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Below is a complete The Pink Panther Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Pink Panther Show episodes are listed along with the The Pink Panther Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Pink Panther Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Cat and the Pinkstalk,” “Pink in the Drink”, and many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Pink Panther Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Pink Panther Titles

A Shot in the Dark Titles

From Page to Screen - "The Pink Blueprint"

The Pink Panther Strikes Again Titles

Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 3: Frolics in the Pink Get ready for more cat-astrophic adventures as the wily Pink Panther stows away on a ship, waits tables, evades a tax collector and hits the slopes in this delightful collection of 27 classic ...more

Remembering Friz

Behind the Feline

Pink Patter With Art Leonardi

Pink Panther Cartoon Show Titles

Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 4: Swingin' in the Pink PINK PANTHER VOL 4:SWINGIN IN THE PIN - DVD Movie

Revenge of the Pink Panther Titles

Curse of the Pink Panther Titles

Trail of the Pink Panther Titles

From Page to Screen - "In The Pink"

Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 2: Adventures in the Pink Scratch the itch with these 27 beloved animated shorts, which find your favorite cool cat clawing his way out of trouble as he joins the army, builds a motorcycle, flies a jet and even herds ...more

How To Draw The Pink Panther Pink

Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 1: Pranks in the Pink This prized collection of the first 27 theatrical shorts featuring the Pink Panther includes the brilliant, Oscar®-winning* The Pink Phink as well as the only two cartoons (Sink Pink, Pink ...more

Inspector Clouseau Titles

Son of the Pink Panther Titles

Pink At First Sight May 10 1981 - The Pink Panther gets a job delivering singing telegrams just in time for Valentine's Day.

A Pink Christmas Dec 07 1978 - The Pink Panther employs various strategies in an effort to get himself a big holiday dinner.

Olym-Pinks Feb 22 1980 - The Pink Panther tries his paw at various winter sports, getting ready for the Lake Placid Olympic Games.

Episode #10 Nov 15 1969 - The Pink Panther is in desperate need of rest but a mosquito is watching TV which is causing him to stay awake.

Episode #11 Nov 22 1969 - A troublemaking narrator puts two nice neighbors against each other. Their fighting leads to bigger problems.

Oct 20 1965 - The Pink Panther discovers a speaking weight machine that gives suprises, but you only can use it with money (coins).

Episode #13 Dec 06 1969 - Pink Panther in: ""The Hand is Pinker than the Eye"" Orginally released theatrically in: December 20, 1967. ---------------------------- The Inspector in: ""Le ...more

Episode #14 Dec 13 1969 - The Pink Panther finds a red cape and ""tangles"" with a bull.

Episode #15 Dec 20 1969 - The Pink Panther tries to earn money. So he advertises his new drink called ""Pink Punch."" There is a asterisk on his sign that has its own mind and starts changing ...more

Episode #16 Dec 27 1969 - The Pink Panther spray paints his newly purchased car pink. The car has its own mind so he tries to blow the fumes from the car into an elderly lady. What they don't know is that the lady is a ...more

Episode #17 Sep 12 1970 - Two villians gain super powers have they receive some vitamins from the Pink Panther.

Episode #18 Sep 19 1970 - The Pink Panther switches the blueprints with the man's idea for his own with his idea of what the house should look like.

Episode #19 Sep 26 1970 - A conductor continues to disturb the Pink Panther while he is playing the theme song at a concert.

Episode #20 Oct 03 1970 - While a man is trying to take pictures of the scenery, the Pink Panther continually pesters him.

Episode #21 Oct 10 1970 - Pink Panther must get rid of some loud mice in his house that keep disturbing him.

Episode #22 Oct 17 1970 - The Pink Panther searches for the master of the bottle that he became genie for.

Episode #23 Oct 24 1970 - The Pink Panther wants to be a super hero, so he tries to help an old lady.

Episode #24 Oct 31 1970 - The Pink Panther is annoyed by the Big Nose Man and his dog while trying to sleep.

Episode #26 Nov 14 1970 - The Pink Panther is looking for somewhere to stay since there is a storm. He finds some but it is a haunted town. While trying to sleep he is attacked by a ghost and skeleton. He is making so ...more

Episode #27 Nov 21 1970 - The Inspector in: ""Pierre and Cottage Cheese"": Inspector Clouseau is assigned to apprehend a criminal by the name of Dirty Pierre, who has hidden in a decrepit house. ...more

Episode #28 Nov 28 1970 - Pink Panther in: ""Pink Pajamas"" Orginally released theatrically in: December 2, 1964. ---------------------------- The Inspector in: ""Sicque! Sicque! ...more

Episode #29 Dec 05 1970 - The Pink Panther is attacked by his shadow after he goes to the gymasium.

Episode #30 Dec 12 1970 - Pink Panther decides to to become an army man

Episode #31 Dec 19 1970 - The White Man and his dog enters the little island in the middle of the ocean; then all of the sudden, the dog's tail points at the top of the tree and the White Man looks up and sees that big ...more

Episode #32 Dec 26 1970 -

Nov 01 1969 - The Pink Panther and a short, pointy-nosed caveman are laboring to move a large, rectangular slab of rock across a prehistoric jungle. The Pink Panther realizes that the rock would be easier to ...more

Episode #5 Oct 11 1969 - The Pink Panther is searching for some place to stay on the chilly night. He sees an open window and goes in. There is a hunter there who becomes disturbed and comes to see what all the noise ...more

Episode #6 Oct 18 1969 - A drunk man brings the Pink Panther to his home.

The Pink Tail Fly Aug 25 1965 - The Pink Panther is in desperate need of rest but a mosquito is watching TV which is causing him to stay awake.

Super Pink Oct 12 1966 - The Pink Panther wants to be a super hero, so he tries to help an old lady.

Episode #2 Sep 20 1969 - Pink Panther heads to the beach for some relaxation and fishing, but instead he battles a some worms and an angry crab. Orginally released in theatres in November 16, 1965. ...more