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Below is a complete The Proud Family episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Proud Family episodes are listed along with the The Proud Family episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Proud Family episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. You can vote for any of these items, from “Strike” to “Rumors.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Proud Family episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Party Jan 04 2002 - Penny decides to throw a slammin' party, but LaCienega is throwing a party on the same night except with a guest appearance from Jennifer Lopez to blow Penny's party away. On the night of the ...more

Tiger Whisperer Sep 28 2001 - It's take your daughter to work day! But Penny doesn't want to go with her mom. She wants to go with Dijonay's mom. Well, Penny has no choice. She has to go with her mom. While she is ...more

Hip-Hop Helicopter Apr 26 2002 - The hottest show around. Penny gets her girls when it comes to town. It's the hip-hop helicopter! After forming a dance group of Dijonay, Lacienaga, Zoey and herslef, the girls enter to be on ...more

Seven Days of Kwanzaa Dec 07 2001 - As the Proud family goes Christmas shopping, they meet a homeless family. Oscar (of course) doesn't do anything to help them. But Trudy tells Oscar to find the family and give them some money. ...more

Bring It On Sep 15 2001 - After Penny is announced the new member of the cheerleading squad, an old friend of Dijonay's, LaCienega, shows up. Dijonay lets her try out and she ""ties"" with Penny. To ...more

Teacher's Pet Nov 09 2001 - Penny's grades fall victim to a longtime grudge held between her teacher Ms. Dinkins and Suga Mama; Oscar and Trudy enroll the twins in a private preschool.

Puff's Magic Adventure Mar 01 2002 - Suga Mama needs Oscar to watch Puff. Oscar wants it to be his day off, but Trudy wants to go shopping. She demands him too, and he quickly goes. They pawn off the twins and Puff to Penny. Later, ...more

Strike Sep 21 2001 - All Penny needs to do is clean up her room...but Oscar tells Penny to clean up the whole house. But she only gets her normal pay...five dollars. But five dollars isn't enough to see a movie with ...more

I Had a Dream Feb 01 2002 - It's Black History Month and that means reports on famous people in black history! Penny got Angela Davis, Dijonay got Bessie Coleman, Zoey got Madam C.J. Walker, LaCienega got Shirley Chisolm, ...more

Spelling Bee Oct 12 2001 - Because of a preview of a 'Wizard Kelly Spelling Bee' that Oscar saw in the 'Wizard Kelly Movie Theatre,' he thought of him being Penny's age and winning that Spelling Bee. Oscar notices that ...more

Love Thy Neighbor Jan 18 2002 - While grillign burgers, Oscar is finished usin a match, so he throughs it back behind him. The match lands in the bottle of kerocine. The bottle gets knocked over. And the Boulavardez's house ...more

EZ Jackster Oct 05 2001 - Penny's crush on a new boy at school has repercussions beyond her wildest dreams when she helps promote his music-sharing Web site.

Enter the Bullies Mar 15 2002 - Penny is sick and tired of the the Gross sisters. When she tries to get them to stop taking her money, the Gross sisters get really mad and want to hurt Penny. In order to hide from them, she ...more

Don't Leave Home Without It Nov 16 2001 - Penny is entrusted with her very own credit card, which she plans on using responsibly, but it seems to have a mind of its own. Oscar, meanwhile, nearly spends his family out of house and home ...more

I Love You Penny Proud Feb 08 2002 - It's Valentine's Day. And that notes! But Penny didn't get any. All she got was spray paint on the wall of the school and buses saying 'I Love You Penny.' Whoever did it really ...more

Romeo Must Wed May 24 2002 - Penny gets the lead part in the school production of ""Romeo and Juliet"". Kwok, who plays Romeo, really likes Penny and wants to run lines with her. Meanwhile, Penny's aunt ...more

She's Got Game Oct 19 2001 - Penny's efforts to impress a boy at school land her on the football team; and Oscar develops a new snack food called jelly poppers.

Rumors Sep 21 2001 - Penny is being very generous today. She is washing the dishes, making breakfast and complimenting her parents! wants to through a sleep-over on the same day as Trudy's veterinarian awards ...more

Makeover Dec 14 2001 - For the school dance, Penny, LaCienega and Dijonay give Zoey a makeover. At school, the next day, they think that Zoey's hogging all of the boys. But Zoey wants to be with the foreign exchange ...more

Forbidden Date Nov 02 2001 - Penny breaks her father's no-dating rule when she goes to the amusement park and pairs up with a boy named Carlos. Elsewhere, her parents go on a double date to a day spa.

The Altos Apr 12 2002 - There is a scavenger hunt put on by no other, Wizard Kelly. You figure out the riddles, and then go to that place and get the object. Whoever wins gets to be Wizard Kelly for a day. Also, in ...more

Surf and Turf Jun 27 2003 - In order to win Sticky's love, Dijonay tries to make him jealous by flirting with a new boy from Hawaii.

Crouching Trudy, Hidden Penny Mar 07 2003 - Penny is taking some karate lessons

Behind Family Lines Dec 13 2002 - Trudy and Oscar's families join together during the twins baptism, but during the whole time they all argue.

Hmmm...Tastes Like May 09 2003 - Suga Mama's latest recipe is much better than anything her son Oscar ever created with his snack company (which isn't saying much), and he attempts to capitalize on his mother's success.

Penny Potter Sep 26 2003 - Zoe doesn't feel special, but when Penny's great aunt Spice comes to town, all of that chanages. Spice tricks Zoe in believing that she has the power of telekinesis. Pretty soon, Zoey becomes ...more

One In A Million Apr 18 2003 - When Penny wins a chance to win $1,000,000 by shooting a half-court shot at the All-Star basketball game, Oscar convinces her to let him take the shot instead in order to fulfill a lifelong

Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thingy, Baby Oct 25 2002 - When Oscar agrees to bring popular children's show host, Thingy, to perform at the twin's birthday, he and Penny discover that Thingy is really Oscar's pretty old college friend, Debra, and ...more

Who you Callin' a Sissy? Jan 27 2003 - Michael gets tired of being called a sissy, so he takes matters into his own hands.

Johnny Lovely Jul 25 2003 - Penny rehearses for the debutante ball and meets a well-mannered man.

The Camp...The Counselor...The Mole...And The Rock Aug 01 2003 - When Penny and her friends volunteer to be junior camp counselors, Oscar decides to have one of the camp kids spy on Penny to make sure she isn't hanging out with any boys.

A Hero for Halloween Oct 18 2002 - ""Halloween is for kids,"" protests the 14-year-old, who says she won't be joining her pals at Wizard Kelly's Frightacular event, despite a performance by Lil' Romeo (who ...more

Duck Story Jan 13 2003 -

Camping Trip Feb 17 2003 - Both the Proud and Boulevardez families get lost in the woods during a joint camping trip.

Pulp Boot Camp Mar 28 2003 - Oscar and Trudy send Penny to boot camp to keep her from becoming a bully.

Hooray for Iesha Jan 03 2003 - Penny and her friends protest the cancelation of their favorite TV show.

Poetic Justice Nov 08 2002 - When there's a debate team at school Penny and Dijonay wind up on opposing sides. They start to argue about the issue causing a rift in their friendship.

Wedding Bell Blues Sep 19 2003 - Suga Mama announces that she is engaged to marry a man who Oscar is convinced is nothing but a fortune-hunter.

A Star Is Scorned Sep 27 2002 - When a music company hears of the group LPDZ, they all get a recording deal. Everything turns out well for them until Penny decides she wants to sing solo.

Tween Town Apr 11 2003 - When her parents ground her for sneaking off to a teenage nightclub and lying about it, Penny wishes for a worl without adults. ""Today Show"" wheatherman Al Roker grants her ...more

Adventures In Bebe Sitting Jun 20 2003 - Dijonay sneaks off to see a concert, leaving Penny to babyist all of their siblings.

It Takes a Thief Sep 12 2003 - LaCienega's new boyfriend, Lil Wiz hooks up her friends with jobs at Wizard Kelly's store Wizingdale's. But when a watch is disovered to be missing by the store manager, Randi they end up ...more

There's Something about Rene May 23 2003 - The Prouds' new nanny charms the entire family except a jealous Trudy.

She Drives Me Crazy Jan 09 2004 - Suga Mama enlists Oscar to help her study when her driver's license expires and she must take the renewal exam.

Election Nov 07 2003 - Penny is running for school president against Wizard Kelly Jr., but unfortunately he's trying to buy everyone's vote. With the help of Zoey and the Gross sisters, Penny's friends try to sabotage ...more

Thelma And Luis Oct 11 2003 - When Papi is sent to a nursing home that turns out to be a front for an okra farm where the residents are forced to work, Penny and her friends join forces with Suga Mama to help Papi escape.

Smackmania 6: Mongo vs. Mama's Boy Dec 26 2003 - After Mongo, a famous wrestler, takes ill at the hands of Proud Snacks, Oscar is forced to step into the ring to defend Mongo's belt. Oscar, now known as ""Mama's Boy,"" does ...more

Culture Shock Oct 24 2003 - Penny and her friends spend the weekend at each others houses while writing a school paper about cultural differences.

Twins To Tweens Apr 24 2004 - Penny wishes for her Bebe & Cece to be older so thay can look after for themselves.

Suga Mama's Believers Feb 16 2004 - Oscar runs Penny's baseball team. The team inclues all of Pennys friends. But when the team is on a soar losing streak the parents start to complain. So then Suga Mama is now head coach. When ...more