Writers Dec 11 1963 - Cathy falls in love with a foreign exchange student.

The Babysitters Oct 30 1963 - When the star basketball player's parents move to Michigan, the Lanes invite him to stay with them.

A Slight Case of Disaster Apr 01 1964 - Patty discovers that she is allergic to Cathy.

The Working Girl May 13 1964 - Patty and Cathy reminisce about Cathy's arrival in the Lane household.

Patty, the Foster Mother Apr 15 1964 - Richard decide to quit school.

The Slumber Party Oct 23 1963 - When Mr. Lane refuses to pay for an evening gown for Patty, she decides to go into the babysitting business.

The Con Artist Feb 26 1964 - After flunking an exam for teenagers, Patty decides to enroll in modeling school.

The Birds and the Bees Bit Oct 16 1963 - Ross tape records conversations at Patty and Cathy's slumber party's, and then blackmails them with the tape.

House Guest Oct 09 1963 - Ross is invited to his first dance, so Patty and Cathy try to teach him about girls.

The French Teacher Sep 18 1963 - While Patty is taking a test to determine the intelligence of today's students, the machine goes nuts and the results say Patty is a genius with a 185 I.Q.

Author! Author! Jan 22 1964 - Martin learns that he is being transferred to Paris.

Jan 08 1964 - When all the girls like the dress that Cathy made, she and Patty decide to go into business.

The Cousins May 20 1964 - Patty and Cathy reminisce about Cathy's arrival in the Lane household.

The Wedding Anniversary Caper Mar 18 1964 - Patty receives some beautiful letters from a new pen pal, and therefore loses interest in Richard.

Auld Lang Syne Jan 01 1964 - Patty become an astrologist in order to earn money to buy Natalie a birthday present.

The Actress Nov 27 1963 - Cathy wants to win more friends, so she writes to Aunt Jane,a Lonely Hearts colunnist, for advice.

The Little Dictator May 06 1964 - Patty gets a job at the local ice cream parlor.

How to Be Popular Dec 04 1963 - Richard enters Patty and Cathy's song in the Jimmy Dean Songwriter Contest,Unfortunately, Patty had copied the words from a book of poetry!!

The Continental Jan 29 1964 - Natalie makes the mistake of leaving her cake in the church bazaar on the kitchen table unattened.

Pilot Sep 18 1963 - Patty gets a crush on her new French teacher after he makes her his test subject.

The Friendship Bit Apr 08 1964 - Patty unknowingly signs papers to adopt a korean orphan.

Leave it to Patty Apr 29 1964 - Cathy, who is student principal for a week, has trouble dealing with Patty.

The President Nov 13 1963 - Patty plays Patty and Cathy at a party, after Cathy got sick for having taken a flu shot meant for Patty.

The Tycoons Jan 15 1964 - Patty writes a novel presenting the viewpoint of the American teenager and immediately gets a publishing contract.

The Genius Sep 25 1963 - J.R. Castle leads Martin to believe that Patty and Richard are planning to elope. Acutally, they are helping Natalie plan a surprise vacation for Martin and her at the same fishing lodge where ...more

Christmas Present Dec 25 1963 - Martin's brother Kenneth sets out to write his autobiography, but discovers writing a book to be more difficult than he imagined.

The Princess Cathy Dec 18 1963 - Christmas is a day away and Cathy anxiously awaits a visit from her father, only to learn that he is a prisoner in a foreign country.

Going Steady Feb 12 1964 - Natalie Lane begins to feel unwanted and devises a plan to get even with her family for the uncaring way they have been acting.

Drop Out Apr 22 1964 - In order to get elected chairman of the class prom,""Patty promise to get Pinky Gristol[""The Mop""] as a guest.

Pen Pals Mar 25 1964 - In order to impress Sue Ellen, Patty buys an expensive dress that she can't afford.

Are Mothers People? Feb 19 1964 - Cathy buys a vacuum cleaner for Natalie's birtyday but finds the cost is too much for her to handle.

The Elopement Oct 02 1963 - Martin's Aunt Pauline comes to visit.

Double Date Nov 20 1963 - The school is putting on a lavish version of Anthony and Cleopatra. Cathy tries out for the lead, but Patty unexpectedly gets it.

The Perfect Teenager Mar 04 1964 - To increase the circulation of the school paper, Patty uses scandalous stories which infuriate the school principal.

The Conquering Hero Nov 06 1963 - Patty and Cathy both run for president of the Girls' Leauge.

Let 'Em Eat Cake Feb 05 1964 - Patty and Richard decide to go steady.

TO DELETE (Pilot unaired, added in Specials)

Best Date In Town Dec 09 1964 - Martin promises to take Patty to the father-daughter dance, but must cancel at the last minute.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game May 05 1965 - Ross tries out for the Little League, an everyone tries to help him.

Block that Statue Nov 25 1964 - The hero of the football team is in love with Cathy.

Patty, the Pioneer Oct 14 1964 - Patty accepts the challenge to live like a pioneer for one week.

The Daughter Bit Apr 07 1965 - Patty feels guilty when Martin complains that she doesn't spend enough time at home.

Patty the Folk Singer Apr 21 1965 - Patty becomes a fols singer at a local coffee shop.

Patty and the Newspaper Game Feb 03 1965 - Patty and the Newpapers Game""2.3.65 Martin is distrubed when he thinks that a new reporter has been hired to replace him.

Patty and the Cut-Rate Casanova Mar 31 1965 - Patty deserts Richards for Carlos, a boy who knows all the latest dance steps,so Richards begins dating Cathy.

Patty Pits Wits -- Two Brits Hits Feb 17 1965 - Patty tries to help a British singing duo become successful.