TV Episodes Full List of The Ray Bradbury Theater Episodes

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Below is a complete The Ray Bradbury Theater episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Ray Bradbury Theater episodes are listed along with the The Ray Bradbury Theater episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Ray Bradbury Theater episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “The Long Rain” and “Silent Towns.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Ray Bradbury Theater episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

May 21 1985 - John Raleigh Braling is a computer salesman who receives a cryptic message on his computer screen. Later he receives the same message in a newspaper and on a lunch bill. He tracks down source of ...more

The Playground Jun 04 1985 - When Charles Underhill was a boy, he was tormented by neighborhood bullies. When his son begins playing in a local playground, he becomes deeply disturbed when he sees a bully from his youth.

The Crowd Jul 02 1985 - A neon sign artist named Joe Spelliner is injured in a car crash and sees a crowd of onlookers quickly gather. Days later he sees another car crash and notices that again the same crowd quickly ...more

The Town Where No One Got Off Feb 22 1986 - A city writer learns a lesson when he takes an idealistic view of rural life, but discovers the truth is far different when he impulsively leaves a train to explore a small town.

Feb 22 1986 - A girl can't convince anyone that she hears a screaming woman buried in the forest near her house.

Banshee Feb 22 1986 - An eccentric film director plays pranks on his screenwriter, only to discover the story of a local Banshee is terrifyingly true.

Jan 23 1988 - A hasty murderer tries to wipe off the fingerprints that he left at the crime scene... and realizes the overwhelming nature of his task.

Skeleton Feb 06 1988 - A hypochondriac goes to a bone specialist for a cure to his latest ailment.

Feb 13 1988 - A lonely, bedridden boy sends his dog on a quest to locate a companion for him.

Gotcha! Feb 20 1988 - A man discovers that his new girlfriend is obsessed with a game called Gotcha!... and will go to any lengths to win.

The Man Upstairs Mar 05 1988 - An American boy living with his grandmother in Paris for the summer takes an interest in a new boarder.

The Small Assassin Apr 09 1988 - A woman is terrorized by her newborn infant.

Apr 16 1988 - A man contracts to have an android made to look exactly like the wife he hates... so he can murder it.

On the Orient, North Apr 30 1988 - A nurse gives aid to a ghost on a transcontinental train trip and escorts him to his final destination.

The Coffin May 07 1988 - An aging inventor builds a custom designed casket as his final creation... and to inflict revenge on a greedy brother.

Tyrannosaurus Rex May 14 1988 - A film animator sculpts a dinosaur for a tyrannical movie producer's latest film, but the man isn't satisfied unless it's the most terrifying beast of all.

There Was An Old Woman May 21 1988 - Elderly Matilda isn't ready to die when Death arrives to carry her off in a wicker basket.

And So Died Riabouchinska May 28 1988 - A police detective investigates a murder at a theater and questions ventriloquist John Fabian, his wife, and his agent. However, he discovers a fourth witness: Fabian's dummy. Riabouchinska, who ...more

Jul 07 1989 - A dwarf uses his writing and the distorted image of a funhouse mirror to escape the prison of his own body, but an evil showman decides to have some fun at the man's expense.

Jul 14 1989 - Two drifters sell views to a desert mirage, a mirage that provides miraculous views, but a rival tries to buy the land and shut them down.

The Lake Jul 21 1989 - An artist returns to the lake where years before he had a childhood sweetheart who drowned. Now he must try and bring her back.

The Wind Jul 28 1989 - After he learns their secret, a man is followed by violent winds.

The Pedestrian Aug 04 1989 - A man's night-time walks are considered subversive in a world of the future.

Aug 11 1989 - Time Safari, Inc., uses time travel to allow big game hunters the ultimate thrill: killing dinosaurs.

The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone Aug 18 1989 - When an unsuccessful author comes to murder him, a famous and prolific writer decides to make things easy for him.

The Haunting of the New Sep 15 1989 - A man's old flame calls him up and asks him if he wants her manor. The only condition is that the manor has to decide if it wants him.

Sep 22 1989 - In the near future, an old man is sought after for his memories of the past, a past that the government forbids people from remembering.

Hail and Farewell Sep 29 1989 - Willie, a young boy who cannot grow up, has been spending his life going from family to family, staying for a few years, then leaving before anyone finds out. As he is ready to leave his latest ...more

The Veldt Nov 10 1989 - Two parents begin to worry when their children's high-tech holographic nursery fixates on a single landscape: an African veldt filled with savage lions.

Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar! Nov 17 1989 - A worried father starts to believe that his son's mushroom garden is taking over the neighborhood.

Mars is Heaven Jul 20 1990 - As the first successful mission to Mars touches down, the men stare through the mists of the Martian dawn and finds something strange: a small town straight out of the American Midwest, filled ...more

The Murderer Jul 27 1990 - Albert Brock loathes noise and prefers perfect silence. He goes around destroying the instruments of sound: radios, wrist watches, faxes, etc. His destruction of sound-infected environments at ...more

Touched with Fire Aug 03 1990 - Two men who theorize that murder only happen in hot weather, try to stop one.

The Black Ferris Aug 10 1990 - Hank Walterson sneaks into the carnival at night and watches the owner, Mr. Cooger, ride the Ferris wheel backward until he becomes a young boy... who sets out to rob the local widow of her

Usher II Aug 17 1990 - When the government bans works of fiction, a millionaire rebels and builds a robot haunted house based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe... and plots revenge.

Touch of Petulance Oct 12 1990 - A man encounters another claiming to be his future self.

Oct 19 1990 - Space explorers on a Martian expedition are faced with problems when one of their members becomes obsessed with the planet's former residents.

The Toynbee Convector Oct 26 1990 - A man time travels to the future and returns to show the people what they have to look forward to.

Exorcism Nov 02 1990 - A woman takes a potion to rid herself of the influence of her next-door neighbor, who she believes has bewitched her.

Nov 09 1990 - The music of a free-spirited woman brings rain to a town suffering from drought.

The Long Years Nov 16 1990 - A crew of a spaceship return to Mars after a 20-year absence to discover a scientist and his family unaffected by their stay.

Here There Be Tygers Nov 30 1990 - Unknown to an exploratory team, the Utopia-like world they have discovered has yet to unleash its deadly forces.

Jan 03 1992 - Members of an expedition to Mars find their insanity questioned by the local inhabitants.

Zero Hour Jan 10 1992 - A group of 8-year-olds rally around an invisible person who promises them the world.

Jan 17 1992 - A backwoods man impresses the townsfolk with a mysterious jar.

Jan 24 1992 - A boy and a neighbor invent a fake mummy to stir up the townspeople and relieve the boredom of the last days of summer.

The Concrete Mixer Jan 31 1992 - A Martian's reluctance to attack Earth stems from what he read in his alien comic books.

Feb 07 1992 - A man seeks revenge on a bully from his childhood.

Feb 14 1992 - A teacher worries that his students are trying to kill him.

Feb 21 1992 - New life welcomes grieving parents who move to Mars.