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Below is a complete The PJs episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The PJs episodes are listed along with the The PJs episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The PJs episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “The Door,” “The Preacher's Wife” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The PJs episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

He's Gotta Have It Feb 23 1999 - Thurgood's libido increases when he take a prescription drug to stabilize his blood pressure.

The Door Jan 19 1999 - Thurgood gets a new door for the building but it gets stolen.

Operation Gumbo Drop Apr 13 1999 - Thurgood plays dirty to win a gumbo contest.

A Hero Ain't Nothing But A Super Feb 16 1999 - Thurgood takes all the credit when Muriel catches a burglar.

Rich Man, Porn Man Feb 02 1999 - Thurgood trys to save the local movie theater.

U Go Kart May 04 1999 - The boys build a go-kart which mysteriouly disappears.

Boyz' N The Woods Apr 06 1999 - Thurgood takes the boys camping when he and friends finds out they couldn't offer it.

How The Super Stoled Christmas Dec 17 1999 - HOW THE GRINCH STOLED CHRISTMAS Was parodized in this special about Thurgood stealing the tenants' christmas presents so Muriel could get a computer.

House Potty May 11 1999 - Thurgood installs a space-age toilet which leads to him losing his job.

Bones, Bugs and Harmony Jan 12 1999 - Thurgood assumes Mrs. Avery is eating dog food.

Haiti Sings The Blues May 18 1999 - Haiti Lady's puts a curse on Thurgood.

Jan 10 1999 - After spending the day with the Super, Calvin wants to be like him.

Journal Fever Jan 26 1999 - Thurgood takes care of Muriel while she has the flu.

Bougie Nights Feb 09 1999 - Thurgood moves to the building's hidden penthouse but loses friends and wife.

Parole Officer and a Gentleman Sep 05 2000 - Walter helps Thurgood go to jail to get dental care.

The Last Affermative Action Hero Aug 29 2000 - Thurgood and Jackie Chan are out to destroy a movie.

Home School Dazed May 30 2000 - Thurgood goes back to school with the boys to get his diploma.

Smokey the Squatter Jun 27 2000 - Thurgood lets Smokey stay in a spare apartment but Smokey won't leave.

The HJs Jun 13 2000 - Thurgood reopens the radio station and he and Smokey becomes a comedy team.

Fear Of A Black Rat Jul 11 2000 - Thurgood against Don King in the local rat fights.

Who Da Boss? Jul 04 2000 - Muriel becomes Thurgood's boss.

The Postman's Always Shot Twice May 30 2000 - Mrs. Avery accidentally shoots the building's postman and is sent to a nursing home.

The Preacher's Wife Jun 06 2000 - Thurgood becomes a preacher when he gets an electrical shock.

Let's Get Ready To Crumble Jul 04 2000 - Thurgood wrestles with the Governor when they want to tear down the projects.

The Jeffersons Jul 25 2000 - Thurgood runs for a local political after finding out he might be related to Thomas Jefferson.

Robbin' HUD Aug 01 2000 - Thurgood and friends robs more than water filters at HUD.

What's Eating Juicy Hudson? Jul 18 2000 - Juicy rebels against his parents.

Cliffhangin' With Mr.Super Aug 15 2000 - Bebe thinks she's pregnant after unintentionally spending a night with Thurgood.

Haiti and the Tramp Jun 13 2000 - Haiti Lady and Walter fall in love but Walter gets cold feet.

Ghetto Superstars Jul 11 2000 - Thurgood becomes the boys rap star manager.

Weave's Have A Drem Jun 27 2000 - Thurgood sets up a hair salom for Muriel and Bebe.

Survival: In Tha Hood May 06 2001 - From TV Guide: ""Residents of the Hilton-Jacobs Projects are split into two rival tribes--one led by Muriel and one by Thurgood--for a televised competition, Survival: In tha Hood, ...more

Let's Get Ready To Rumba May 13 2001 - From TV Guide: Mrs. Avery's new zest for life after surviving a heart attack leads her to challenge champs Bebe and Jimmy in a local dance contest. Meanwhile, Thurgood refuses to enter the ...more

Red Man's Burden Jimmy cashes in on his American Indian ancestry when he opens a casino in the projects.

Clip Show Thurgood describes his life to a interviewer about life in the projects,while clips from previous episodes are shown.

Untitled: Last Episode This episode was not aired.

Miracle Cleaner On 134th Street Apr 29 2001 - From TV Guide: ""To warn Sharique of the dangers of being an entrepreneur in the projects, Thurgood tells her about a cleaning solution he invented, Formula Forty-O Nine, and how a big ...more

Boyz Under The Hood Oct 08 2000 - Calvin is jealous of Juicy knowing more about cars than him.

Scarthroat Dec 31 2000 - Sanchez lords over the distribution of victuals after New Year's Eve brings a power outage and food shortage to the Hilton-Jacobs Projects...from TV Guide.

A Race To His Credit May 20 2001 - From TV Guide: In the second season finale, Thurgood gets accepted for a new credit card, but his complete ignorance as to how credit works gets him buried in debt.

It Takes A Thurgood Feb 25 2001 - From TV Guide: Thurgood fears his job is at risk when he discovers a homeless teen-ager living in the boiler room.

Smoke Gets In Your High-Rise Feb 04 2001 - Thurgood makes a deal to place a cigarette advertisement on the side of the Hilton-Jacobs building in exchange for free air-conditioning.

Cruising For A Bluesing Feb 18 2001 - From TV Guide ""Would-be bluesmen Thurgood, Walter, Jimmy and Sanchez get stranded in the urban wastelands of the South South Side on the way to the gig of their dreams.""

National Buffoon's European Feb 11 2001 - From TV Guide ""Thurgood balks at telling Muriel of Juicy's crush on her, since she thinks all of Juicy's thoughtful presents to her are from her husband.""