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TV Full List of The Real McCoys Episodes

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Below is a complete The Real McCoys episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Real McCoys episodes are listed along with the The Real McCoys episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Real McCoys episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Money in the Bank” to “The Fishing Contest” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Real McCoys episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Time to Retire Feb 13 1958 - When Luke and Kate learn mailman Mr. Perkins is retiring at the insistence of his children, they decide Grampa should take things easy. Grampa feels he is not needed on the ranch, and he ...more

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Volunteer Fire Department May 22 1958 - Grampa tries to join the volunteer fire brigade, but they refuse him.

When a Fellow Needs a Friend Apr 17 1958 - Grampa mistakenly gets a parking ticket, and he decides to fight it in court--but when he needs character witnesses, even his own family has to consider all of the fibs and tall-tales that he ...more

Californy, Here We Come Oct 03 1957 - The McCoys move from Smokey Corners, West Virginia., to a ranch in Fernando Valley, Calif., which Grampa McCoy has inherited from his brother Ben. They have also inherited Pepino, a ranch hand, ...more

New Doctor in Town Mar 27 1958 - Grampa refuses to admit that the new doctor's treatment helped him get over a bad cold.

You're Never Too Old Jun 26 1958 - Luke and Kate join a young people's recreation group and suggest Grampa join the ""Young Old Timers."" He refuses, saying they are all old fuddy-duddies with no family ...more

The Homely Boy Jun 05 1958 - The homeliest boy in class wants a date with Hassie, but she refuses.

Once There was a Traveling Saleswoman Mar 06 1958 - Luke gets swindled into buying a swimming pool from a beautiful saleswoman, but Grampa has a plan to void the contract without hurting Luke's bruised pride.

Kate's Dress Oct 17 1957 - The male McCoys try to outwit the female members by using money in the cookie jar to buy a shotgun rather than a dress for Kate to attend the PTA meeting. When the men concede defeat and they ...more

The Egg War Oct 10 1957 - The McCoys start a roadside eggstand and, inadvertently, an egg war with neighbor Harry Poulson.

The Fishing Contest Nov 28 1957 - Grampa McCoy and his archrival George MacMichael enter a fishing contest. With the discovery that California fish are elusive if not intelligent, Grampa almost resorts to cheating.

Grampa's Date Nov 21 1957 - Luke and Kate urge Grampa to invite Flora MacMichael as his date to attend the Valley Ranchers annual fall dance and box supper. Grampa will have none of it until he hears that Flora is the best ...more

A Question of Discipline Oct 31 1957 - Grampa McCoy takes over the supervision of Hassie and Little Luke when, after getting bad grades in school, Kate starts to discipline them. He soon learns it isn't as easy as he thought and is ...more

You Can't Always Be a Hero May 29 1958 - Grampa thinks he's the perfect role model for Little Luke--until the boy starts getting in trouble for telling fibs and using bad language.

The Bigger They Are Dec 12 1957 - Grampa's jealousy leads him to court and a confrontation with his romantic rival---the judge. Grampa finds a stranger beating his time with Flora and takes his revenge on Flora's apple tree. ...more

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Grampa Sells His Gun Oct 24 1957 - The McCoys find themselves in trouble when they need $150 to meet a mortgage payment. Checking through all their wordly goods, they discover their only valuable asset is a rifle handed down to ...more

The Goodys Come to Town Jan 30 1958 - The McCoys are visited by Frank Goody and his attractive daughter from Smokey Corners, West Virginia. When Elvira starts playing up to Luke, Kate becomes jealous.

The Life of the Party May 01 1958 - Grampa thinks that he's the life of Kate and Luke's parties.

Let's Be Buddies Dec 26 1957 - Grampa can't tolerate George's insincere method of gaining membership at the local lodge.

Grampa and the Driver's License Jan 02 1958 - Grampa doesn't want to admit that he needs glasses to pass the test for his California driver's license..

It Pays to Be Poor Apr 24 1958 - A wealthy couple learns the joys of simple living from the McCoys.

The Matchmaker Jan 23 1958 - A hunting dog wanders onto the McCoy ranch, and when the owner, Joe Johnson, appears to claim him, Grampa tries to make a trade with him for the dog. Joe refuses until Grampa promises he will ...more

Grampa's Proposal Feb 20 1958 - When Flora's old flame returns and proposes marriage to her, Grampa decides he better put in a proposal himself.

For Love or Money Apr 03 1958 - Pepino goes to work for George after Grampa refuses to give him a raise.

Luke Gets His Freedom Nov 14 1957 - When Grampa thinks Luke is being henpecked by Kate, Luke decides to prove him wrong—and ends up sleeping on the couch in the living room.

The Lady's Man Jan 09 1958 - Luke becomes jealous when a photographer for a national magazine comes to their ranch to use Kate as a model and is over-attentive to Kate from Luke's viewpoint. Grampa eggs him on, and they are ...more

The Corn Eating Contest Jun 19 1958 - There's more than just pride riding on a McCoy in the school's eating contest--Grampa has bet Kate's prized laying hen that Little Luke will win.

You Can't Cheat an Honest Man Nov 07 1957 - Grampa thinks he's made a sharp business deal when he sells some useless farm land, until he finds out the freeway is going through that part of their land. Luke and Kate feel Grampa has been ...more

The New Look May 15 1958 - Grampa refuses to let go of his old-fashioned ways of farming after a new county farm agent offers to help Luke modernize the henhouse.

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It's a Woman's World Dec 05 1957 - The McCoys' neighbor Mrs Webster asks their support in her race for a seat on the City Council, but Grampa feels women have no place in politics. When he learns it is necessary to read and write ...more

Little Luke's Education Feb 06 1958 - When Little Luke gets into a fight after classmates call him a ""hillbilly,"" the entire McCoy family becomes involved. Grampa finally sets things right when he is asked by ...more

Luke's Mother-in-Law Jan 16 1958 - Mother Purvis comes for a visit, and Grampa warns Luke about mother-in-law trouble--but the trouble is for Kate.

Grampa's Brithday Mar 20 1958 - Grampa's method of keeping a calendar is off by a day, and he thinks that everyone has forgotten his birthday.

My Favorite Uncle Mar 13 1958 - Everyone is thrilled when a rich uncle visits the McCoy's ranch for a short stay--except for Grampa, who has to share his bed with him.

Kate's Career Apr 10 1958 - Grampa won't tolerate Kate working at home as a dress maker--until the local shop owner riles him up by trying to put an end to her success.

The Homeymoon Feb 27 1958 - Grampa schemes to allow Luke and Kate a getaway to make up for their lost honeymoon, but it turns out to be everything but relaxing and private.

Three Is a Crowd May 08 1958 - A marriage-minded widow is chasing George, and Grampa tries to put a stop to it.

Gambling Is a Sin Dec 19 1957 - Grampa and Luke invite their minister to the house for dinner to help Kate get on a church committee. Before the minister shows up, Grampa has given a billboard salesman permission to use the ...more

Her Flaming Youth Jun 12 1958 - Grampa comes to the rescue when an old photograph of Flora in a bathing suit gets people talking.

The McCoys Visit Hollywood Jan 08 1959 - Grampa is worried that Kate will become disillusioned with farm life after they visit her old friend in Hollywood.

Two's Company Apr 23 1959 - Luke and Grampa's nightly checkers games leads Kate to feel like she is being neglected.

The Great Woodsman May 28 1959 - Grampa senses an opportunity to discredit Little Luke's new hero when the former city-dweller takes the neighborhood boys on a nature hike.

The Actor Jun 18 1959 - A visitor trips on a post hole, and uses his acting skills to trick the McCoys into letting him have a long stay.

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The Bank Loan Jan 15 1959 - The McCoys have a chance for a bank loan--until Grampa almost ruins everything.

Batter Up! Apr 02 1959 - Grampa talks Luke into becoming a little league coach.

The Perfect Swine Nov 27 1958 - Grampa schemes at the county fair by a passing off a prized pig as his own.

Sing for Your Supper Nov 13 1958 - Luke decides to prove to the family that he can really sing by entering a talent show being broadcast on the radio.

Grampa's Private War Feb 12 1959 - Grampa delights in telling about his war adventures--until the truth comes to light.

The Big Skeet Shoot Jun 04 1959 - Luke aims to raise his standing with Little Luke by beating Grampa in the annual skeet competition.

The Great Discovery Jan 22 1959 - Luke digs up a valuable prehistoric bone--and the trouble begins.