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TV Full List of The Pirates of Dark Water Episodes

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Below is a complete The Pirates of Dark Water episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Pirates of Dark Water episodes are listed along with the The Pirates of Dark Water episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Pirates of Dark Water episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Victory,” “The Collection” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Pirates of Dark Water episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Victory Mar 01 1991 - From his cell, Teron tries to warn Bloth of his visions of the approaching Dark Water, but he is only interested in getting the Compass from Tula. Bloth throws Konk into the pit where Ren and ...more

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The Darkdweller Dec 07 1991 - The crew celebrates successfully gathering the seven Treasures that Primus hid, unaware that Bloth's ship is just around the reef. Ren has begun to sense that the Treasures' magic is a part of ...more

Betrayal Feb 28 1991 - Ren and Niddler are captured in the bowels of the Maelstrom and brought before Bloth. However, he and Mantus are distracted with Dagron rider training and don't recognize them covered in borca ...more

Andorus Oct 12 1991 - The crew stops to clean and repair their ship, and gather bulbs for fresh spices. Tula is shocked when her hand begins tingling with magical energy, and a plant she is tending suddenly bursts ...more

The Little Leviathan Nov 30 1991 - The Wraith is about to be overtaken by the Maelstrom, but interference by a pod of Leviathans allows them to escape. Ren and crew hide out in a cove, where they find a baby Leviathan caught in a ...more

The Collection Nov 23 1991 - At his Janda Town game house, Zoolie warns Ren against taking the Wraith through the Straits of Hedron with stories of ships disappearing. Ioz spots Scorian, a rival pirate who stole his ...more

The Quest Feb 25 1991 - Ren, a young lighthouse keeper, spies an old man foundering upon the rocks during a horrible storm and rescues him. The old man identifies himself as Primus, the former ruler of Octopon, and ...more

A Drop of Darkness Oct 26 1991 - Ren recovers the Fourth Treasure from the ocean floor. As Tula senses the approach of Dark Water, a shadow passes over the Wraith, someone in a balloon attempting to capture some of the evil ...more

Break Up Feb 27 1991 - Konk is tearing his ship apart and throwing the wreckage to slow down Ren and his crew, but he can't shake them. Finally he decides to lose them on the island of Pandawa. Niddler begs Ren not to ...more

Dishonor Feb 26 1991 - Aboard the Wraith, Ren awakes to the sight of Bloth's scout ships outside a porthole. Ioz and Tula are already topside, but can't stop arguing over the best way to elude Konk and his men. The ...more

Panacea Nov 09 1991 - The Wraith sails through rapids in a narrow strait, en route to Miragon and the next Treasure. The Maelstrom is right behind as the heroes steer into a blast tunnel, too small for Bloth to ...more

The Beast and the Bell Nov 02 1991 - Docking at a marketplace for supplies, Ren and Niddler learn that not everyone believes in the quest when Ren is mocked by a pair of merchants. Aboard the Wraith, Tula sees a vision of a beast's ...more

King Niddler Nov 16 1991 - As the crew tracks the Sixth Treasure through some rough seas, Niddler is sick of being ordered around. Ren tries to lose a pursuing Konk in some Stekka fog which threatens to break apart the ...more

The Ghost Pirates Nov 15 1992 - After buying supplies, Ioz stops in a tavern for a drink and realizes how much he misses being a real pirate. An old man in a cloak approaches him and tells him about a mysterious treasure ship ...more

The Soul Stealer May 16 1993 - Bloth consults a personal soothsayer, who tells him that the best way to get the Treasures is to become Ren himself. Bloth has Morpho create a body-switching potion, which he successfully uses ...more

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The Living Treasure May 23 1993 - After a long period of no luck with locating the Eighth Treasure, the crew's luck changes, and they find it--in the shape of a living being, a little blue furry creature--on an island of ...more

The Dagron Master Nov 22 1992 - Off the Lightning Coast in the middle of a storm, Ren curses the Dagrons Bloth has sent after the Wraith. He sees the Compass pointing to a Treasure and climbs onto the bowsprit to get a better ...more

The Game Players of Undaar Nov 29 1992 - With the Wraith once again under pursuit from the Maelstrom, both ships are suddenly surrounded by a wall of stone spikes rising from the ocean floor and lifted onto towering stone pedestals. ...more

Sister of the Sword May 09 1993 - Ren and Ioz gather cinder-sand for their torches, but are almost killed in an explosion when Konk shows up, forcing the crew to buy their sand in the port of Kalinda, a haven for thieves. Ren is ...more

The Dark Disciples Nov 08 1992 - (Thanks to Andorus for helping me fill in the opening scenes that were missing from my copy of the episode.) Pursued by the Maelstrom and its Dagron riders, Ren and crew steer their ship through ...more

The Pandawa Plague May 02 1993 - Ren is back at Octopon's shore when the Compass acts up, shooting a beam of light toward someone drowning out in the ocean. Just as with his father, Ren dives in to save them, getting some help ...more

The Game Players of Undaar Nov 29 1992

The Pandawa Plague May 02 1993

The Soul Stealer May 16 1993

The Dark Disciples Nov 08 1992

The Ghost Pirates Nov 15 1992

Sister of the Sword May 09 1993

The Living Treasure May 23 1993

The Dagron Master Nov 22 1992