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TV Full List of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Episodes

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Below is a complete The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episodes are listed along with the The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Without A Trace” to “Diamonds And Jade.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Trouble On The Colorado Sep 11 1996 - Alice Starseer returns to Earth to lay her grandfather to rest. But Jeremiah Surd is determined to find out what she's learned.

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Ndovu's Last Journey Aug 30 1996 - Jonny, Jessie and Hadji track an elephant, Ndovu, as it returns to the elephants' graveyard. They bump into poachers on the way there, who are determined to kill Ndovu right away.

Heroes Sep 18 1996 - Surd lures Jonny into a labyrinth of horrors, after stealing the Apollo statue, which was reassembled by Dr. Quest.

The Ballad Of Belle Bonnet Sep 19 1996 - Jonny discovers a ghost guarding a wagonload of gold, and realizes the woman was a thief that stole gold to help an Indian school, but was lost in the vast caverns under the desert centuries

The Alchemist Sep 10 1996 - Dr. Quest is commissioned to find the Philosopher's Stone, which is reputed to turn dross to gold. When he succeeds in capturing the object, he donates it to the museum. It is stolen by Quest's ...more

In The Darkness Of The Moon Sep 23 1996

Future Rage Oct 29 1996 - Ezekiel Rage steals a compact nuclear device and plans to blow up the polar ice caps. The Aurora Borealis holds the key to stopping him.

AMOK Sep 13 1996 - On an archaeological expedition in Borneo, the Quest team run into a giant creature, reputed to savagely attack from all directions at the same time.

Alligators And Okeechobee Vikings Nov 01 1996 - The Quest Team discovers that criminals were using Alligators to break into a drilling factory in the Florida Everglades when they were investigating the case using an ornate Viking Sword that ...more

The Darkest Fathoms Aug 26 1996 - In Bermuda, ghost pirates are disrupting an oil expedition and people believe it is the works of the legendary pirate Black Jack Lee, who commanded the galleon - The Ivory Web as it sank ...more

East Of Zanzibar Sep 03 1996 - The Quest Team enjoy a trip to the Indian Ocean to discover if there are really sea monsters roaming the seas, leading to multiple mysterious ship disappearances in the Seychelles.

Rage's Burning Wheel Aug 29 1996 - When Ezekiel Rage hijacks a space shuttle commanded by Dr. Quest and Hadji, Jonny and Jessie must stop Rage's minions who have taken over Mission Control.

Assault On Questworld Sep 04 1996 - With Benton Quest and Race Bannon attending a phenomenology conference in the Himalayas, Jonny and Jessie are forced to impersonate their fathers in Questworld when Jeremiah Surd launches a ...more

Alien In Washington Sep 06 1996 - Extraterrestrial transmissions turn out to be warnings to stop a series of space experiments, and the Vice President turns out to be an alien.

Besieged In Paradise Sep 16 1996 - While hacking into the cetacean communications bandwidth, Jeremiah Surd was able to gain control of the system and unleash cetaceans worldwide into savage attacks. Receiving help from Captain ...more

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Escape To Questworld Aug 27 1996 - When Dr. Quest and Race are trying to stop gas from leaking out of Jeremiah Surd's laboratory, Jonny and the Quest Team track down the paralysed Surd to help them in exchange for access to ...more

In The Realm Of The Condor Aug 28 1996 - The Quest team follows Estella Scheele to find her missing ornithologist grandfather, and ends up finding the lost golden city of El Dorado.

Return Of The Anasazi Sep 09 1996 - Dr. Quest along with Race and Hadji visit New Mexico when he receives a mysterious quartz statue from an old friend of Dr. Quest - Alice Starseer. Meanwhile, Jonny and Jessie (at home) realize ...more

The Secret Of The MOAI Sep 24 1996 - A missing link is found in an alien spaceship that landed on Easter Island. But when Dr. Quest and Race enter Questworld to investigate what they've found, they run into Jeremiah Surd - who ...more

To Bardo And Back Jan 02 1997 - The Quest team employs QuestWorld to try and revive Race, who has been rendered comatose in a rodeo accident caused by Jeremiah Surd -- who in turn exploits the opportunity to attack Race at his ...more

Expedition To Khumbu Sep 25 1996 - Dr. Quest is missing while on an expedition to find the Yeti. Jonny and his friends head to the Himalayas to find him, but run into another scientist who's determined to bring back the Yeti.

Ezekiel Rage Sep 05 1996 - A man named Ezekiel Rage seeks vengeance because of the tragic loss of his family in a covert operation when he was a government agent. And the Quest Team gets in his way...

Manhattan Maneater Sep 02 1996 - A tiger is loose in the Big Apple, and the Quest team must track it down, through subway tunnels, located underground.

The Spectre Of The Pine Barrens Sep 17 1996 - Dr. Quest, Jonny and Hadji head to New Jersey to investigate the Jersey Devil. Then they run into a two-hundred-year-old feud between descendants of the Redcoats and the Minutemen over the ...more

Ice Will Burn Sep 26 1996 - While trying to reach Northern Siberia to backup the Quest Team, her plane crashes and she discovers a colony of ancient Russians underground.

In The Wake Of Mary Celeste Sep 12 1996 - Dr. Quest is on an adventure to find the famous Nova Scotian ship - Mary Celeste's remains. A century ago, this cargo ship sank into the sea mysteriously, and the crew was never found. As he ...more

DNA Doomsday Dec 23 1996 - During a simulation to test out a military installation's defences, a bio-computer is out of control.

Rock Of Rages Dec 12 1996 - Journeying to the Czech Republic to translate an artefact, which holds the key to controlling a Golen, the Quest Team bump into an ex-KGB operative who's determined to reactivate the Golem to ...more

Digital Doublecross Feb 12 1997 - When Jonny and Jessie challenge each other to a Virtual Reality game in Questworld, Surd intervenes with a challenge of his own.

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Cyberswitch Dec 18 1996 - The insane Surd finds a way to switch bodies with Race and is ready to go on a rampage using his new identity. And now it is easier for him to kill Benton Quest (who can reverse the process).

Village Of The Doomed Dec 31 1996 - In a father-son bonding trip in Devon, Benton and Jonny head to the big pond to fish but on the way, they come across an idyllic little village that's just a little too peaceful.

General Winter Mar 26 1997 - General Vostok returns with the weapon that defeated Napoleon and he wants Benton to make it bigger and more powerful.

Race Against Danger Dec 16 1996 - Race has to cross an obstacle course where he set the record for Special Forces recruits -- but there've been some modifications since he was last there.

Nemesis Dec 20 1996 - The nefarious Dr. Zin subverts a satellite designed by Benton Quest and uses it to hold the world for ransom.

Dark Sentinel Feb 10 1997 - The Quest Team help a scientist harvest life-giving sap from trees that are being threatened by a logging operation in Cameroon.

Diamonds And Jade Mar 14 1997 - Travelling to Indonesia to help an old friend recover a precious jewel, Race, Jonny and Jessie discover it is protected by a supernatural force.

The Robot Spies Apr 15 1997 - Dr. Zin launches the ultimate plan to defeat the Quests.

Other Space Feb 11 1997 - Scientists are working on transdimensional technology that will help them open a portal to another dimension - and its denizens, who waste no time staking their claim on Earth.

Bloodlines Dec 13 1996 - A memory of Pasha sends Hadji to Calcutta to search for his real father to figure out the truth of his past.

The Dark Mountain Dec 17 1996 - The Quest team believes that the Canadian legend - Bigfoot is roaming in the Quest compound stealing electronic devices. They try to find out what is going on as hunters bag themselves an exotic ...more

Eclipse Dec 27 1996 - When Hadji rescues a beautiful girl in New Orleans, she exerts a strange influence over him.

Ghost Quest Dec 25 1996 - En route to Nova Scotia in the newly christened Questor II, Jonny, Jessie and Hadji come upon a fog-enveloped island with a tragic history.

Edge Of Yesterday Mar 17 1997 - Ezekiel Rage plants a nuclear bomb in the bowels of Earth and Jonny and Jessie must revert back into time to stop his evil deed.

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Undersea Urgency Dec 19 1996 - A seaquake releases a horde of murderous amphibians on a nearly-completed underwater research facility.

Night Of The Zinja Apr 14 1997 - After the death of Dr. Zin, his two daughters are determined to carry on the Zin dynasty by destroying all the members of the Quest Team.

The Mummies Of Malenque Dec 11 1996 - During an expedition with Jessie's mother Estella, the Quest team discovers a plague that wiped out an ancient Inca-like tribe.

The Bangalore Falcon Feb 14 1997 - While touring Bangalore, Jonny, Jessie and Hadji find a rare falcon, reputedly from a hidden realm that appears once every 500 years - a realm whose river's water is said to bestow immortality. ...more

Thoughtscape Feb 13 1997 - Jonny and Benton venture into Jessie's mind to undo Surd's malicious attempt to strike at the Quest team from within - but it turns out that Jessie can take care of herself.

The Haunted Sonata Mar 18 1997 - On a visit to the Czech Republic, Jonny and Jessie encounter a ghostly apparition that leads them to an incomplete sonata -- and a generations-old secret.

More Than Zero Apr 16 1997 - For their final adventure, Dr. Benton Quest, Jonathan Quest, Hadji Singh, and Roger Bannon travel to Venice to investigate a haunted house.